Sonus Faber Speakers Review

Sonus Faber Speakers Review – The latest addition to the sonus faber omnia speaker range, the sonetto v speakers. The new towers deliver rich musical textures and are a breeze to set up thanks to their unique vertical design.

They offer multichannel listening capability in an easy-to-use format with superb sound quality delivered by integrated amplification that is flexible and customizable for listening on either a home system or as part of an entertainment setup – its flagship model also boasts unbeatable value at just £799/pair .

The Sonetto V is a three-way speaker system that offers a compact, well-designed design with an impressive sound. The crossover is on the top of the speaker and it’s not particularly difficult to build a small or large system with this speaker.

The Sonetto V offers a high degree of bass extension and good tonal balance, making it an excellent choice for both music and movies. The highs are clear and precise, while the mids offer natural sounding vocals.

Overall, the Sonetto V is an impressively designed speaker with great sound quality that is perfect for any small or medium sized room .

The Sonetto V was popular in our tests, and we would recommend it as a good all around speaker for those who want a more versatile setup without having to spend too much money. While not quite up-to par with the B&W K3s or Klipsch R1S (the latter is $100 cheaper), at just over $200 you really get most of what you’d expect from such quality.

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Sonus faber Sonetto V Speaker

The Sonetto V received 4.5 out of 5 stars in our tests, with reviewers praising its design, sound quality and overall performance. Reviewers also commented on how easy it is to build a small or large system with this speaker. If you’re looking for an all-around speaker with great sound, the Sonetto V is a good option. It’s easy to set up and has a high degree of bass extension, making it perfect for music and movies.

Solid sound with articulate mid-range, crisp highs, and solid bass. Similar to the Olympica Nova series. There is a design flaw with the venting box.

High Definition DAD™, DKM silk dome diaphragm, 29 mm

Custom diaphragm made with cellulose pulp and other natural fibers, 150 mm

Ultra-free compression basket, aluminum cone 2x 180 mm

235 Hz and 3,000 Hz

38 – 25,000 Hz

90 dB SPL (2.83V/1m)

50 – 300 W, without clipping

1072 x 258 x 409 mm (42 x 10 x 16 in)

49.8 Ibs each


The Sonus Faber Sonetto V Tower Speaker

The Sonus Faber Sonetto V Tower Speaker is a very good speaker for the price point. When compared to other speakers that cost 2-4 times as much, it holds its own. The sound quality is excellent and comparable to many more expensive options on the market. If you are looking for an affordable all around speaker, this may be a perfect option for you!

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This tower speaker from Sonus Faber features an ultra -thin dome tweeter that’s far clearer than most budget speakers—likely due to DAD™ diaphragms (AKA “silk”)! A typical best selling speaker, the Sonus Faber was among one of our favorite Budget-Lifestyle Speakers in 2017.

As a thoughtfully designed and built product, this Tower makes it into consideration here again – because TOPs don’t get much more affordable. Starting at only $ 3999 with a 1.5″ (38mm) silk dome woofer, this speaker would serve as one of the best choices in your music system.

Imported “DAD™” Model from Italy, Made to Order and fully customized for each customer: All new hand-made fiberglass cabinets, wood trims and all other components are made according to request – every piece is truly unique!

They require an almost legendary amount of work to make and hand finish – it is not easy to find the quality in such a price-range. It’s worth paying extra if you want something very special!

The Sonus Faber Podium V Tower Speaker Pair with suspension stand 3 feet tall ($1399/pair)

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Woofer: 10″ paper woofer, 175 mm (6″) long travel piston driver rubber surround that dampens resonances. Sugar cone midrange and tweeter with silkdome.

Frequency response: 65 – 20 000 Hz ±3 dB typical, 36-22 800 hz minimum Response / Power handling: 165 W/8 ohm Speaker size (inch): 10″ x 6″ Vent or port diameter(mm): 30 mm Inner magnet material on woofer and midrange unit : AlNiCo Kapton Voice coil form factor & construction; 1 ⅛”). Dome Surround Height (mm): 4.5″

Crossover: Advantages and disadvantages of different woofers Article by Igor Demkowicz The Ultra-Special 100% Silk dome tweeter demands a special infrastructure in order to maintain its perfect sound quality.

In this way the Gamsol Company from Italy produces top-notch speakers with their DAD™ series based on very low distortion drivers or magnetic domes, which are manufactured out of genuine crystall ine materials. The only drawback to them is the very limited dimensions for installation in a home or car audio system control area (standard 9″ deep Ultra high quality speaker does not fit into many small openings).

Thus, when selecting an appropriate tweeter one should first use the example of Gamsol Company’s ultra-black NVX5000 series which cost hundreds of dollars per driver and are equally priced to 4 way bass/midrange & woofer systems.

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