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WiSA, the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association comprised of more than 60 leading consumer electronics brands and founded by SummitWireless Technologies, announced that it has certified Savant’s Smart Audio family of entertainment products. Now available, WiSA’s premium certified product lineup includes a high-performance powered 55-inch 3-channel L/C/R soundbar, optional Smart Audio wireless powered surround speakers, and a Smart Audio Nano 1X subwoofer.

Wisa Speakers Sonos

Wisa Speakers Sonos

WiSA, the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association founded by Summit Wireless Technologies and representing more than 60 leading consumer electronics brands, announced that it has certified Savant’s Smart Audio family of entertainment products. Now available, WiSA’s premium certified product lineup includes a high-performance powered 55-inch 3-channel L/C/R soundbar, optional Smart Audio wireless powered surround speakers, and a Smart Audio Nano 1X subwoofer.

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Savant is a recognized leader in home control and automation and one of the fastest growing smart home companies in the premium and mid-market. The company’s WiSA-certified smart audio CDs use WiSA technology that easily expands into a complete surround sound system by adding WiSA-certified subwoofers and surrounds, while providing connectivity, control, wireless capabilities and sound quality. offers an unparalleled combination.

“Savant provides cutting-edge solutions for consumers who demand the best in connected home entertainment experiences,” said WiSA President Tony Ostrom. “We are very excited to add this family of premium, smart products to WiSA’s rapidly expanding list of certified components and take the wireless home audio category in new and exciting directions.”

WiSA’s extensive wireless platform transmits high-definition 24-bit digital audio at 48kHz/96kHz with less than 1/10 the latency of Bluetooth audio devices, perfectly synchronizing movie soundtracks and music content. WiSA’s precision wireless protocol ensures that all speakers in the system are synchronized within 1/1,000,000 of a second, even when using all eight channels. WiSA automatically recognizes audio channel configurations from 2.0 to 7.1 and even 5.1.2.

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Savant Vice President and Product Evangelist George Katsiris said: “These products provide the foundation for a seamless wireless solution that delivers a breakthrough audio experience.”

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WiSA-certified components work seamlessly to deliver true wireless multi-channel audio and cinema sound, putting listeners at the center of movies, videos, music, sports, games/sports and more. As a result, consumers can expect an audiophile experience, but unlike traditional audio systems, even large 5.1 and 7.1 systems are easy to set up and take just minutes. One thing I can say for sure is that the soundbar’s audio improved surprisingly quickly. (I’m looking at you, Sennheiser AMBEO, you’re the mother of all bars).

Technology has driven these waves of improvements. Add exciting drivers to create Dolby Atmos effects, connect multiple drivers to create a wider soundstage using psychoacoustic tricks, or use wireless technology to send sound to your rear speakers for true surround sound. Now we’ve reached the point where we don’t need to “fit” our soundbars

Surround systems do this because you want more than even the best soundbars can offer. And you probably want full SPL output for cinema-sized sound.

Wisa Speakers Sonos

It provides a home theater system, but either doesn’t require (or physically can’t have) all the necessary cables, or it can be disabled due to the complications associated with traditional surround systems.

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The Enclave has been on my review radar even before I met the company at this year’s CES. What put them on my radar was the price of this WiSA certified system. Much lower than I know. Fully equipped for under $1,600, it rivals most premium soundbar offerings and can’t match Sonos’ 5.1-channel solutions.

WiSA, short for Wireless Speaker & Audio, is a combined hardware and software technology supported by more than 60 manufacturers over the years. WiSA’s big trick is that it greatly simplifies both system setup and operation, replacing complex AV receivers with simple hubs using 24-bit/48-96kHz wireless technology to transmit up to 8 channels of audio. Separately powered speakers with almost zero delay. . (It syncs within 1/1,000,000th of a second if you want to stick around.)

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Literally just connect the speakers to the power supply, the source to the hub…and that’s it. I have created a surround system.

I don’t use the term “soundbar killer” lightly, but my first thought was the Enclave CineHome PRO system

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The system arrived in a sturdy box, and when I brought the 66-pound beast home, I realized I wasn’t dealing with a small rig. When you open the box, you are greeted by two small boxes labeled “A” and “B”. “A” includes all speaker power cords, instruction manuals and even white gloves, while “B” holds the Enclave CineHub along with power and HDMI cables to provide a literal white glove I-can-do : .

However, the installation guide tells us to leave these boxes alone for now. Instead, you’re tasked with, with or without white gloves, opening the speakers and subwoofers and placing them in their correct locations. Each speaker is clearly labeled “Front Left” on the back for easy placement.

The speakers have a glossy charcoal black finish with titanium accents on top and a metal grille to protect and hide the drivers. The speakers have a fair amount of weight to them, which speaks to the build quality, as the front channels have a dual port (top and bottom) design and the surrounds have a single port.

Wisa Speakers Sonos

Two things about these speakers are that they are not small and have a small footprint. Each speaker has a keyhole and threaded insert for wall mounting. This is definitely the preferred solution. But the trick is to deal with the power cable for each speaker. Something I haven’t really found an elegant solution for. (The Enclave says, “Current customers with wall-mounted systems use cord covers,” but I don’t think that’s the first choice for most customers.) Sonos speakers are here, too. works:

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I placed the speaker on a traditional stand. However, because it is tall and has a small bottom, it was a little unstable and I kept yelling at my girls to “don’t hit the speaker”. afraid of them falling. Enclave plans to introduce a tabletop stand in the second quarter. This is a welcome addition.

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The CineHub is the size of a small book and includes HDMI eARC, Toslink optical digital and 3.5mm stereo analog connections. It also includes Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless streaming.

The Enclave’s preferred connection is HDMI, which uses ARC and CEC to control system commands such as volume.

Works with most modern displays so ARC is not possible or desired. Aside from the ARC and CEC quirks, the 9G Pioneer Elite Plasma in my test room has no ARC connection. So I used a Toslink optical connection, which worked fine, but it meant there was no way to adjust the volume other than constantly pulling the phone out and opening the Enclave app.

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The Enclave offers an optional IR remote that can be used to control the CineHub (or teach instructions to a third-party control system), but it’s a shame the remote isn’t included. It’s also a bit of an oversight that you can’t. say the hub’s voice commands from your cable or TV remote as you can .

Enclave says it is considering a firmware update that will allow customers to control audio volume via CEC, even if the audio source is optical audio. – Ed.

Once the hub is installed and powered on, it will automatically scan and add all speakers. In my case this worked as advertised. You can then use the Enclave Remote app to customize the sound in your room. For example, you can set the distance of all speakers from 0 to 10 feet, or set the channel level from –6 to +6 dB in 0.5 dB steps. You can also tap any speaker in your system to play white noise for testing and level calibration.

Wisa Speakers Sonos

In addition to source connection and volume control, this app also lets you turn off the Dolby Pro Logic upmixer (for 2.1 channel listening), movie or music mode, and turn the hall room stereo on and off. Also used

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The Enlcave CineHome PRO system is THX certified as an integrated system. Essentially, this is through “hundreds of different scientifically formulated tests in acoustic chambers to ensure that the speaker response is uniform in any listening position and that the system is efficient enough. means “past”

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