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How To Choose Between Sonos Boost Setup And Standard Setup?

If you Google a few blogs, you will be able to understand the way to purchase the Sonos speaker. Once you purchase it, you cannot set it up that easily without knowing How to set up Sonos. There are two different setup method for Sonos such as standard and boost set up. If you do not know both the type of set up you wouldn’t be able to do it accordingly. However, if you do not know to choose between Boost and standard setup, you can read this blog. Through this blog, you will be able to learn about Sonos Speaker Setup, so keep reading further.

This post is dedicated to you if you do not know to choose between standard setup and boost setup. Actually, the Sonos System Setup is not difficult to understand or handle. You just have to get the basic information, and then, you are good to go. Even if you have purchased the product without knowing anything, you would be able to understand the procedure without many difficulties. Keep reading to understand better.

Selecting between two types of set up

There is a reason why you are recommended to read the Sonos Connect Review. If you read the review you would be able to understand the whole procedure pretty easily. You need not make it complicated. However, if you are not familiar with the types of Sonos set up and other related details, you will find it here. Once you read this blog, you can enjoy listening to music.

General set up guidelines

You must use standard set up only if you have Wi-Fi network that works extremely well in any room that you want to have Sonos.

You must use BOOST set up only if you have Wi-Fi network that works low and not steady and it would not reach all the rooms that you want to have Sonos.

Difference between a boost and standard set up

If you consider standard setup it needs steady Wi-Fi network connection to be connected. However, how this gets connected? It is simple like other wireless devices, this also gets connected with the Wi-Fi connection. The wireless router can manage a large traffic at a time. In case, if your mobile phone and laptop are trying hard to load the pages due to low connectivity, the Sonos product will grab the attention of the router and it will compete with other devices. At this time, you will witness audio interruptions.

The best thing that you can do to avoid such issues is to connect the router with an Ethernet cable. So, this will turn your system into Sonos Boost Setup. This wired system will offer dedicated services to your Sonos speakers and it will not seek attention like the standard set up. Also, the Sonos product will still offer signal to more Sonos products i.e. you can reach beyond the limit where you have the Wi-Fi.

Special guidelines

If you want to decide whether your Wi-Fi suits for a standard set up or not, read the rest. It is very easy to find out. If other wireless devices like mobile phones and laptops are getting low connectivity and trying hard to load the content, to stream a video, that says you do need a Boost Setup. This is important if you are considering to add more Sonos speaker.

So, if you are planning on the Boost Set up, what would you need? Do you know? In order set up your Sonos through Boost setup, you will require an Ethernet cable to connect the router to the Sonos speaker. You can wire it without a second thought because it has no issues. However, the boost setup is considered the strongest.

However, you will be able to decide between Standard and Boost Setup even after you set it up. If you face audio interruptions in one or more speakers, you can simply wire any of the Sonos product to the router and it will automatically turn from standard to boost set up. You must wire one Sonos product connected to the router with a cable on the permanent basis.

There are a few networks that do not accept the standard set up. If you find one or two of the mentioned criteria, you will have to decide on a boost setup.

  • Enterprise access points configured needed for authentication.
  • Routers with 5GHz spectrum only.
  • Guest networks.
  • Networks that are operated with the portal page to login.
  • Wireless range extenders networks.

Nevertheless, there are advantages in a boost set up. The best advantage is that you will not face interrupted performances. So, you should know decide the setup based on your device and Wi-Fi network stability.

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