Wireworld Eclipse 7 Speaker Cable

Wireworld Eclipse 7 Speaker Cable – The Wireworld Eclipse 7 cable uses high quality materials and a patented design to minimize signal loss for sonic performance. These are great cables for audiophiles who want to bring out the best in a high-fidelity system.

With a diameter of 20 mm, the Wireworld Eclipse 7 cable is well constructed and fits well into what audiophiles often refer to as multi-channel speaker cables. The cable conductors are made of pure copper and are designed in the Octo ADN Helix patent, which aims to reduce electronic losses. The cables considered here have a length of 2.5 m and a standard non-conductive core connection. With an MSRP of $1550 for the twins, they’re not cheap, but in the world of high-end audio, they’re not at the extreme end of the spectrum. Read on to find out if they can make the right sonics for your high fidelity.

Wireworld Eclipse 7 Speaker Cable

Wireworld Eclipse 7 Speaker Cable

The size of audio cables to obtain the best sonic performance in your audio system is often a hotly debated topic among audiophiles or audiophiles. The opinions of the people on this matter often vary; whether you are in the camp that believes wires make a difference or in the other camp that believes all wires will produce the same effect. There should be a difference between the threads, but leaving aside the physical, what is the matter or the difference turns into a sonic sense. And since it includes hearing, which can vary from person to person, there is no clear answer to this seemingly simple question.

Wireworld Silver Eclipse 8 Biwired Speaker Cable

When I look back on my audio journey, I can see the evolution of my experience with different cables over time. At the beginning of my journey into this hobby, I could care less about the various cables that connect to the components in my system. I thought they were just loose cables, and as long as they do their job of necessarily sending electrical signals from one side to another, they should be fine. At that time, I used a lot of good “provision” cables, and my opinion was formed on the separation and sound-fication of these cables. In retrospect, the result was that the parts of my system were not sharp enough at the time to pick up the sonic differences. So, over the years and many upgrades/changes, my opinion on the cable remained the same until I had a chance to try a much more expensive high end cable.

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Wireworld Eclipse 7 Speaker Cable

It was an eye opener for me, so I could see the sound more clearly, more openly, and better in the rock system. The experience made me reconsider my original view of the piles, and try different piles. I have noticed that some make a noticeable difference in sound while others don’t. It’s true, however, that I’m beginning to believe that rudiments can change the sound output from the system. I have noticed that many companies specialize in providing quality audio/video cables from designs based on the principles of electronic magnetic physics with a particular focus on maintaining signal purity and reducing internal/external signals.

The scientific techniques used to design cables can sometimes be strange, but some electrical specifications are registered and some are patented. But again, the real crux of the matter is whether the difference that can be measured in the signal distribution cables can be translated into sonic sound in the human system. Since the subject of this review is cabling, perhaps the reader has a related question: where do I stop on the cables in my audio-love journey? Here is my answer: I agree that cables can contribute to increasing the quality of a high-fidelity system, although the importance of their contribution depends on the system and, more importantly, cannot always be related to the measured parameters or the price. This may be subjective due to different perceptions of the value of the program.

Wireworld Eclipse 7 Speaker Cable

Wireworld Eclipse 7 Speaker Cables, 3m Pair $200 Price Drop For Very Good Cables.

In this review, we will describe the findings of the Eclipse 7 cables from Wireworld, one of the best high-end cable manufacturers for three decades. David Salz, Founder, President and Cable Networker of Wireworld Cable Technology, said his design philosophy is to reduce the sensible loss of the cable to access the standard direct connection. The Eclipse 7 is the fourth from Wiremund’s top speaker line and has an MSRP of $1,550 for 2.5 m, listed here. With the price point, they are actually falling on the high end of the category. Of course, the question on everyone’s mind is whether it’s really worth it. I admit, this is not an easy question to answer, especially since I think the cables are more important than the other parts of the audio system. So I will explain in detail how these tools work in my system in hopes of giving readers an idea of ​​the potential improvements these tools can bring to their systems.

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The Wireworld Eclipses 7 cable is neatly packed in a medium hard shell case, which can be useful for storing or transporting the cable. When I opened the case, I was immediately surprised by the size and weight of the wire, although I knew from the publisher’s description that these were heavy gauge wire (10 AWG per strand). The diameter of this wire is 20 mm, larger than the standard 10 AWG wire. Not only large, but also heavy, it has an excellent appearance. Although the appearance of the cables may not play an important role, because they are often inconspicuously placed on the back of the speakers or speakers, I like the elegant appearance of the Eclipse 7 cables, which is combined with a black-coded red copper accent. PVC jacket.

Wireworld Eclipse 7 Speaker Cable

It is clear that Wireworld is not skilful in materials such as cables. This is evident through the 7 Eclipse cables, which are built using superior internal materials. The Eclipse 7 cable consists of eight open coils with 12 full Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) copper cables connected to each in a DNA Helix pattern (called the Eight DNA Helix design). DNA Helix geometry is Wiremund’s patented design that helps simple wires to be close and look good.

Wireworld Eclipse 7 Speakers

The composite compound Composilex 2, according to Wireworld, reduces noise better than conventional materials used to block conductors. This general purpose is to reduce electromagnetic damage, which can color the sound and reduce clarity. Since this type of Octo DNA Helix requires a lot of space, the Eclipse 7 sensor has a larger diameter than standard 10 AWG wire.

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Wireworld Eclipse 7 Speaker Cable

Each Eclipse 7 speaker has a shell at each end, 40 mm wide, the two ends of the cable come out of the shell with a red and black jacket. The cables come with the Wireworld Uni-Term termination system, which makes it easy to change between a fixed and a spigot connector by inserting a “scrwable” connector. A reset cable with USB connectors at both ends comes with the application. It’s a beautiful silver-plate connector that fits perfectly with standard amplifiers and speakers. Overall, the straps feel solid and exhibit excellent craftsmanship.

Eclipse 7 due to its size is not as flexible as the cable diameter is small. The extreme bending of this wire cannot be accommodated. So it fits quite conveniently behind your amplifier or speaker. Because of the Eclipse 7’s weight and lack of flexibility, I found the cables easier to use with speakers that are located closer to the floor. For the use of speakers that have a high connection to the floor or with bookshelves above the chandelier, I recommend carefully planning the length of the cables so that the cables do not hang out of line. Threads are easy to show, but not easy to hide.

Wireworld Eclipse 7 Speaker Cable

Wireworld Eclipse 8 Speaker Cables; 2m Pair

In the review of the Eclipse 7 cable I used to connect several amplifiers and speakers that I know well with my son, which allowed me to determine the logical function of the cable. Amplifiers used: Bel Canto REF500S (stereo, 250 W per channel into 8 ohms), Bel Canto EVO200.4 (4 channels, 120 W per channel into 8 ohms), and Continue on AMP3 (LED III, 150 W per channel) into 8 ohms). The speakers used in the review were the NHT Evolution T6 and B&W 702 S2 floor speakers. The source used was an AURALiC ALTAIR music player with a Bel Canto CD3t and a DAC3.7 mixer preamplified by a Krell KAV-280p.

During critical listening sessions, the Eclipse 7 cables impressed me greatly with their responsiveness and performance

Wireworld Eclipse 7 Speaker Cable

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