Helmet Speakers

Helmet Speakers – Do you like turning to the metal when sailing? Need slow queues to slow you down in traffic? Whatever your reason for wanting music while driving, motorcycle helmet speakers can change your life.

Generally cheaper than Bluetooth helmet headphones, a simple setup of your helmet speakers is all an audiophile might need. If the idea of ​​a helmet intercom is invasive or making phone calls takes the joy out of the road, you can avoid all the bells and whistles and just push your music. That being said, investing in a new speaker can also be a quick upgrade for your Bluetooth device.

Helmet Speakers

Helmet Speakers

So we’re going to look at 6 of the best motorcycle helmet speakers to consider, as well as some alternatives.

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Uclear entered the audio helmet market later than Sena and Cardo, so they had to make their product stand out. Sound quality is the differentiator they’ve tackled, and the results have been mixed.

The Uclear gives us a sensitivity rating of 130 Db/Mw, which means they can get loud – average headphones are 90-105 Db/Mw (1). It is worth considering with sensitivity, there is no common unit of measurement; we added it here to give you some idea of ​​the amount.

In the real world, one review noted that they can go up to 80 mph before the speakers start to lose road and wind noise (2).

A big selling point of Uclear Pulse is the base it can generate. Most people who use them agree, but there are music lovers who feel that the bass comes at the expense of the mids and highs (3).

Chips Ultra Wireless Helmet Audio

Some negatives to note include that there is no attempt at noise cancellation with these speakers. You’ll hear what’s going on outside and they won’t even try to stop it. It also adds a 20mm bulge above your ears – check your helmet’s pubes to see if they could be irritated.

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They are then connected to a 3.5 mm jack. Pick up your phone and see if it’s connected – if your phone is after 2019, it probably is (4). You can connect the speaker to an existing Bluetooth device you have if you’re just looking for something better than the factory-supplied speakers.

Speaking of wired, you get volume control and a built-in microphone, so you don’t have to fiddle with your phone to turn up the volume and you can take calls if needed.

Helmet Speakers

We also had a few different reviews (2, 5) that had issues with the wiring becoming damaged or worn out within a year or more of purchase. This seems to be a problem, but it’s worth noting.

Lexin Motorcycle Helmet Speakers With Type C Headset Port Plus Detachable Boom And Button Microphone

No longer have a headphone jack on your phone and can’t be bothered to buy an adapter? The Blueear BT-30 is a motorcycle helmet mount that connects to your phone via Bluetooth.

The price is very affordable, but keep in mind that you don’t get any of the intercom capabilities you’d expect from a Bluetooth headset. Opinions about them are mixed, so here’s what the manufacturer says compared to reviews (8):

The main thing here is not to get your hopes up. You are buying the budget end of motorcycle helmet speakers, so don’t expect high quality. You’ll be able to hear your music at a decent speed, but if you’re a true music lover, check out the products above or below.

Anyone who knows much about audio knows that JBL is a big brand with a big reputation. The company has partnered with popular Bluetooth brand Cardo to create speakers for motorcycle helmets.

Nikomaku Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Helmet Headphones Bluetooth Helmet Speakers Earphone Intercom For Helmets

Depending on the Bluetooth model you buy, you’ll get different speakers – we’ll look at your options in a moment – but the higher-end ones have:

Cardo doesn’t publish anything about sensitivity, so we only have real-world experience when it comes to sound. Most people seem to agree that up to speeds of about 60 mph you can’t get distortion, “I found … the Cardo JBL speakers sounded pretty good at highway speeds” (9) is how one person put it.

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There are two ways to purchase these 45mm speakers: as an upgrade to your Bluetooth headset or as part of a Cardo headset like the ones mentioned below.

Helmet Speakers

It’s worth noting that if you buy a speaker as an accessory, you won’t get the Cardo software and sync, which can make a big difference in sound quality.

