Yamaha Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

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Yamaha Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

Yamaha Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

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The Yamaha NS-AW592 Outdoor Speaker (Pair) has a durable, weather-resistant construction and offers the benefits of Yamaha sound engineering. Available in black (white is now discontinued), it’s a great choice for outdoor music and blends well into the background.

With a plastic cabinet and specially treated woofers and tweeters, these speakers perform reliably when installed outdoors. It is waterproof and not affected by sunlight (ultraviolet rays) or high or low temperatures. The woofer uses a responsive cone and a fluid-cooled soft-dome tweeter, both of which are waterproof.

Yamaha Wx 051 Musiccast 50 Wireless Speaker

The internal structure is carefully designed for optimal temporal alignment between the two devices to provide adequate sound imaging. The waveguide and front baffle ensure excellent sound dispersion properties. Very good tonal clarity and very low distortion over all frequency ranges. All recommendations are independently reviewed. If you buy through our link, you may receive a commission. Learn more>

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We tested two new models, OSD Audio and Dual Electronics, and added the Dual LU53PW as a budget pick.

We love the convenience of portable Bluetooth speakers. But for those looking for a more permanent, high-quality outdoor audio solution for their backyard or patio, we recommend weatherproof outdoor speakers. The OSD Audio AP650 speaker is the best choice because it sounds great, is easy to install, is built to withstand bad weather, and is resistant to insect and dust infestation.

Yamaha Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

The AP650 speakers deliver clear, full sound that suits all types of music. And they don’t have ports to let in water or bugs.

Yamaha Crx B370 Bluetooth Wireless Audio Streaming (crx B370)

The OSD Audio AP650 speaker is the best value you’ll find outdoors. Their clarity surpasses anything I’ve heard from a pair of other models under $200. It also provides full, powerful sound that can easily fill outdoor spaces up to 1,500 square feet. The AP650 speakers provide enough bass for R&B, hip-hop and rock music. And since it doesn’t need a lot of power to deliver loud volume, it can be paired with smaller amps. The fully sealed design ensures no entry of water, dust or insects. Also, this pair is better built than most sub-$200 outdoor speakers, with thick casings and sturdy powder-coated mounting brackets.

Although the NS-AW294 speakers deliver full sound, they are not the best choice for locations that experience severe weather.

If you want to spend a little money to get good outdoor sound, the Yamaha NS-AW294 speakers are a good choice. may enter and cause damage. The NS-AW294 speakers aren’t as sharp as our picks, but they have rich bass and can reproduce fairly loud.

The Dayton Audio IO8XTB speaker is about twice the price and size of the OSD and Yamaha selection, but we can safely say that this speaker more than doubles the performance. Not only does it deliver a lot more bass, it also makes the mids and treble sound clearer and smoother. Whether you listen to hip-hop, rock, folk or classical, you’ll appreciate the improvements.

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Yamaha Musiccast 50 Wireless Speaker

The LU53PW is a fully enclosed, compact and inexpensive choice, but this pair lacks much bass and doesn’t sound great at very loud volumes.

Those who want to listen to light music in their backyard and want to keep their investment to a minimum will love the Dual Electronics LU53PW speakers. It doesn’t have much bass and can get a bit loud when turned up, but it’s great for background music, podcasts and internet radio. It’s smaller than other non-motorized models we recommend and is fully sealed to prevent water leaks.

The BTP525 speaker has Bluetooth and a stereo amplifier, making installation even easier. It looks good, but it doesn’t fill as much area as other choices.

Yamaha Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

The OSD Audio BTP525 speaker is a good choice for those who only want sound on a small patio and want a speaker that is very simple to install. All of our other outdoor speaker selections are traditional non-amplified types. It can fill your yard with full and powerful sound, but requires complicated installation and wiring. The BTP525 has an amplifier and the power supply is waterproof. So, all you have to do is mount the speakers, run the wires between the speakers, and connect the power supply to the speakers and the outdoor AC outlet. The built-in Bluetooth receiver lets you wirelessly stream audio from your smartphone and tablet, and the sound quality is similar, though not as great or as full as the OSD Audio AP650 pair.

Yamaha Ns Aw150w 2 Way Outdoor Speakers (pair, White) Ns Aw150w

I can confidently say that I have reviewed more passive (ie, non-amplified and non-Bluetooth) outdoor speakers than any other audio journalist in the world. These speakers have little interest in audio publications. My outdoor speaker testing experience includes many individual product reviews and 7 multi-product shootouts. One for Home Theater Magazine, one for Home Entertainment Magazine, one for Sound & Vision and four for Wirecutter. A custom audio switcher specifically for brand concealment testing. Perhaps most importantly, it has a backyard. And I’m not afraid to use it.

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In addition to conducting brand-hidden listening tests, several other listeners have contributed as this article has evolved over the years. The Wirecutter features senior staff writer and headphone expert Lauren Dragon (who writes audio reviews for Sound & Vision magazine and holds a degree in music performance and audio production from Ithaca College) and writer Daniel Varghese.

These speakers are for those lucky enough to have their own outdoor space (a small patio or a full backyard) and want to listen to music or podcasts. The speakers are weather resistant, so in most cases you can mount them outdoors for years without worrying about them becoming inoperable due to water damage. (It can survive inclement weather, such as a hurricane, and some models are waterproof under certain conditions.) The speaker has a metal grill and a fairly sturdy plastic casing. So they will usually survive the impact of a bad volley and make it difficult or impossible for bugs to nest inside. Most of them are powered off a separate amp, so you don’t need to plug them in or recharge them, but you do need to plug in speaker wires.

Few outdoor speakers are as good as a good bookshelf speaker designed for indoor use. The plastic casing of outdoor speakers tends to vibrate and create a shrill sound, while the perforated metal grills tend to block or reflect some of the sound waves from the speaker drivers. I don’t think the manufacturers put as much effort into these designs as they do for indoor models, knowing that outdoor speakers can’t stand up to the rigors of testing.

Yamaha Ns Aw194 Black Outdoor Speakers

Because of the need to run speaker cables from the amplifier to the speakers, setting up a traditional passive (non-amplified) pair of outdoor speakers requires more skill and effort than placing a portable Bluetooth speaker on a patio table. If you have a few unused amplifier channels, you can turn off the speakers on your old home theater receiver. Most stereo receivers have a “Speaker A/B” button that lets you route the sound to a second set of speakers or use a cheap speaker switcher. You can also use inexpensive stereo mini amps from brands such as:

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