Wireless Home Theatre Speaker Systems

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Here are our top picks for the best wireless home theater systems that deliver great 5.1 surround sound and can sync wirelessly without the need for bulky speaker cables.

Wireless Home Theatre Speaker Systems

Wireless Home Theatre Speaker Systems

These home theater systems are designed to deliver cinema-like sound quality in your living room and are easy to set up without the extensive wiring required by traditional 5.1 home theater systems – they also support wireless streaming via Wi-Fi -Me or Bluetooth.

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Most of the wireless home theater systems on this list have rear speakers that can connect wirelessly to a central hub to avoid running wires throughout your room, although this may mean that they are even are separate power sources or connect directly to the subwoofer wirelessly.

Wireless Home Theatre Speaker Systems

Connectivity: The subwoofer connects wirelessly to the speakers. The rear speakers are wired directly to the subwoofer wirelessly at the back of the room, eliminating the need to run cables across your room for a clean setup.

The VIZIO SB3851 wireless home theater system provides full 5.1 surround sound and comes with built-in Bluetooth functionality that allows you to stream music and audio directly from music sources wirelessly. It is a full 5.1 channel surround sound system that includes a 38” soundbar with left, right and center channels, as well as two rear satellite speakers for the surround sound effect. A powered subwoofer has a wireless connection to the speakers while the satellite speakers are wired to the subwoofer. Surround speakers can produce an incredible 100 dB of crystal clear room-filling sound with less than 1% overall distortion.

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Wireless Home Theatre Speaker Systems

Zenit Cinema Speakers Css5530b/37

We also like that the VIZIO comes with Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Surround decoding which provides high quality sound processing for the best performance. Satellite speakers are also small enough to be mounted on the wall using wall brackets. Overall, the VIZIO SB3851 is an excellent wireless home theater system for 5.1 surround sound and Bluetooth music streaming and we recommend it.

VIZIO speakers are connected to a wireless subwoofer that reduces the amount of wires you need to use to set up the system – they work together to bring clear sound that flows to d environment. The wireless subwoofer connects to rear satellite speakers that you can place around you to create a rear audio channel for an immersive listening experience.

Wireless Home Theatre Speaker Systems

It also connects easily to your TV receiver and the speakers work well with the left, center and right channels inside the speaker box. Setting up the VIZIO is very intuitive and easy – connecting the VIZIO to the TV and setting up the speakers and subwoofer took just minutes with wireless pairing.

How To Choose The Best Home Theater Speakers

The VIZIO speakers are excellent and provide great sound for watching TV with a front mounted sound bar. The sound is very clear with a very deep impact beam; The subwoofer feels very powerful and will easily fill a large room in terms of deep bass response. The speakers are capable of producing very detailed stereo sound – you can hear musical details that you might not otherwise hear, such as background chatter and the sound of particles flying around the world after an explosion.

Wireless Home Theatre Speaker Systems

Listening to music on the VIZIO was also a great experience and the audio performance sounded loud and clear, with excellent music separation that distinguished subtle notes in the music. The subwoofer provides excellent bass and can really rock your entire room with its low-end sonic boom. If you’re looking for the best home theater system for watching TV and movies, VIZIO is a great choice.

The whole system comes with detailed instructions on how to set up the surround speakers and pair the subwoofer with the speakers. As the speakers and subwoofer connect to the TV wirelessly or via Bluetooth, the only cable required is the satellite speakers. It also includes a very convenient remote control that you can use to adjust the volume control and adjust the bass and treble output.

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Wireless Home Theatre Speaker Systems

Yamaha 5.1 Channel Wireless Bluetooth 4k 3d A/v Surround Sound Multimedia Home Theater System

The speaker has a sleek and modern design and blends easily into your space. The speaker and rear speakers are very compact and the rear speakers can be easily mounted on the wall. The speakers come with optical, coax and RCA cables that plug into the home system for easy installation.

The verdict? The VIZIO SB3851s wireless home theater system provides excellent 5.1 surround sound for your TV and supports wireless streaming via Bluetooth. They are very cheap and easy to install, and come with everything you need to run your surround sound system. We also recommend getting a receiver to connect these surround speakers to your TV or wireless music source. The sound quality of the VIZIO system is top-notch, with smooth sound, ultra-deep bass and detailed sound that flows naturally from the soundbar to the rear speakers.

Wireless Home Theatre Speaker Systems

The speakers look very sleek and modern and are easy to set up, and pair wirelessly with the subwoofer – note that the rear speakers need to be wired to the wireless subwoofer. It also includes a handy remote control that allows you to adjust the bass and treble settings at the touch of a button. It is an inexpensive home theater system that is very easy to maintain and install and is well worth the investment.

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Connectivity: The Enclave Smart Center connects to your TV with a single cable and streams music to a wireless subwoofer, wireless speakers and wireless front speakers, eliminating the need for speaker cables. Note that all speakers must still be plugged into a power source to work.

Wireless Home Theatre Speaker Systems

The Enclave Audio CineHome HD 5.1 wireless home theater system is designed for high quality audio performance and eliminates the need for cables or speaker cables. It’s a completely wireless setup with the Enclave center speaker acting as the hub of the wireless transmission – although the surround speakers still need to be connected to power terminals. The sound system is specially designed and engineered for 360 degree 24 bit HD sound without sound; Each speaker is built with two full-range drivers on opposite sides to optimize surround sound performance.

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It is also compatible with Dolby Digital and DTS and provides cinema-like sound even from stereo signals. The system comes with an HDMI 3 input to connect to a cable box, Blu-ray DVD player, and there’s also analogue, optical and Bluetooth 3.5mm streaming functionality. If you are in the market for a completely wireless home theater system, the Enclave Audio CineHome HD 5.1 system is the best for you.

Wireless Home Theatre Speaker Systems

Enclave Cinehome Pro Review: Wireless Home Theater System

The sound performance of the Enclave wireless home theater system is nothing short of amazing. Produces excellent 5.1 HD surround sound that fills the entire room. Sound from the surround speakers feels detailed and well defined, with crisp highs, excellent midrange and strong bass performance. The surround speakers have two full-range drivers that provide a wide and smooth sound performance. Watching movies with the CineHome system is like sitting in a real cinema, with deep sound effects and bass response that hits hard and has an impact.

We also tested this system with two tracks via Bluetooth streaming – electronic dance music sounded loud and noisy, while orchestral music had decent volume and musical separation in the 5.1 system. The speakers really do a good job of bringing out subtle details that you might not have noticed in previous recordings; The end result is that you get excellent sound quality that feels natural, organic and colourless. All in all, this is the perfect system to get if you want a great sound system without having to run cables around your house or living room.

Wireless Home Theatre Speaker Systems

Setting up CineHome Enclave is simple and straightforward. You just need to place the speaker in the right place, plug in the AC power adapter and turn on the Enclave smart hub to get started. The Enclave center speaker connects to the TV with a single cable and is compatible with HDMI and SPDIF optical sources. The subwoofer is connected to the center system wirelessly, and to the rear and front speakers. It also comes with a nice remote control that you can use to control the volume and basic functions of the system.

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The Enclave Audio system provides uncompressed 24-bit wireless audio that improves overall sound quality

Wireless Home Theatre Speaker Systems