Wireworld Mini Eclipse 7 Speaker Cable Review

Wireworld Mini Eclipse 7 Speaker Cable Review – Wireworld Eclipse 7 speaker cables are manufactured using the highest quality materials and design with the aim of reducing signal loss to achieve sonic purity. These are great cables designed for audiophiles looking to bring out the best in their fidelity systems.

With a diameter of around 20 mm, the Wireworld Eclipse 7 speaker cables are solidly built and fit what audiophiles often describe as a variety of hose speaker cables. The conductors are made from the best copper and are placed in the patented Octo DNA Helix design, which is expected to reduce power loss. The cables considered here are 2.5 meters long with a biwire banana-to-banana specification. With an MSRP of $150 for the pair, it’s not cheap, but in the world of high-end audio, they’re not at the top of the price range. Read on to find out if they can deliver the perfect sonic boost to your personal stereo system.

Wireworld Mini Eclipse 7 Speaker Cable Review

Wireworld Mini Eclipse 7 Speaker Cable Review

The importance of audio cables in getting the best sonic performance out of your sound system is often a debated topic among audiophiles or audio enthusiasts. People’s opinions often differ on this matter; You are in the camp that believes that strings make a difference or in the other camp that believes that all strings will produce the same results. The differences between the strings are measured, but physics aside, the important thing is that these differences translate into audible stimuli. And because this involves the understanding of listening, which can vary from person to person, there is no direct answer to this simple question.

Wireworld Mini Eclipse 8 (meb) Bi Wire Speaker Cable By Meter Price

When I look back on my audio journey, I see my perspective on cables change as I gather more experience with different cables over time. At the beginning of my journey in this hobby, I could not keep the various threads that connect things in my system. I think a cable is just a cable, and as long as they do their job of transferring the required electrical signal from one component to another, they should be fine. At that time, I was using a lot of good “budget” cables, and my opinion was shaped by the invisible-sonic difference from these cables. In retrospect, the result may have been because the parts in my system at the time were not good enough to pick up the sonic difference. So, for many years and many improvements / changes, my opinion on the cable remained the same until I had the opportunity to try the high-end cables in the higher price category.

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Wireworld Mini Eclipse 7 Speaker Cable Review

This was an eye-opening experience for me as I could see better sound, more open vocals, and better bass response from my system. The experience made me rethink my previous views on ropes and made me try different ropes. I noticed that some made a sonic difference while others did not. Of course, I’m starting to believe that cables can affect the sound of a system. I’m starting to appreciate the fact that many companies that make high quality audio/video cables base their cable design on electro-magnetic principles of physics with a focus on maintaining signal clarity and reducing internal/external interference.

The scientific principles used to justify the various designs out there can sometimes be vague, but some have recorded measurable electrical properties, and some have been granted patents. But still the real issue is that measurable differences in cable signal transmission can translate into better sound quality in one’s system. As the topic of this review revolves around, perhaps a question worth clarifying for readers is: where do I stand on the ropes in my hobby journey? Here is my answer: I accept the fact that cables can contribute to the sonic quality of the security system, however the value of their contribution depends on the system and, more importantly, it may not always correspond to the quality of the scale either. that price is not. The latter may be unique due to human differences in the importance of sonic booms.

Wireworld Mini Eclipse 7 Speaker Cable Review

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In this review, I will describe my findings on the Eclipse 7 speaker cables by Wireworld, one of the most successful high-end cable brands that have been around for over three decades. David Salz, founder, president, and cable manufacturer of Wireworld Cable Technologies, explains that his design strategy is to reduce cable loss to reach the standard of direct connection. The Eclipse 7 is the fourth from Wireworld’s top-of-the-line speaker cables and carries an MSRP of $155 for the 2.5-m model, review here. For the price of tea, they are at the top of the range. Of course, the question on everyone’s mind is whether they are so good, worth their price. I have to admit, that this is not an easy question to answer, especially because I think cables are more system dependent than any other audio component. Therefore, I will mainly explain how these threads work in my system in hopes of giving readers some idea of ​​the potential improvements these threads can bring to their systems.

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Wireworld Eclipse 7 speaker cables are well placed in a box made of semi-rigid skirt, which can help to store or transport the cables. When I opened the case, I was immediately surprised by the size and weight of the cables, although I knew from the published specifications that these were heavy cables (10 AWG for each polarity). The diameter of these cables is about 20 mm, larger than the standard AWG speaker cables 10. They are not only big and heavy, they also have an amazing shape. Although the appearance does not mean much to the cables because they are usually placed under the back of the speakers or the shutters, I like the look of the Eclipse 7 cables, which connect the red / black speaker port with a metal-copper PVC jacket.

Wireworld Mini Eclipse 7 Speaker Cable Review

It’s clear that Wireworld doesn’t skimp on the materials used to make its cables. This is reflected in the Eclipse 7 line, which is built using high-quality materials inside. The Eclipse 7 speaker cable consists of eight flat cables covered with 12 high-quality Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) copper conductors each, twisted together in a DNA Helix pattern (the so-called Octo DNA Helix design). The DNA Helix geometry is a patented Wireworld design that allows flexible cables to be spaced around the entire conductor.

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Composite Insulation Composilex 2, which according to Wireworld reduces noise more than conventional materials, is used to insulate the conductors. The main purpose of this design is to reduce the loss of energy, which can change the sound and reduce the definition. Because this Octo DNA Helix system requires good space, it is understandable that the Eclipse 7 has a larger diameter than standard 10 AWG speaker cable.

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Wireworld Mini Eclipse 7 Speaker Cable Review

Each Eclipse 7 speaker cable has a bullet termination at each end, which is approximately 40 mm wide. Both ends of the cable come out of the bullet with red and black pockets. The cables come with the Wireworld Uni-Term termination system, which makes it easy to interchange banana and spade joints by simply installing “screwable” end joints. The inspection cable came with banana connectors on both ends as per my request. These are high quality silver joints that fit well into standard amplifier and speaker terminals. Overall, the strings feel very solid and show a good performance.

Because of its thickness, the Eclipse 7 is not as flexible as smaller diameter cables. This rope cannot handle sharp bends. Therefore, sufficient clearance needs to be provided behind your amplifier or speaker. Because of the Eclipse 7’s weight and flexibility, I found the cables to be best suited for use with speakers and channels close to the floor. When using speakers with long channels on the floor or with book shelves, I would recommend careful planning of the cable length to prevent the cables from getting tangled. These strings are easy to show, but not so easy to hide.

Wireworld Mini Eclipse 7 Speaker Cable Review

Wireworld Cable Technology Store

During testing, I used the Eclipse 7 cables to connect a combination of amplifiers and speakers that I know in a voluntary way, allowing me to get the sound contribution of the cables. Amplifiers used are: Bel Canto REF500S (stereo, 250 W per channel into 8 ohms), Bel Canto EVO200.4 (4 channels, 120 W per channel into 8 ohms), and Progress AMP3 (mono channels -3 channels, 150 W. per channel in 8 ohms). The speakers used in the review were both NHT Evolution T6 and B&W 702 S2 floor speakers. The equipment used was an AURALiC ALTAIR music player and a Bel Canto CD3t CD player with a DAC3.7 connected through a Krell KAV-280p preamplifier.

During serious listening, I was very impressed with the Eclipse 7’s cables and their precise internal definition.

Wireworld Mini Eclipse 7 Speaker Cable Review

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