Edifier M601db

Edifier M601db – Edifier multimedia speakers with wireless subwoofer are the perfect choice for anyone who dreams of great aesthetics and exceptional sounds. The Bluetooth V5.1 version with Qualcomm aptX technology provides simple and convenient operation for many modern models. Besides, M601DB also features wide compatibility through universal inputs. Built-in panel with functional buttons and included remote control will also make it easy to adjust the most important settings.

A class-D amplifier and advanced DSP technology effectively eliminate annoying distortion. It allows the device to work even more efficiently, maintaining crystal clear sound under all conditions. In addition, the 0.5-inch tweeter, 3.5-inch midrange driver and 8-inch subwoofer are responsible for proper tonal balance.

Edifier M601db

Edifier M601db

With Bluetooth 5.1 and functional aptX decoding, stable audio can be transmitted wirelessly from Bluetooth-enabled devices. It offers lightning-fast transmission with wide range, without any interference or delay. Say goodbye to all compatibility problems, as the M601DB speakers are also equipped with numerous inputs, including Line In, AUX, optical, and coaxial. What’s more, the three-tone indicator light lets you know which audio source you are listening to.

Głośniki Edifier M601db 2.1 Czarne

Two adjustment methods make using the speakers trivially easy. Using the special control panel and the included remote control, you can quickly control the volume, mode and power. You don’t have to get up from your comfortable chair, because the included remote control allows you to operate the set from anywhere.

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Edifier speakers are suitable for any stylish room. Elegant, yet practical design is a great solution for demanding music enthusiasts. The applied wooden cabinet concept enables hours of entertainment by completely eliminating acoustic resonance. M601DB has a deep interior, guaranteeing unforgettable immersive experience.

AUX: R/L: 450±50mV; SW: 250±20mV; Line in: R/L: 550±50mV; SW: 250±20mV; Optical/Coaxial: R/L: 400±50mFFs; SW: 250±20mFFs; Bluetooth: R/L: 500±50mFFs; SW: 250±20mFFs

Velice kvalitní reproduktory a zde ke koupi za bezkonkurenční cenu. Sestavu používám k PC a výkonu mají skutečně dost. Reproduktory mají krásně čistý zvuk i na 100% hlasitosti. Subwoofer je bezdrátový a už od výrobce spárovaný s reproduktory. Kolem vypínače na pravém reproduktoru je LED kroužek, který barvou signalizuje způsob připojení. Sice hezké, ale pro mě nepotřebné. Osobně mám reproduktory připojené jen přes Line-in a používám jen vyp/zap na ovladači. Připojení přes Bluetooth je bezproblémové a rychlé, zkoušeno s Android telefonem. Celkově se jedná o velice povedené reproduktory, ale to jsem očekával, na značku Edifier jsem četl jen samou chválu. Dopouručuji!最新熱點: 20 週年版 !! 大理石風格 ASROCK Z790 Taichi Carrara 主機板懸臂支架、165Hz Fast-IPS HyperX Armada 27 電競顯示器登場!!極速 7, 500MB/s !! 賣 HK$699 Kingsman Gaming KP800 1TB Gen4 M.2 SSD【腦場掃地僧 ㊙️】Intel 顯示卡有行貨 GUNNIR ARC A770 顯示卡中田價 HK$3, 299最大 4TB 容量、傳輸速度高達 1600MB/s CORSAIR EX100U 便擕式 USB Type-C SSDHydro PTM PRO、Hydro G PRO 系列升級 FSP 發表全新 ATX3.0 & PCIe Gen 5 電源系列5.8GHz !! E-Core 增加一倍 Intel Core i9-13900K 處理器架構分析 + 評測中階 Z790 大板之選 !! MSI MPG Z790 CARBON WIFI 主機板升級 2K QHD、IP65 防水防塵 D-LINK DCS-8620LH 戶外用網絡攝影機【GPU 時脈創下 3450 MHz 新高!!】 GALAX RTX 4090 SG 打破 5 項超頻世界紀錄支援 EXPO !! 專為 AMD 而生 CORSAIR Vengeance RGB D5-6000 C30 32GB for AMD卡皇 !! ROG 4090 登場 ROG Strix GeForce RTX 4090 OC Edition3.8 Slot !! 真散熱巨獸 GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 4090 Gaming OC實體活動 !! 體驗 Z790 與 13900K 「ROG Yes! 2022 技術大會」接受申請小巧輕盈僅重 266g | 提供舒適高品質音訊享受 CORSAIR HS55 WIRELESS CORE 遊戲耳機28 相供電、IceStorm 3.0 散熱 ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 4090 AMP Extreme AIRORTX 4090 水冷卡皇 !! MSI GeForce RTX 4090 SUPRIM LIQUID X 24G3.7 Slot !! 1-Clip Booster 技術 GALAX GeForce RTX 4090 SG 顯示卡iCUE 與智能燈板可互連!! 無縫同步 RGB 燈效 CORSAIR x Nanoleaf 合作玩出新花樣CHERRY MX ULP 軸 最薄處只有 11mm CORSAIR 發佈全新 K100 AIR 無線機械鍵盤

