Wireless Pa Speaker Transmitter

Wireless Pa Speaker Transmitter – Our most cost-effective system for sending audio to two remote speakers. All wireless speaker systems are Sennheiser’s new G4 (Gen 4). Includes all cables required for XLR connection.

Our most cost-effective system for sending audio to 2 remote speakers – Includes 1 body transmitter and 2 portable receivers.

Wireless Pa Speaker Transmitter

Wireless Pa Speaker Transmitter

We believe our wireless speaker systems provide the highest quality, most versatile and portable solution for broadcasting your sound from a single speaker (or mixer) to a remote speaker or speakers. Our systems don’t just work once. They don’t just work on YouTube videos in the backyard. They provide consistent, professional results every time you use them. No other method comes close.

Wireless Pa System

Be sure to read our in-depth blog on wireless speaker system techniques and methods, where we compare many of the wireless speaker system methods, including the Alto Stealth vs the Sennheiser wireless system, as well as using Shure, Audio-Technica, Phonic, and in – ear monitoring system (IEM). There are significant differences from one system to another.

Wireless Pa Speaker Transmitter

1) We start with a quality product. Our Sennheiser systems are the same type of systems used by videographers and TV remote operators. These are not $200 systems. Trust us when we tell you that cheap wireless systems don’t always work, especially when distance and line of sight are issues. This is a fact.

2) Our systems are completely battery powered. Have you ever tried placing a wireless desktop receiver on top of a speaker? It can be done, but it seems like a science project. No AC power is required with our systems; although we have accessories available to provide AC power if you want or need it.

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Wireless Pa Speaker Transmitter

Mipro Ma 808br2dpm3 267 Watt Portable 2 Way Wireless Pa System With 2 Wireless Receivers

3) Our systems are not digital. There is a lot of hype around digital wireless. But the best minds in the industry agree that digital systems require more power to transmit signals, have a shorter operating distance and live in a crowded, unpredictable frequency range. Many other electronic devices live on the digital wireless spectrum. From cordless phones to wireless DMX, digital wireless systems are competing for real estate.

4) We did our homework by researching and testing our systems on site. We know what works and what doesn’t. And we’ll give you everything you need to get started, including all the necessary cables and a full best practices/guidelines document.

Wireless Pa Speaker Transmitter

An extended warranty is an extension of the original manufacturer’s warranty. Most manufacturers guarantee that their products are free of defects for up to one year from the date of purchase. This warranty essentially ensures that if the product you purchased breaks down, CPS will protect you from the high cost of parts and labor required to repair your product. Most Consumer Priority Extended Service plans extend your product coverage for up to an additional 48 months (4 years) to ensure you get years of performance satisfaction from your newly purchased product.

Titan Wireless Portable Pa

A manufacturer’s warranty typically offers limited coverage for a limited time, with parts and labor carrying separate lengths of coverage. For example, a general warranty from a television manufacturer may extend to the consumer for a full year for defective components, but only 90 days for the high labor costs required to replace these components. CPS Extended Service Plans provide comprehensive, long-term coverage of equal duration. This means that if your product fails within your plans protection period, parts and labor costs are covered.

Wireless Pa Speaker Transmitter

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Yes, all plans are transferable. Please call (800) 905-0443 for additional assistance in transferring your plan. Please note: A $25.00 wire transfer fee will apply to all guaranteed shipments.

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Wireless Pa Speaker Transmitter

Buy Wireless Microphone Joyo 5.8ghz Microphone Wireless System Wireless Xlr Mic Adapter 4 Channels’ Dynamic Microphone Wireless Transmitter And Receiver For Audio Mixer, Pa System And Dslr Camera (mw 1) Online In Saint

Every CPS service plan carries zero deductibles along with low premiums. This means there is no large upfront cost with the CPS service plan, and we are committed to covering 100% of the cost of parts and labor on any claim that is resolved. In general, the amount of the deductible is almost always proportional to the amount of premium charged. In order to have a lower deductible, even as low as $0, the plan holder usually has to accept a higher premium. For those who want lower premiums, they must accept higher deductibles.

