Rockbox Xl

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When it comes to having a successful pool party, there are a few requirements. First, you must have a pool. Of course, you must have some inflatables, because what is a party without a giant slice of pizza or unicorns to float on? And then there is the most important thing, the music!

Rockbox Xl

Rockbox Xl

Thanks to technology, it’s easier than ever to start your favorite playlist on your smartphone (Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, etc.) and stream it to your portable Bluetooth speaker. But let’s be honest, these little portable speakers can’t bring music all over your yard.

Altec Lansing Rockbox Xl Ip67 Speaker, Imw999 Stl, Black

If you really want to take your pool party to the next level, you need to get yourself an Altec Lansing Rockbox XL. This powerful speaker is large (22.5″ x 11.25″ x 11.5″) and puts out SERIOUS sound, not the messy, distorted stuff you get used to when you push your normal speakers too far. This bad boy delivers clear sound and pumping bass thanks to its 50W RMS power, dual 3.5-inch ferrite woofers, 30mm x 2 Mylar tweeters and dual 160mm x 83mm passive radiators.

, so you don’t have to worry about running out of juice in the middle of the party. In addition, the speaker has built-in LED strobe lights that dance to the beat of your music, adding to the party atmosphere. You can even customize the color to match your favorite song and switch between seven different lighting mode options.

Did I mention it can even float vertically in water? It has an IP67 waterproof rating to ensure that it remains protected from all elements (water, snow, dirt, etc.) even if people start to get too loud with splashes. Just make sure someone doesn’t dunk it underwater because that probably wouldn’t end well.

The speaker also has a built-in USB charging port so you can keep your phone/tablet charged and ensure your music won’t stop when your device’s battery dies. Now you can keep the party going until the early hours of the morning (or until the neighbors start complaining).

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Ac Adapter For Altec Lansing Rockbox Xl Or Soundbucket Rugged Bluetooth Speaker

All in all, we think Altec Lansing hit it out of the park with the Rockbox XL. It’s by far the coolest portable Bluetooth speaker we’ve ever tested, and it’s sure to deliver at your next backyard gathering, whether it’s a pool party, barbecue, or whatever. Music makes everything better, and the Rockbox XL delivers on scale.

The Altec Lansing Rockbox XL retails for $249.99 and can be purchased at Best Buy. There’s still plenty of summer left, so grab one of these bad boys and get ready to rock!

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Rockbox Xl

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With its waterproof and physically secure design, you can take this speaker with you virtually anywhere. In fact, except for the fire, this speaker has all the elements of Captain Planet covered! The RockBox XL will be the center of your pool party when you throw it in the pool (unplugged, of course) and let it float while you pick your jams on the sun deck. Or for people like me who like to enjoy the snow months, this speaker is snow resistant, making it the perfect companion for unpredictable weather, winter work, and tailgating on the slopes (looking at you Colorado). Of all the features this speaker offers, the versatility offered by its water and dirt technology is easily our favorite.

Altec Lansing Mix 2.0

To give RockBox XL more of a fun factor, Altec Lansing has added a stylish LED lighting feature. At first, it was fun to go through the different lighting options. Having the light beat to the music is my favorite setting, but after the first few uses, the gift of the LED lighting was put off and I usually use the speaker without the lighting. However, I can see how much fun it would be if the speaker floated in the pool or hot tub during an evening party.

As you would expect, Altec Lansing has made the Bluetooth connection process easy, and the speaker remembers connected devices. The claimed Bluetooth range is 100 feet, which is reasonably accurate when using the speaker in an unobstructed space like the beach. However, once the connected device (the phone in your pocket) is separated by one or more walls, the wireless range drops dramatically. When testing the Bluetooth range, we found that the reliable wireless range was about 20-40 feet when the devices were blocked by one or more walls.

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USB charging ports are often an underrated feature on a speaker, but you’ll be glad they’re there when you need them! I love that I can keep my phone charged while taking the speaker out of the house. These USB ports (and the power cable) are protected by a waterproof cover that worked perfectly for the new speaker we tested. Time will tell if the wear and tear of normal use can compromise the seal of the cap, causing the speaker to lose its waterproof status.

Rockbox Xl

For those with multiple Altec Lansing speakers, home squatting is a great feature that allows you to connect multiple speakers to a single music source to play music simultaneously throughout your property.

Altec Lansing Rockbox Xl Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Waterproof Party Speaker With 20 Hour Playtime And 5 Illuminating Led Light Modes, Floating Wireless Speaker For Indoors And Outdoors

One feature I could live without is the “Power on: Welcome to Altec Lansing” chime every time the speaker is turned on. For a product that could be turned on and off often, the verbal ringing became a bit annoying. A simple beep would be enough to let me know that the speaker was on.

As the name suggests, the RockBox XL is the RockBox’s bigger brother, a smaller and less powerful speaker with a similar overall design. One of the first things you’ll notice about the RockBox XL is that it’s far from a “box” shape, more like a triangular prism. I’ve seen many speakers over the years in cube, rectangular and cylinder shapes, but this is the first triangular prism speaker I’ve come across. However, it soon became clear that the shape was intentional to allow for one of its most fun features – it’s waterproof, floats and stays upright! We’ve tested other waterproof speakers in the past that had trouble staying upright. This sometimes causes the other speaker to project sound into the water and muffle the sound of the speaker. But the triangular shape of the RockBox XL left at least

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