Xtrememac Soma 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Xtrememac Soma 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Xtrememac Soma 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Xtrememac Soma 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Xtrememac Soma 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Is the TDK A 360 Bluetooth Wireless Sound Cube Portable Speaker in Black available and ready to ship in?

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Xtrememac Soma 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Xtrememac Soma 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

TDK Life on Record, a leading global brand with a superior audio heritage, is dedicated to personalizing and enhancing the ever-evolving digital lifestyle of audiophiles. TDK Life on Record audio products are carefully designed to focus on performance, combining clean, elegant design with the precision and flexibility of the latest technology. This world-class line of premium audio products delivers warm, authentic and high-quality entertainment. The TDK Life on Record logo is a trademark owned by TDK Corporation and exclusively licensed to Imation Corp. , a leading global developer and marketer of brands that empower people to capture, store and enjoy digital information. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Unlike the A73 Boombox, the whole concept of the A360 Wireless 360 Speaker is not about power, but about everything that makes a portable wireless speaker, including sound quality, design, size and weight. However, this does not mean that the A360 output lags in terms of sound. Sure, it’s not as powerful as the bigger A73 boombox (with dual 13cm passive radiators, two 5cm full-range speakers and a 13cm subwoofer), but it still has four 2.5cm full-range drivers (2W each), around the chassis. is kept and a ported 10 cm (15 W) subwoofer. But that’s not all, so the A360 is also splash-proof (IPX3 rated according to the international standard IEC 60529, a feature the larger A73 boombox doesn’t have) and can also be used to charge mobile devices on the back. via USB port. So on paper, this portable wireless speaker seems like a champion of its kind, but is it really?

Xtrememac Soma 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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As you can see, the box the A360 comes in is a bit small. However, it comes with a good image of the product on the front panel along with its key features listed ahead.

TDK placed the speaker between two thick cardboard spacers and the rest of the kit inside a small cardboard box.

Xtrememac Soma 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Like the A73 Boombox, the A360 Wireless 360 Speaker is also very rich. To be precise, apart from the A360, you can also get a wall charger with 4 different power tips (universal), a user manual in three different languages, a paper with Bluetooth connection instructions, warranty and warning letters in two languages. And a yellow paper. Directs you to the TDK website to register the product and participate in their promotional discounts.

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The A360 Wireless 360 comes in matte black and is quite compact at 180mm high, 152mm wide and 151mm long and weighs just 1937g.

Xtrememac Soma 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

To show just how big the A360 is compared to other wireless speakers, we put it next to two more compact solutions.

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A gold-colored plastic knob controls the A360’s volume level (it also has LEDs around it, as you’ll see later).

Xtrememac Soma 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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The sound source and treble/bass can be adjusted using the two small gold buttons on the front (the volume knob is also used to adjust the treble/bass level).

On the left side of the A360 is a small mound that is supposed to be a rechargeable battery (meaning you can replace it when it eventually dies).

Xtrememac Soma 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Moving to the back, we see that it draws much less attention than the front, which is actually expected.

Tdk A360 Bluetooth Wireless Sound Cube Portable Speaker

Here we see the 10cm subwoofer port and the rubber cover (the rubber cover must be closed as shown above to make the unit splash proof).

Xtrememac Soma 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Opening the rubber cover reveals the AC power port, USB charging port (for portable devices), 3.5mm mini-jack (AUX) input, and an on/off switch.

A nice handle on the top makes the A360 very easy to transport, and as you can see, it also has the company logo printed on it.

Xtrememac Soma 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Here you can see the A360 in action (the volume LEDs turn on every time you adjust the level).

When TDK asked us a while ago if we wanted to test their upcoming A360 Wireless 360 speaker, I was a little skeptical at first because it’s half the size of the A73 boombox, so I expected a lot in terms of volume. was not Now I’m glad we asked them to send it over because even though it’s not really as powerful as the A73 boombox, it’s more powerful than anything we’ve used to date (except the A73) and looks great at the same time. comes And is quite comprehensive. Now four 2.5cm full range drivers can already produce very clean mids/trebles, but I think if TDK used 5cm drivers, not only would they produce a more powerful portable speaker, but the size would hardly increase. will need Still, they work like a charm and create a good surround sound experience, especially if supported by a connected device (just remember to leave some space between the back of the speaker and the wall, e.g. , otherwise the result cannot be improved. ). On the other hand, the 10cm subwoofer proved to be more than enough for the A360 as it offers plenty of deep and warm bass. Regardless, I have to be honest, and this is why the A73 boombox will always be our first choice when we need power over portability (until TDK made

Xtrememac Soma 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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