Xtrememac Soma 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Black

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We all love music and TDK Life on Record has released a compelling Bluetooth speaker with high quality sound for an attractive price with their TREK 360 that blows other speakers out of the water. I am constantly the one who listens to music. I just picked up a pair of Sennheiser HD598s and a pair of Audio Technica ATH M50x as I try to transition from my everyday pair of $50 headphones to a more audiophile type environment so this review TREK 360 arrives in perfect time

Xtrememac Soma 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Black

Xtrememac Soma 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Black

When you look at the TREK 360 for the first time, I think what stands out the most is the refined style. With an all-black body and grille with a silver volume knob and dual silver speakers, as well as a black handle on top, there’s not much that stands out from the TREK 360. Some speakers speakers will add crazy colors and lighting. get your party started, the TREK 360 focuses on function rather than fashion.

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Nothing is exaggerated here. The TREK 360 chose a black body with no other body color options. The two silver buttons are flanked by blue LED lights that indicate whether you’re connected via Bluetooth or the aux port and whether you’re controlling treble or bass. The large silver knob to the left of the face is surrounded by a series of LEDs that give you a visual representation of when you’re turning up the volume on the speaker and how loud the treble and bass are as you adjust them.

Xtrememac Soma 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Black

The top handle isn’t the prettiest thing in the world, but TDK Life on Record has done a pretty good job of making it as minimal as possible without taking a hit to build quality. The handle is a necessity because even though the cube isn’t huge, there’s nowhere to really grab the speaker when you’re on the go. The speaker is wrapped in a hard black grille which looks excellent. When you get to the back, you’re greeted by a hole for the port subwoofer and a black rubber cap that covers the ports for the power button, auxiliary port, USB port (more on this more later) and the CC port.

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The TREK 360 sports 4 speakers in an omnidirectional design, so sitting at the center of a party or living room, it will deliver rich quality to every corner of the room. The sound range on this thing is great. Not only do we consider the sound to be loud enough to fill multiple rooms, but the sound quality is superb. I’ve definitely heard sounds in the same songs I’ve been listening to for years that I’ve never heard before due to using poor quality speakers and headphones.

Xtrememac Soma 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Black

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I will say it’s not the most powerful speaker I’ve ever come across, but I wish they didn’t sacrifice sound quality at high volumes just to turn up the volume. It will certainly be loud enough to be the main source of music in an environment such as a family reunion or a birthday party, but you may need to rethink your strategy if you are attending something like a block party where it is outdoors with many people. . I plan to make this our main speaker this summer when we go to the beach for our small group of friends and family since we will be in a small outdoor space.

One feature of the TREK 360 that many speakers really lack is the ability to adjust bass and treble on the device itself. It honestly makes a huge difference. If you’re using an Android phone, you may experience issues with equalizing your phone through third-party apps and hacking, but if you’re using an iPhone, I think you’re out of luck here system-wise. .

Xtrememac Soma 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Black

TDK Life on Record really tried to post the whole package here. We have a speaker under $200 that produces great sound quality, has great build quality, and is IPX3 rated for splash protection. Although it’s not a perfect speaker, it comes close. There is no indicator of how much battery is left, it does not include a mic so when someone calls you have to use your phone instead of using the speakerphone, it’s a bit heavy at 5.7 LBS and we’d like to see a remote included but those are all minor inconveniences.

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Amazon.com: Tdk A360 Bluetooth Wireless Sound Cube Portable Speaker

I love using this speaker when working around my house. Not only does it get loud enough that I can hear it from other rooms, but the Bluetooth range is also excellent despite several thick walls in my house. Some users reported that the speaker dropped the Bluetooth connection a few times, but in my 20-30 hours of using the TDK Life on Record TREK 360, I never had this issue.

Xtrememac Soma 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Black

Battery life is another plus point here. I get between 6 and 8 hours on a charge which is good considering the high audio quality and bass the TREK 360 puts out. That doesn’t include the time to charge my phone on the USB port at the back of the speaker. This can reduce your battery life. You can get better battery life from other speakers, but hardly any come close to the sound quality you’ll get here in a small package.

The TDK Life on Record TREK 360 is a great all-around speaker and I would definitely recommend it.

Xtrememac Soma 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Black

Tdk Life On Record Bluetooth Wireless Charging Speaker (black): Amazon.co.uk: Electronics & Photo

I love technology, Arsenal FC, Ohio State Buckeyes and Kentucky Wildcats. I’m obsessed with phones and I talk about it. You can find me on reddit, my username is mattsatwork. My opinions are mine! Portable devices have become part of our daily lives and whether in the form of smartphones, portable speakers, media players, tablets, laptops and even coffee makers, we simply cannot go back to back. However, even though the current trend is to downsize almost everything related to electronics, I’m happy to say that there are certain areas of the industry where this is not the case and what better example than the high- rather massive A73 Boombox wireless speaker from TDK. that we had the chance to test some time ago? Well, it seems the very successful path that TDK has taken over the last few years in terms of its portable speaker line is not something to be taken lightly, but since the Boomboxline hasn’t really been the most “portable” on the market this time. have taken it a step further by introducing the all-new A360 Wireless 360 speaker and we’re among the first to get our hands on it.

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TDK Life on Record, a leading global brand with a rich audio heritage, is dedicated to personalizing and enhancing the ever-changing digital music lifestyles of audiophiles. TDK Life on Record audio products are carefully crafted with a focus on performance, marrying clean, striking design with the precision and flexibility of modern technology. This line of world-class premium audio products delivers a warm, authentic, high-fidelity entertainment experience. The TDK Life on Record logo is a registered trademark owned by TDK Corporation and is exclusively licensed to Imation Corp., a global developer and distributor of marks that enable people to capture, save and enjoy digital information. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Xtrememac Soma 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Black

Unlike the A73 Boombox, the whole concept behind the A360 Wireless 360 speaker is not about power, but about everything that makes a portable wireless speaker, including audio quality, design, size and the weight. However, that doesn’t mean the A360 backs down in terms of audio output levels. Admittedly, it’s not as powerful as the much larger Boombox A73 (with its two 13cm passive radiators, two 5cm full-range speakers and a 13cm subwoofer), but it still packs four 2.5cm full-range speakers (2W each). around the chassis and a portable 10cm (15W) subwoofer. That’s not all though and that’s why the A360 is also splash proof (IPX3 rating under international standard IEC 60529, a feature not shared by the larger Boombox A73) and can also be used to charge your device. mobile via the rear USB port. So on paper this portable wireless speaker seems like a champion of its kind, but is it really?

Amazon.com: Tdk A360 Cubo De Sonido Inalámbrico Altavoz Portátil Bluetooth, Color Negro

As you can see, the box the A360 arrived in is quite small. It still comes with a nice image of the product on the front along with its main features listed right next to it.

Xtrememac Soma 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Black

TDK placed the speaker between two thick cardboard spacers and the rest of the package inside a small cardboard box.

Just like in the case of the A73 Boombox, the package of the A360 Wireless 360 speaker is also very rich. To be more specific, apart from the A360 itself, you also get a wall charger with 4 different wattages

Xtrememac Soma 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Black

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