Are You Getting Trouble Attaching Sonos Speaker With Router?

Are You Getting Trouble Attaching Sonos Speaker With Router? If you are facing trouble while connecting your Sonos speaker with internet or if you are losing network connectivity as soon as the internet gets connected with the speakers then, follow the guidelines given below:

Steps to be done before following the procedure

  1. Keep your Sonos Speaker handy.
  2. Install the Sonos application on your device.

Let’s learn what is this network storming issues?

Your device built connectivity to the network with the help of the ‘Broadcast messages’. These messages are the indication of changes occurring with particular devices.

These broadcast messages are sent by router throughout provided the power switch is on so that it can send network availability to the devices.

Similarly, your Sonos speakers send messages whenever they are powered-on to play music.

Usually, there aren’t any problems during the network establishment.

However, when that broadcast message is not received by the devices then, there can be connectivity issues. This is caused when a message gets repeated over and over again.

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This duplication of the message ends up creating a lot of activity for the network to recognize. This works as a hindrance and no real traffic passes by.

When this happens it creates a ‘Network storm’ that doesn’t allow the network to perform properly.

What can be the solution to this?

Well, you need to identify the loop that is working to block the network flow.

A way to do this is with an unmanaged network switch and the home router.

The unmanaged switch can be easily identified by you.

These are the ports in your device which are used for wired connection with the help of Ethernet cable. Home routers are the main source of the internet.

What happens when Sonos and your Wi-Fi network don’t work together?

As Sonos speakers come in pairs thus, they establish a network connection among them which is called Sonos Connect.

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This network loop is strong enough to make the Sonos working even if the distance between the Sonos speaker is more than normal.

This leads to better integration between the two and creates less network traffic in your home.

Most of the Sonos speakers are connected to the internet in two ways. First being, using an Ethernet Cable and second being, a wireless Wi-Fi.

Since they are equipped with both of these connections so it leads to the creation of network loops, thus the network issue arises.

However, there is a solution to this problem

Rather than trying to establish a wireless connection with the Wi-Fi. Try to use an Ethernet cable which will send the broadcast message from your speakers to the router and similarly the broadcast message will be sent from your router to your speakers, ending the loop in a perfect manner.

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Therefore, the network issue will end and there will be better connectivity among the devices.


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