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We all love music and TDK Life on Record was ready to put together a compelling Bluetooth speaker with high quality sound for a compelling price with their TREK 360 that will blow other speakers out of the water. I’m always the one listening to music. I just picked up a pair of Sennheiser HD598s and a pair of Audio Technica ATH M50x as I try to move more of the everyday $50 pair of headphones into more audiophile-type environments, so this TREK 360 review comes in perfect form. time.

Tdk Life On Record A360

Tdk Life On Record A360

When you first look at the TREK 360, I think what stands out the most is the refined styling. With an all-black body and grill with a silver knob and two silver speakers, as well as a black handle on top, there’s not much that stands out about the TREK 360. Some speakers will add crazy colors and lighting that supposedly help get your party started, the TREK 360 it focuses on function rather than high fashion.

Tdka360 Wireless Speaker User Manual Imation

Nothing is over the top here. TREK 360 chose a black body with no other body color options. The two silver buttons are flanked by blue LED lights that indicate whether you’re connected via Bluetooth or the AUX port and whether you’re controlling treble or bass. The large silver knob to the left of the face is surrounded by an array of LEDs that give you a visual indication of when you’re turning up the volume on the speaker and how loud the treble and bass are when you adjust them.

Tdk Life On Record A360

The handle above isn’t the prettiest thing in the world, but TDK Life on Record did a really good job of making it as minimal as possible without sacrificing build quality. The handle is a necessity because while the cube isn’t huge, there’s nowhere to grab the speaker when you’re on the go. The speaker is wrapped in a heavy, black grill that looks great. When you get to the back, you’re greeted by a hole for the ported subwoofer and a black rubber flap that covers the ports for the power button, aux port, USB port (more on that later), and the DC port.

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TREK 360 has 4 speakers in an omnidirectional design, so sitting in the center of the party or living room will deliver rich quality to all corners of the room. The health range of this thing is great. Not only do we think the sound is loud enough to fill several rooms, but the sound quality is top-notch. I definitely heard sounds in the same songs that I had been listening to for years that I had never heard before due to using poor quality speakers and headphones.

Tdk Life On Record A360

New Line Of Tdk Life On Record Premium Audio Equipment Now Available In Stores And Online

I will say that it’s not the loudest speaker I’ve come across, but I like that they didn’t sacrifice sound quality in the highs just to increase the volume. It’ll definitely be loud enough to be the main source of music in a setting like a family reunion or birthday party, but you might need to rethink your strategy if you’re attending something like a block party where there’s a lot of people outdoors. I plan to make this our main speaker this summer when we go to the beach for our small group of friends and family since we will be in a small area outside.

A feature that the TREK 360 has that I feel a lot of speakers really lack is the ability to adjust the bass and treble on the device itself. It honestly makes a huge difference. If you’re using an Android phone, you can go through the trouble of EQ’ing your phone through third-party apps and hacks, but if you’re using an iPhone, I believe you’re out of luck here on a system-wide level.

Tdk Life On Record A360

TDK Life on Record really tried to put the whole package here. We have a sub-$200 speaker that delivers great sound quality, has great build quality, and is IPX3 rated for splash protection. While this isn’t a perfect speaker, it’s close. There’s no indication of how much battery you have left, it doesn’t include a microphone so when someone calls you have to use the phone instead of the speaker, it’s a bit heavy at 5.7 pounds and we’d like to see Remote Power On, but these are all minor inconveniences.

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Cameron Sino แบตเตอรี่ 2000mah สำหรับ Tdk Life On Record A360 อายุการใช้งานบันทึก Q35,soma 360|digital Batteries|

I like to use this speaker while working around my house. Not only does it get loud enough that I can hear it from other rooms, but the Bluetooth range is excellent despite several thick walls in my house. Some users have reported that the speaker dropped the Bluetooth connection a few times, but in my 20-30 hours of using the TDK Life on the Record TREK 360, I never had this problem.

Tdk Life On Record A360

Battery life is another positive here. I get anywhere from 6 to 8 hours on a charge which is good considering the high quality sound and bass that the TREK 360 puts out. This doesn’t include time to charge my phone on the USB port on the back of the speaker. This can reduce battery life. You may get better battery life from other speakers, but almost none will achieve the sound quality you’ll get here in a small package.

The TDK Life on Record TREK 360 is a great speaker at any price and I definitely recommend it.

Tdk Life On Record A360

Tdk Wireless Sound Cube

I love Tech, Arsenal FC, Ohio State Buckeyes and Kentucky Wildcats. I am obsessed with phones and talking about them. You can find me on Reddit, my username is Mattsatwork. My opinions are my own! TDK Live on Record Trek 360 sounds great, just make sure you have the AC adapter handy.

Battery life and outdated Bluetooth drag it down, but excellent sound quality and features make this speaker a contender.

Tdk Life On Record A360

Update [January 2022]: This product is no longer available. Find alternatives on our list of the best waterproof speakers or the best Bluetooth speakers.

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While they continue to fly under the radar further than they deserve, TDK Life On Record’s latest Bluetooth speaker offerings have a lot going for them. The TREK Max in particular sounds better than most other “dirty” speakers we’ve had the opportunity to review. One we haven’t had a chance to check out yet is the TDK Life On Record TREK 360.

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Tdk Life On Record A360

As the name implies, the TREK 360 offers 360-degree sound, allowing you to place it in the middle of the room and hear it just as loud and clear anywhere. Unlike many similar speakers, this model is more like a cylinder about the size of a beer can. Not only is it cube-shaped, but it is also much larger.

With many speakers, the first thing you’ll see when opening the box is the speaker itself, but here you’ll find the instruction manual in the box with the AC adapter and various power adapters. Underneath all of this you’ll finally find the speaker, sandwiched between two pieces of recycled cardboard.

Tdk Life On Record A360

Xtrememac Soma 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Like the other speakers we’ve reviewed from TDK Life On Record, the TREK 360 is only available in black. I’ve seen the speaker, can’t say I can imagine it working in light colors, though a silver gray or white model might be nice. However, if you only have one color option, black is a safe bet.

The 360 ​​is essentially a cube with a handle on top, measuring approximately 8 inches in each dimension. It is also quite heavy, weighing 2.6 kilograms. You won’t be carrying this speaker in a backpack, although throwing it in the passenger seat to take it to a party is still easy enough, especially with the handle.

Tdk Life On Record A360

The sleek black look is complemented by shiny metal buttons and a control wheel on the front of the speaker. This is as cool looking as a black cube can get, but that’s not all it has going for it. The TREK 360 is also IPX3 rated, which means it can withstand splashes of water, but you won’t want to submerge it.

Tdk Launches New Life On Record Premium Audio Range

Pairing is pretty easy: just hold the Bluetooth/Aux button for a few seconds until it starts flashing and then pair your device. A 3.5 mm jack is also available on the back of the speaker. If you’re looking for the best audio quality, you may want to use this plug as well, as this speaker only uses Bluetooth version 2.1.

Tdk Life On Record A360

TREK 360 hides a lot of functionality behind the mask of one button and two buttons. The button acts as a control wheel, giving him many options. Pushing it in will toggle the speaker on and off, while pushing it down predictably increases the volume. Tap the bass/treble button and now it’s on

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