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Start Using Airport Express And Airplay With Sonos

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Sonos has now made it possible to listen to music from any corner of the house through a home Wi-Fi network. You can stream music of your choice wirelessly with the help of Sonos connected to the Wi-Fi. The story doesn’t end here, there is something more interesting which we are going to share with you now.

Sonos can be connected with AirPlay

Though Sonos is a whole house music playback option, at the same time, it can’t be used with any other brand of speakers or multi-room wireless options like Play-fi, MusicCast, and HEOS. You can’t even connect it to Bluetooth.

We can also say that it is not at all compatible with AirPlay. However, Apple fans need not worry as there is a trick through which they can stream their apple library through Sonos system. This is possible by using the AirPort Express, which will act as a bridge between the two.

Steps for setting up AirPort Express with Sonos

  • Connect the Apple AirPort express to the power source.
  • Connect the audio output of your Express to the Sonos system using 3.5mm audio cable or Sonos Connect. You can also use the RCA stereo cable.
  • If you are using the Airport express for the first time, then the setup is a must prior to connecting it with Sonos system.
  • After configuring it successfully, connect the Sonos to the Express physically through the wire and open device controls from the Mac or Windows OS. The Sonos app must be installed on Mac PC.
  • Go to ‘Preferences’ from the ‘Room settings’.
  • Select the room where you have linked the AirPort Express to the Sonos product.
  • From Line-In source, give a name to the line and select the Apple AirPlay device.
  • From the line-In source-level line, select level four of AirPlay.
  • From the next page, go to the ‘Autoplay’ room option. When you enable this option, the Apple AirPlay will automatically start the playback from the room.

After executing the above-mentioned steps, go through the things mentioned in the next steps.

  • Select line-in from the main music menu and the room where you have connected the Sonos product to the Apple device to start playing the music.
  • From the control center of your iOS device, click on ‘Play’ and select ‘Airport Express’.

So, we can say that using Apple AirPort Express as a bridge, you can stream the apple music stored in the library through Sonos product home audio system provided the AirPort Express must be compatible with the Sonos product. Rest everything is dependent on the Sonos network. If you want to stream same music on more than one Sonos, then this option is also available with Airport Express.

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