Mackie Thump Bluetooth Speaker

Mackie Thump Bluetooth Speaker – Approach your next event with something big, bold and Bluetooth compatible – the Thump GO. A portable, battery-powered Bluetooth speaker that delivers continuous, dynamic sound for any application.

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Mackie Thump Bluetooth Speaker

Mackie Thump Bluetooth Speaker

Place it where you want. Bring professional live sound to small concerts, corporate events, meetings, weddings, parties and more. Thump GO puts powerful sound processing and wireless control in your hands, whether you’re holding a guitar, a wired or wireless microphone, or a DJ controller. Mackie 2053605 00 Thump Go 8 Inch Portable Battery Powered Loudspeaker Bundle With 1 Yr Cps Enhanced Protection Pack

Electronic speakers are popular, and with the THUMP GO, the traditional American manufacturer has achieved first-class success. Christian Bosch

Connect a combination of sound sources, including a guitar, microphone, keyboard or DJ mixer. Thump GO has two combo input jacks for easy plug and play. Paired with the Thump Connect 2 app, you can dial in your sound and let creativity do the rest.

The removable lithium-ion battery is central to Thump GO’s ultra-compact design. On a single charge, Thump GO can provide a unique shot and light for 12 hours. Add a second rechargeable battery for extra long gigs.

Thump GO has some very powerful audio processing under the hood that you can use to speed up your game. Choose from four unique sound modes to optimize your sound at the touch of a button.

Mackie Thump Go Battery Powered Loudspeaker

DJs will absolutely love this. Thump GO has a built-in Music Ducking Mode that lowers the volume on channel 2 when a signal arrives on channel 1. Now you can make loud announcements like “Listen to how good I am sound” without messing with mixer levels and your equipment.

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If we really wanted to get rid of feedback, we would have to rewrite the rules of the audio system, which would be a different kind of combat. Instead, we put the Thump GO Feedback Eliminator to eliminate that unwanted sound. Just click the button and say goodbye to funny speeches (at least the ear piercing part).

Don’t have DJ equipment? No problem! Easily send music to your Thump GO via Bluetooth. Using the Thump Connect 2 app, you can adjust everything from EQ and tone styles to channel levels and custom presets – all from the center of the dance floor. The Thump 12BST Bluetooth speakers build on many of the Thump series, offering additional features to increase flexibility and give you a professional edge.

Mackie Thump Bluetooth Speaker

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Mackie Thump 215xt 15” 1400w Enhanced Powered Loudspeaker

The Thump12BST Powered Speakers deliver 1300W of rocking sound for musicians, DJs, venues, temples and more. The 12-inch tweeter and 1.4-inch titanium dome compression driver provide professional, class-leading performance that you can hear. Thump Boosted speakers come with advanced features like channel organizer, wireless streaming and more, all controlled via the Thump Connect™ app. Equipped with our Vita™ preamps and powerful DSP, you’ll be ready to hit the stage with rock-solid sound.

With the Thump Connect™ app, available for iOS and Android® devices, you get complete control over others. Quick access to levels, EQ, meters and configuration. In addition, you can save up to 10 preset memories to simplify the setup of your cake later.

When you connect it to another Thump Boosted speaker, you get full system control in the app, all in one view. There is no additional backup or rollback on your device. Only works with Thump Boosted models.

Increase flexibility by one or three degrees. The Thump12BST speakers are a 3-channel input with two Vita™ signals and a Bluetooth channel for streaming. This means you can connect it directly to the speaker and leave it to the external mixer.

Mackie Thump Go

Manage advanced DSP and audio processing for live sound applications. Choose from six different speaker types to optimize your system for the best start when it comes time to put together.