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Edifier M601db 無線重低音2.1 多媒體藍牙喇叭| 金曲音響 金曲音響 線上購物| 有閑購物

Edifier 推出全新 M601DB 無線 2.1 有源喇叭,支援無線藍牙 5.1 連接及 aptX 藍牙傳輸編碼,重低音喇叭採用 5.8G 無線傳輸配對,並且於出廠時已預先配對,可大大減少有線喇叭的線材困擾,左右衛星喇叭採用 0.5 吋高音單元和 3.5 吋中低音單元,搭配 1 組 8 吋低音單元的重低音喇叭,組成簡單的 2.1 聲道配置,更用上木殼音箱,可使產品堅固耐用,以及避免音箱產生諧振和減少干擾,可作多方面媒體用途,十分適合用於家庭影院系統組合。

Edifier M601DB 無線 2.1 低音喇叭除了 3 組喇叭本體外,包裝盒內還附送了 1 組主副喇叭連接線、1 組低音喇叭電源線、1 組 S/PDIF 光纖線、1 組 3.5mm to RCA 連接線、1 組 RCA to RCA 連接線、1 組 3.5mm to 3.5mm 連接線,以及 1 本使用說明書。

Edifier M601DB 左邊副喇叭及右邊主喇叭尺寸約為 130mm × 225mm × 160mm,超低音喇叭尺寸約為 270mm × 300mm × 335mm,總重量約為 14kg,採用傳統方體音箱外形,3 組喇叭均採用木板拼接而成,並在木板表面貼上黑色木纹 PVC 貼紙,每塊木板都清楚看到木紋,外觀上相當低調穩重,超低音喇叭的前障板厚達 25mm,木製音箱可確保產品堅固度,並且聲音能夠平穩地震動,聲音表現比較均衡和飽滿。

Edifier M601db

Edifier M601DB 喇叭採用 2 組 Ti D類數位式功率放大器 (DAC/AMP),衛星喇叭為 Ti TAS5805M 晶片,重低音喇叭為 Ti TAS5754 晶片,可提供不失真總功耗 20W + 20W + 70W 輸出,衛星喇叭頻率響應範圍為 140Hz ~ 20, 000KHz, 重低音喇叭頻率響應範圍為 50Hz ~ 170Hz。Line In, AUX, Optical, Coaxial, Bluetooth 5.1 with Qualcomm aptX connection options to connect to almost any type of device you have.

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Edifier M601db Black — купить в городе ОРЕЛ

The wooden enclosures can help to minimize acoustic resonance and provide a clean appearance with long service life.

The system includes a wireless subwoofer that measures 10.9 x 11.8 x 13.2 inches and provides deep bass and a rich low end. The two compact satellites, measuring 5 x 8.9 x 6 inches each, working in perfect harmony with the subwoofer, create a very wide and full sound and taking up only very little room on your desk.

It can transfer high-quality audio sound from your Bluetooth-enabled devices wirelessly with quick transmission over long distances and good anti-interference capabilities thanks to its QUALCOMM’s Bluetooth 5.1 module and built-in APTX decoding, no wires required.

Built-in class D amplifier and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) eliminate the distortion even further, allowing the system to go even louder while maintaining crystal-clear audio in every environment.

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Crank up the sound with a total of 220W peak power and 110W RMS (R/L: 20W+20W SW: 70W) with 1/2inch (Φ19mm) tweeter, 3.5-inch (92mm) mid-range driver, and 8-inch (210mm) subwoofer, the sound quality is guaranteed as solid as ever.

You can adjust the volume, switch modes, power on/off the speaker using the top panel control on the active speaker or you can control the speaker with the included infrared remote to make life easier.

Bluetooth: blue light flashes AUX: green light flashes once Line In: green light flashes twice Optical: red light flashes once Coaxial: red light flashes twice

Edifier M601db

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