Wisa Soundsend Buy

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Consumer electronics consortium Wireless Speakers and Audio Association (WiSA) has announced that SoundSend, the consortium’s first branded product, will be available for purchase at an MSRP of $179. This means that consumer electronics brands can now offer a wireless multi-channel surround sound 5.1 system with SoundSend or in conjunction with premium audio speakers or TVs. The new “Hockey Puck” is a truly strategic product. This is a huge commitment to promote the technology and actually adopt WiSA.

Wisa Soundsend Buy

Wisa Soundsend Buy

The new SoundSend audio transmitter allows WiSA-certified speakers to connect directly to your smart TV, making them the central device that controls your entire home theater media system. Reaching up to eight channels of high-quality 24-bit/96kHz wireless audio, SoundSend is a Union first and offers advanced tuning features such as My Zone, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital+ and Dolby TrueHD decoding , to create the perfect sweet spot. and Dolby Atmos.

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Wisa Soundsend Streams High Res Audio To Wireless Speakers

Due to the high demand expected during the initial launch, WiSA partners are receiving the first shipments of products in early December before they are available for purchase through Amazon, Newegg and other online retailers. Consumers can expect Platinum Audio to be the first WiSA member to offer a wireless audio system with SoundSend via the THX Monaco 5.1 Immersive Wireless home audio system.

“SoundSend opens up a vast new market for speaker manufacturers that offer low-cost, easy-to-configure smart surround sound solutions,” said WiSA President Tony Ostrom. “This small and efficient home theater transmitter no longer requires an A/V console, so now the huge market of SoundSend can create a great home theater experience through a simple connection to all smart TVs. In addition to WiSA, more than 60 members, a large and growing number of WiSA-certified homes number of cinema speaker solutions Premium audio brands such as Klipsch, Bang & Olufsen, Bouchard, Harman and System Audio can be sold with SoundSend soft packages, giving consumers high definition audio. a simple two-step connection experience.”

The SoundSend HDMI Audio Transmitter enables true wireless multi-channel audio to any ARC/eARC-enabled smart TV in minutes without the need for Wi-Fi, and automatically streams high-definition audio to WiSA-certified audio speakers for an immersive cinema experience . home

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SoundSend distributes and distributes WiSA to ensure extensive worldwide distribution to all WiSA members selling loudspeakers. This innovative solution ensures compatibility with many of the world’s leading audio brands and demonstrates WiSA’s commitment to the global standard for wireless, high-definition, multi-channel audio.

Buy Platin Monaco 5.1 Wireless Home Theater System For Smart Tvs

The alliance is dedicated to creating compatibility standards used by leading brands and manufacturers to deliver great sound on smart devices. WiSA-certified components from any brand membership can be integrated to dramatically improve the performance of movies, videos, music, sports, gaming/sports, and more. WiSA combines robust, high-resolution, multi-channel, low-latency surround sound with a simple soundbar setup. OEM development support is provided by Summit Wireless Technologies. Today’s movies, shows, sports and games have incredible multi-channel, high-definition sound. With WiSA SoundSend, a wireless audio transmitter, you won’t miss a single one.

SoundSend decodes the audio signal from your smart TV and streams up to eight channels of uncompressed 24-bit 48/96kHz audio to WiSA-certified speakers. Enjoy rich, robust sound with clearer dialogue than Bluetooth, MP3 and CD formats.

Plug SoundSend into a power outlet and connect to your smart TV. Everything. SoundSend does the rest by automatically connecting to WiSA-certified speakers and creating a secure wireless network for your sound system. Adjust the volume using your TV remote or the SoundSend app (iOS and Android). Do you want to fine tune your system? The app makes it easy.

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Wisa Soundsend Buy

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Monaco 5.1 With Wisa Soundsend

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Hands On With A Wisa Wireless 5.1 Home Theater System

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