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Some Incredible Tips to use your Sonos speakers more efficiently

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If you’re a big fan of Sonos, then you’d be definitely enthusiastic to know about the efficient use of the Sonos speakers. So, follow the post below.

Sonos is brilliantly-designed smart speakers to improve the ambiance of your bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. This leading home audio offers some of the top-notch sounding speakers along with a brilliant multi-speaker setup. But, you might be still unaware of many other aspects of these devices. The tips compiled in this post will help you master Sonos speakers, ranging from the Sonos One smart speaker to that of the Sonos Beam and various other soundbars.

Devote your time to Trueplay: Are you an iOS user? Then, you’d be glad to know that the incredible Trueplay feature of Sonos is available only for the Apple cohort that enables the users to calibrate the respective speakers to their room. Moreover, Trueplay makes use of the microphone on the iPad or iPhone for the testing purpose how much sound can bounce off furniture, walls as well as other objects by modifying the respective acoustic production of the particular speaker so that it can offer the optimum performance. Don’t worry- Sonos would provide you with a suggestion to perform this particular activity in times of the setup process and it’s recommended for you to do the same. However, in case you already haven’t set it up, visit into the respective Sonos application. And then you need to select the “More” tab. Then, it’s time for tapping “Settings” and thereafter “Room Settings.” Select the room whatever you want to tune. In case you come across a red dot present next to that, it means it hasn’t been done yet.

Avoid Wires: Earlier, it was necessary to connect a Sonos Bridge to the specific router to which remaining speakers further wirelessly connected. But, nowadays, each and everything can be directly connected to the Wi-Fi that means you won’t need to deal with cables anymore. But, if your place has poor Wi-Fi, you won’t get a proper signal. And then, you’d need a Sonos Boost that would plug right into the respective router. As a result, you’ll get a dedicated network ready for the respective Sonos speakers. Actually, it’s the new version of the Sonos Bridge device. And its main goal is to maintain a smooth connection.

Are you an iPhone user? Then AirPlay is there: Earlier, Sonos came with AirPlay 2 throughout its latest speakers with which iOS users can easily stream music as well as group speakers. Are you an Apple Music subscriber? Yes? That means you can easily ask Siri for playing songs on the respective Sonos system. Moreover, you can easily make use of AirPlay and thus you can select speakers on whichever you want to play. That means you can stream right from the specific music service, as per your choice. The good news is that second-generation Sonos Play:5, Sonos Beam, Sonos One, and Playbase provide support to AirPlay 2. In case you’re an owner of an older Sonos speaker, it’s still possible for you to make use of the AirPlay 2 because you at least have one supported model. In order to perform this, you must group the respective older speakers with the specific AirPlay-friendly model. Move towards the “Rooms” menu within the application to associate them together.

Alternatively, you can only stream from Tidal or Spotify: With the help of AirPlay 2, you can easily stream right from the iOS Control Panel. However, it will also possible for you to stream from the other third-party applications. Moreover, Tidal and Spotify both have come with this particular feature. Within the Spotify app, just click on the “Devices Available” button and then select the rooms that you want it to play.

Make a connection to the existing Hi-Fi system: Do you already have a Hi-Fi system? You can easily make it a part of the particular Sonos family. But to ensure that, you’d need to purchase a Sonos Connect and then connect it to an already-present receiver or stereo, or a Connect:Amp in case you want to connect with individual speakers.

Moreover, with the help of Trueplay, you can easily calibrate the Sonos system to your room.

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