How To Connect Airplay With Sonos Through Airport Express?

How To Connect Airplay With Sonos – Today, wireless earbuds are generally used not only by active citizens but also by people who have to perform some tasks while listening to the favorite songs.

Generally, wire earbuds are uncomfortable and unsightly. The main advantage of wireless Bluetooth earphones is their convenience.

In this regard, wireless earbuds are the most convenient option for those who want to listen to the favorite music while performing their daily activities.

Sonos connect has made it possible in reality. By connecting the Sonos to the home wi-fi, you can listen to music from myriad number of apps.

The most appealing and surprising feature of Sonos is that you can also connect the Airplay to the Sonos with the help of AirPort Express. We are now going to discuss the steps which made this possible.

Connecting Sonos to the Airplay

Even after having a whole house music playback feature, you can’t connect the Sonos with the multiple brands of speakers like HEOS, Music cast and play-fi.

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So, the first thing that comes to your mind is whether it supports Airplay or not? The answer is yes but it is possible through some interfacing device.

We have taken Airport Express as an interfacing device here. You can listen to the complete iTunes music library after connecting Airplay to the Sonos.

Steps to setup Airport express and Sonos

  1. Connect the Airport router to the power supply.
  2. Connect the audio port of Express to the Sonos using the audio cable or Sonos connect. If available, you can also use RCA cable.
  3. For the first time AirPort express users, registration of device is mandatory which can be done easily.
  4. Connect the Express to the Sonos through the wire and open device accessibility options from Mac or Windows OS. The app for Sonos must be there on the PC.
  5. Open ‘Room settings’ from ‘Preferences’.
  6. Select the right room from the given options. This room is where both the devices are linked.
  7. From line-source, link Airport Express to the Sonos.
  8. Give some name to the line and select the Apple device.
  9. Select level four of Airplay for in-source level line.
  10. Go to the ‘Autoplay’ option from the room. This enables the Airplay to start playing music automatically one after the other.
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After implementing the steps mentioned above, check the following steps.

  1. Select line-in from the home menu of your music and room where you have linked Sonos with the apple device.
  2. Open ‘Control center’ and select ‘Play’ and if prompted to select the interfacing medium, select ‘Airport express’.

As a whole, we have found out that the Airport Express acted as a medium between the Airplay and Sonos connect.

After connecting the device, you can play any music stored in the apple library irrespective of device. Once the Sonos get connected, everything will be done by the device itself.

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Streaming the same music from more than one device at a time is possible with the AirPort Express.


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