Log in to CPS Central where you can submit a claim for your product. You can also call toll-free (800) 905-0443 and ask a qualified representative to file a claim for you using the information you provide. Alto Professional’s easy-to-use Stealth Wireless system replaces hundreds of feet of audio cable for a reliable wireless connection. Compatible with all active speakers as well as traditional passive speaker/amplifier setups, this expandable two-channel system delivers distortion-free sound.

Wireless Pa Speaker Transmitter

Enjoy faster setup, faster teardown and eliminate complex or unsightly cables, no matter where you are. The Stealth Wireless system quickly creates a secure, invisible connection from the output of your mixer or DJ controller to the input of your powered speakers. No need to twist, fasten or hide cables during installation. After the show, just turn off the system and go – no more pesky cables at the end of the night.

Loudmouth® Wireless Pa Systems

“I like this. It’s a cheap solution in many cases and actually works as described.” – Front of house

Wireless Pa Speaker Transmitter

This complete ready-to-use system includes a stereo (2-channel) transmitter as well as two single-channel receivers. The transmitter is equipped with XLR+1/4″ combo inputs to accommodate almost any mixer or other audio source to secure the receivers in place.

First, connect the transmitter. Connect the main output of your mixer or DJ controller to the Stealth wireless transmitter via XLR or 1/4″ input.

Wireless Pa Speaker Transmitter

Long Range Wireless Pa System

Then connect the receiver. Take the XLR output of the Stealth wireless receiver and connect it to the input of your powered speaker or to the input of an amplifier/speaker combination. Repeat this step for the second receiver.

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Turn on the transmitter first and then the receiver. It’s that easy. Choose from 16 reliable UHF channels to minimize interference. The squelch control can be manually adjusted to one of three levels for optimum performance. As your needs change, you can add more receivers to your system with the Stealth Wireless Expansion Pack. For bands tired of working within the confines of speaker cables during a PA setup, karaoke specialist VocoPro has announced its new DigiNet, a professional digital wireless audio transmitter and receiver for powered speakers to create a completely wireless PA experience. The VocoPro DigiNet system offers a cost-effective, plug-and-play digital transmission solution.

Wireless Pa Speaker Transmitter

Founded in 1991, VocoPro is a California-based professional audio company synonymous with professional karaoke systems and wireless microphone systems. VocoPro introduced a dedicated wireless audio system for powered speakers almost 10 years ago with analog wireless transmission. The company’s new all-digital DigiNet design means there are no unexpected bursts of white noise caused by signal interference, which can happen with some analog wireless systems. DigiNet’s wireless digital transmission also protects powerful speakers from blowing out, which can occur as a result of white noise.

Audio Mixer Xvive U3c Condenser Microphone Wireless System With 2.4ghz Xlr Transmitter And Receiver For Microphone Pa System Wireless Microphones & Systems Microphones & Accessories Systems Christkindlmarket.com

Using DigiNet, powered speakers can be placed anywhere the band or group wants using a stable XLR connection without the need for restrictive and potentially dangerous speaker cables. The tapes are equipped with balanced XLR input and output and receive professional quality in the full frequency range of the XLR connection minus the cable, as the audio transmission is wireless in the 900 MHZ frequency range and avoids interference with TV broadcasts. The built-in rechargeable battery eliminates the need for additional connectors and lasts up to 8 hours. The powerful aluminum housing of the device is light and compact.

Wireless Pa Speaker Transmitter

The system is completely plug-and-play, no installation required, and offers 16 channels to choose from manually. The VocoPro DigiNet stereo transmitter provides balanced XLR-1/4” combo left and right input jacks, while the mono receivers provide balanced XLR and 1/8” mono outputs with independent volume control.

The rechargeable battery lasts up to 6 hours (stereo transmitter) 12 hours (mono receiver) and both can be charged via the USB 5V port during use. The VocoPro DigiNet system retails for $399.00 USD ($299.00 USD MAP).

Wireless Pa Speaker Transmitter

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