Outdoor Technology Chips 2.0 Bluetooth Helmet Audio

If you want 45mm speakers included in the headphones, you should invest in the Cardo Packtalk Black. With this, you also get an intercom with up to 15 operators, regardless of the brand of headset they have, and a talk time of 13 hours.

The Packtalk Black is a high-end headphone from Cardo – if you want something cheap, the Cardo Freecom 4+ has JBL speakers, but this is the 40mm version. One horseman made his own experiments on both and said (9):

“I compared the 2 sets of speakers very carefully and with an SPL meter the new 45mm is actually worse [than the 40mm]. The sound profile of the 2 sets is very similar, but the original speakers can go a good 5-7dB on the high end and also at least 5db more before the bass starts to distort.

It seems that if you are looking for sound quality, the difference between 40mm and 45mm JBL speakers is not worth the price difference.

Rock Out With A ‘star Wars’ Stormtrooper Helmet

IASUS is an audio company that has been producing speaker sets for headphones since 2003 (6). The company makes two devices with a huge price difference – that’s how they measure it.

Also, the cables are long to connect to your phone. There is a 40cm left wire, a 20cm right wire and a 100cm extension wire – all Kevlar reinforced.

When you compare the XSound 2.1 to the Uclear speakers, you will definitely find better frequencies in the bass, treble and midrange.

Helmet Speakers

Although the sound quality is good, the complaints are close to comfort. One review said, “The headphones really tore up my ears even through the hood,” and another noted, “I had to remove the ear pads to get them to fit and not rub my ears all the time” (7). It’s worth checking if your helmet has hidden parts to fit inside – it’s 10mm thick for reference.

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Amp Go Bluetooth Helmet Audio System

With the XSound 3, you still get decent length with sturdy cables, an audio jack and 125dB sensitivity. Not much difference at all:

“To say I’m impressed with 2.1 is an understatement! Every bit sounds as good as my 3.0,” wrote a reviewer who used both versions (7).

Each of these can be connected to any Bluetooth kit you already have in your helmet as long as it has a 3.5mm port. Overall, these two sets of speakers provide great sound and a good price – just be careful how you place them so they don’t irritate your ears.

Pit the iASUS XSound 3 and the Cardo JBL 45mms we reviewed earlier and you’ll hear the difference in favor of the iASUS. iASUS comes out better with sound; The JBLs produce more distortion with a loss of clarity at high volumes. With the JBL helmet speakers, you can change a lot of settings in the Cardo app, but the hardware itself isn’t very impressive.

Boost 2.0 Helmet Speakers & Microphones By Uclear

Running speakers in your motorcycle helmet makes a lot of sense when you have one helmet and find a set you like. Not everyone wants to fix their headphones, and you may not even be able to find speakers that match your tunes.

In that case, you might want to consider some headphones. They don’t have cables, which makes them neat, but also makes them easy to lose. Imagine taking off a hat on the side of the road, a shoot appears and rolls down the mountain, never to be seen again…

Everyone knows about Apple AirPods. They pair seamlessly with your iPhone, and the high-end AirPods Pro version has active noise cancellation.

Helmet Speakers

Battery life lets the AirPods down. Although a real-world test confirms that the third-generation AirPods – released in October 2021 – get more than the six hours Apple claims (10), that still won’t get you through the day without reaching for the case. recharge.

Helmet Speaker & Mic Set Headset Mike

In comparison to Bluetooth helmet headsets, the Cardo Packtalk Bold offers up to 13 hours of talk time, and our favorite Bluetooth helmet – the Sena Momentum EVO (replaced by the Stryker in 2022) – gives you up to 17 hours. The Sena 5S has 7 hours of talk time on a battery.

However, they charge quickly. Five minutes in this case should get you up to 30 percent, which can give you about 90 minutes of listening time (13) — no need to find a power outlet and wait hours for a full charge on a weekend trip. On the plus side, they have advanced technology that automatically calibrates itself based on how well they fit in your ears.

Overall, AirPods are great headphones

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