Wireless Speaker Adaptor

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Wireless Speaker Adaptor

Wireless Speaker Adaptor

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Wireless Speaker Kit With 2 Wireless Amplifiers

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Wireless Speaker Adaptor

Whether you’re a serious audiophile or a closed-back audiophile who wants the ultimate home theater experience, consider true surround sound speakers. So how do you create wireless surround sound?

You’ll need at least one set of surround speakers to live out your audio dreams in the back of the room (and that doesn’t even start with an Atmos setup). But there are a few issues to overcome, starting with the sound of the wireless rear speakers.

Wireless Speaker Adaptor

Executive 200 Watt Portable Bluetooth Speaker Kit

I did my research and I’ll let you know which option I chose and how it performed after 36 months of use.

While my Amphony wireless surround setup has served me faithfully for over 3 years, Dynasty ProAudio blew it out of the water.

Wireless Speaker Adaptor

No popping or missing stable signal and 2 frequencies in the 5 GHz range to choose from, making it a true wireless surround sound solution.

Universal Wireless Rear Speaker Kit Black Rf Whtib

1: The first problem is probably physical – you can’t really connect the speaker cables to the back of the room without going through a door or entry/exit hallway. Carpeting the cables may not be enough.

Wireless Speaker Adaptor

2: The second problem might be that you rent and can’t drill holes in the walls and run cables through the ceiling. Even if you don’t rent out and own your home, this level of commitment is probably too much for most people.

3: The third and most difficult problem to overcome is PAF – Partner Acceptance Factor (politically correct term for WAF – Wife Acceptance Factor). This is because the people you share the space with will think the cables look very ugly, even if you can sneak them as far as possible to the back of the room.

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Wireless Speaker Adaptor

Sonos Beam Soundbar And Pair Of One Sl Wireless Speaker Kit

This article focuses on three types of audio enthusiasts. The first is someone who has an existing system and wants to add surround speakers. The second is for people who specifically plan to build a new home theater. The third is that people are looking for new systems and wondering if wireless systems are suitable for true audio (ie Bose, Amazon, Sonos).

Something to note at this stage – there is no “perfect solution” to this. There are some methods that work, but some are accidental. If you can get shot, great! If you don’t…then you’re going to have to go back and get a good unit.

Wireless Speaker Adaptor

There are several wireless surround sound speaker systems around, but they all share the same basic technology. That is, they either send audio signals over Bluetooth or use the 2.4GHz wireless bandwidth from a transmitter unit connected to your amplifier to a single (or dual) receiver at the back of the room, which then powers the surrounding system.

Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter For Bluetooth Audio Devices Oem

Bluetooth is unreliable and we won’t cover any of them here as they don’t seem to cut it or write about it at the time.

Wireless Speaker Adaptor

Wireless units are used for surround speakers or subwoofers. Each link shows more comments and details.

Updated this year, Dynasty ProAudio is the new flagship in this segment. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s a great performer.

Wireless Speaker Adaptor

Power Supply For 6v 2a Logitech Z515 Wireless Speaker

In the months I’ve been doing this, I haven’t experienced any signal pops or dips, it would have been better if I used the 2 available frequencies in the 5GHz range. This frees you from the crowded 2.4GHz spectrum that many people use.

Audio quality is a huge improvement over my previous Amphone. It has 24-bit 48KHz (CD quality), and while only 50W per channel, it’s more than enough for any surround sound home theater setup.

Wireless Speaker Adaptor

It only has two units, and you only need to charge one unit behind the sofa or in the back of the room.

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Logitech Wireless Speaker Adaptor Review

This can also power the subwoofer remotely, but I wouldn’t try to power the rear speakers and subwoofer as it won’t push the correct power to where it’s needed.

Wireless Speaker Adaptor

We bought the Amphony 1800 wireless speaker set and it works fine. It’s loud and interrupts our Apple TV’s Bluetooth remote signal, but otherwise it’s great. When we first bought it, the left rear was faulty. While its carrier line is fine, the rear right is loud. We emailed and they sent a replacement unit quickly. The second unit works without any problem – a classic case of “hit and miss” for these types of units. However, it’s been working flawlessly for over a year, and we’ve experienced more than one amp during that time.

It has up to 80 watts per channel and good range (not as good as they say in a concrete room with no obstructions and perfect line of sight). Our room was long and it worked well. Most halls are shorter than ours.

Wireless Speaker Adaptor

Rockler 405715 Wireless Speaker Kit 3pc

Stylistically, they looked like they were made in the 80s, but we hid under the sofa in the back and no one saw them. Like other units, it has a level adjuster on the back. It can also be purchased as a single unit for a speaker or subwoofer.

It has a rear unit that powers two speakers. It made power easier, but the reviews were never good so we didn’t do that. Good price, but nothing if unreliable.

Wireless Speaker Adaptor

This looks good. The speaker terminal looks great, but unfortunately the reviews aren’t enough to stop us. The interesting thing about this unit is that you can buy a single speaker unit (for a subwoofer, for example) or a dual unit for surround back. You can also buy 5GHz equipment to reduce interference to regular 2.4GHz equipment (unless you already run a lot of stuff on 5GHz).

Samsung Wireless Rear Speaker Kit Swa9000s, Audio, Soundbars, Speakers & Amplifiers On Carousell

If you want to see the installation and setup – I also wrote a post with pictures to guide you through installing the kit. Also read: How to hook up a set of wireless speakers.

Wireless Speaker Adaptor

This section will be short due to limited options. Either you can run the speakers through the wall into the roof and then from the back…or…you can’t and need to use the first wireless unit list, or choose a speaker wire that passes the “stealth” test. Several companies are selling

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