Keep the party alive whether you’re DJing a wedding, filling the dance floor or hosting an event. The Thump12BST delivers world-class performance for an endless array of applications from clubs to coffee shops – even patios and rehearsal spaces. In addition, the lightweight, compact design can withstand heavy use anywhere. Thump speakers feature integrated 2-channel mixers with two Vita™ inputs and Wide-Z™ technology that easily handle microphone, line and instrument signals. So when you need one or two inputs, you can connect them directly to the speaker without an external mixer. Thump Boosted speakers extend the range with an integrated 3-channel system that features two digitally controlled Vita+ signals and a third Bluetooth channel for music streaming.

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The AC power supply can be used without any problems during the concert. By adjusting the electronics, Thump speakers will retain their power and performance. In addition, Thumps accepts wall power from anywhere in the world without any adjustments necessary due to the internal power supply, a claim that no other electronic speaker can make. Only use the correct power cord for the country in which you are using it.

Mackie Thump Bluetooth Speaker

Keeping up with the needs of today’s musicians, performers and DJs, the Thump Series speakers feature a powerful 1300W amplifier design with Dynamic Bass Response™ technology. Using a higher voltage supply, the amplifier in the Thump has a very fast response to transient and bass music. Of course you want big energy and chest-pounding bass, and the Thump delivers. Mention Bluetooth in DJ circles and there’s a frenzy. They don’t test the technology for themselves, and offer an activation unit that (insert here) has no place in the DJ world.

Mackie Thump Th 15a, Audio, Soundbars, Speakers & Amplifiers On Carousell

This also applies to CDs, DVS, controllers and PCs. But here we are in a situation that is a mixture of all of the above. Therefore, I wonder about the possibilities of wireless technology, if it is because of the harm it will cause, because I am an outsider who fights for the brave.

So when Mackie offered to test the new Thumps, I asked for the 15BST Bluetooth to see if the technology had a place in the DJ world. Let’s go ahead and see if it works.

Typically, professional PA reviews start with specs and performance, leaving style and build quality until last. But DJs think about these things more than they care to admit, especially more than road crews, so I’ll start.

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There are ten PAs for the penny. Marvel at a professional audio trade show that shows how everything merges into a black monolith mass. So, if you are empty handed, it will be difficult to stand out in a very crowded market. I searched for “PA speakers” and got this:

Mackie Thump Go Thump Series 200w 8 Inch Portable Battery Powered Loudspeaker With Bluetooth & Wireless Control

Exactly right. So it looks neat, clean, and sharp, but it’s not a great idea to buy. Sharpness can become a problem over time, as these edges take a lot of beating, and sharp edges combined with rough treatment can make them look less than new. But on a solid polypropylene body, I think they will continue to provide flawless service for a long time.

One thing that struck me was the weight, the lack of it. At 16kg each, the 15BST is a lot more manageable than I’ve ever been to lug around Worxlab. I think it’s very representative of others in this area, but I found it easy to handle myself. Don’t forget to bring people to their knees.

On a related note, 15BST is very flexible when it comes to positioning. Covered with handles for easy portability, it can be used anywhere, even angled to the side for use as a tablet monitor. They can be deceptive if it is your intention.

Mackie Thump Bluetooth Speaker

It looks badass, sharp, and really alive in the hands of DJs throwing in small cars. We have a good start.

Mackie Thump Go Portable Battery Powered Loudspeaker With Wireless Tra

Based on the inventory of speakers and PAs I’ve played with and installed in various places at Worxlab, the 15BST sounds great to me. This isn’t just about putting together bedrooms, studios or workspaces – it’s got two combo inputs (XLR/jack) and one XLR output, and that’s it.

However, about five pages of the book are devoted to various pro settings and replacements, including the entire club system. It’s easy to connect to almost anything up to 15BST, and to each other. I like the daisy chain so you can control multiple speakers to each other.

So, even if some users look back and don’t see things like RCA, you have to remember that you are playing with serious toys here. And there’s a lot of power and flexibility built into 15BST from these little links.

One thing I’m used to on the back of the speakers is the drive option. 15BST However avoid these things and

Rent 2x Mackie Thump 1300w 15

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