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Few can find a good PA system. But, for you, only the best PA systems will do. For flexibility, it has a built-in long-lasting battery that won’t leave you in the middle of the night.

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The Power Glow 200 delivers excellent sound, not a weak imitation. It’s a great PA system that has everything you need in terms of powerful sound, flexibility and connectivity/connection capabilities, ease of use and a wide range of settings. Its powerful 10-inch woofer features multi-color LED lighting, so you can create an immersive experience that can match the Power Glow 200’s sonic enhancer. Your audience will love what they hear and love what they see.

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Ul Listed] Omnihil White 30 Feet Long Ac Power Cord Compatible With Ion Power Glow 200

The 200-watt bi-amplified, well-balanced sound system covers large spaces with clear and crisp sound. (2) Its multi-mode mixer with mic input and aux/line input lets you switch between any source you want. You can download music from any Bluetooth device, use the built-in music player to read music files using the USB port or SD card slot, or use the FM radio with 30 presets. The built-in microphone puts you in charge the event and has the echo effect of a great karaoke. A convenient remote is included.

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