Wireworld Eclipse 6 Speaker Cable

Wireworld Eclipse 6 Speaker Cable – Wireworld Gold Starlight 6 Digital Interconnects, Eclipse 6 Interconnects, Platinum Eclipse 6 Interconnects, and Eclipse 6 Speaker Cables

Wireworld makes A/V cables at several price points, some of which are quite expensive. At CES 2011, I spoke with David Salz about his designs and was intrigued to ask for some review through his discussion of the physics involved in cable design. What I found were cables that showed some of the best bench test results I’ve ever seen on A/V cables. Needless to say, I was very happy. They are expensive, but when you love quality, life is a joke.

Wireworld Eclipse 6 Speaker Cable

Wireworld Eclipse 6 Speaker Cable

Models shipped include Gold Starlite 6 Digital (RCA) Interconnect (75 ohms, 1 meter long, $499.95/each), Eclipse 6 (RCA) Interconnect (1 meter long, $449.95/pair), Platinum Eclipse 6 (RCA)). . ) interconnect (1 meter long, $2,999.95/pair), and Eclipse 6 speaker cables (8 feet long, $1,349.95/pair).

Wireworld Platinum Eclipse Cables

Eclipse 6 speaker cables have 12 conductors (6 per leg) of Ohno Continuous Cast Copper, 4.6mm for a total of 10 gauge.

Wireworld Eclipse 6 Speaker Cable

Conductivity of the inner surface of each leg. HDPE is a dielectric (high density poly-ethylene). Conductors are short strips placed side by side along the + and – legs as shown in the figure below. Wireworld calls it the Diagonal DNA Design™. By having the strips flat against each other, this minimizes electromagnetic field reactive impedance. Each strip consists of circular strands of wire placed side by side. Diagonal DNA Design™ is applied only to speaker cables and the interconnection technology is called DNA Helix™.

Platinum Eclipse Interconnects (shown in the photo at the beginning of this article) also use the DNA Helix™ conductor design, they are silver coated with OHNO continuous cast solid silver, Composilex™ dielectric and Silver Tube™ carbon RCA connectors. Oxygen free connection. Compsilex™ reduces some electrical noise. These are the wireworld’s top interconnects. They come in a metal box with a lock like a briefcase as well as a certificate of authenticity. Of course, this is part of the “presentation” that goes with such cables. However, the box would be useful for storing documents.

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Wireworld Eclipse 6 Speaker Cable

Wireworld Eclipse 7 Speaker Cables Preview

This photo shows the Gold Starlite 6 digital interconnect next to the Eclipse 6 interconnect. In addition to the slip-over tube label, you can distinguish digital coax by the single red stripe on the cable jacket.

I will not waste your time,”. . . It was as if a curtain had been lifted. . ” Nonsense. The changes made by the cables are very subtle, if and when they are changed. And they don’t always make a difference. It depends very significantly on the components you connect the cables to. When I actually heard a big difference when I switched from using heavy lamp cord to flat speaker cable. The difference was huge. It hit me in the face. That’s the beginning of my journey to publish this magazine.

Wireworld Eclipse 6 Speaker Cable

But comparing well-made cables to more well-made cables is debatable, sparking angry debates between those who willingly part with thousands of dollars for cables and naysayers who stubbornly believe that Such people have the sense to get their money’s worth. precious But, think about it this way: Are the conductors in your preamplifiers and power amplifiers the cheapest wires they can find, or are they carefully constructed and selected for their conductive properties? The wires you buy to run the signal between components are no less important than the wires inside the components. The lower the reactive impedance of those wires, the better. As you can see in the bench tests below, the Wireworld cables had very low feedback resistance.

Wireworld Platinum Eclipse 7 Speaker Cables Photo #2252784

The Wireworld cables did their job, but I couldn’t detect any audible difference between them and my reference cables. However, my reference cables are very good. On the other hand, Wireworld cables, particularly the Platinum Eclipse Interconnects and Eclipse 6 speaker cables, exhibited some of the lowest reactive impedance curves I’ve ever seen in a cable. So, from an electronics perspective, Wireworld cables are superior to my reference cables and some cost more than Wireworld. Even if someone thinks they can’t hear the difference between high quality cables, they do

Wireworld Eclipse 6 Speaker Cable

Make a difference (perhaps implicitly), because the reactance of a conductor adversely affects the signal,

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While I couldn’t hear the difference between the Wireworld and my other high-end cables, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to hear the difference, just remember a lower reactive impedance cable.

Wireworld Eclipse 6 Speaker Cable

Wireworld Ebi Eclipse 8 Balanced Interconnect Cable 2 Xlr Females To 2 Xlr Males 6 Meters

As it travels between sections, the signal degrades. If you’ve paid thousands for high-end players, pre-amps and power amps, it’s logical and sensible to pay attention to the quality of what you connect them to. In implicit expression, the mind can perceive things that we are not consciously aware of. It can be simple enough so that you can be comfortable for long listening periods.

First, the resistance/phase diagram for the Gold Starlight 6 digital interconnect. It has a very stable 0.2 ohm reactive resistance and + 20

Wireworld Eclipse 6 Speaker Cable

Below is the resistance/phase diagram for the Eclipse 6 interconnect. Compared to the digital interconnect, the Eclipse 6 has a lower feedback resistance (0.08 ohms), but almost the same electrical phase.

Wireworld Eclipse 6 2.5m Speaker Cables With Bananas Ends Photo #2399902

Next, the Platinum Eclipse 6 is interconnected. Their reactive impedance was almost non-existent, and the electrical phase was difficult to follow.

Wireworld Eclipse 6 Speaker Cable

And, the Eclipse 6 speaker cable. The feedback resistance was too low, the phase couldn’t be tracked properly, so it seemed to jump all over the place. In this case, if it can be seen, I believe it will start at about +120

Although no different in hearing loss than my more expensive reference cables, the Wireworld Cable Bench tested the best I’ve ever seen. For those concerned about high quality in your audio system, take note. You can listen to MP3 music on the rest of your iPod or something else.

Wireworld Eclipse 6 Speaker Cable

Wireworld Eclipse 6 Speaker Cables (2m) Terminated With Furutech Fp201r Spades

Vinyl: The Use of Digital Intermediates in LP Production and Whether or Not It’s a Problem – An Analysis of the Digital Recording Process

Focal unveils a new line of wall and ceiling products for ships and spaces in coastal and wet environments: Litora Eclipse 6 cable features unique flat design conductors made of Ono Continuous Cast Copper conductors (OCC). Equivalent sectional area of ​​a conventional 10-gauge round conductor.

Wireworld Eclipse 6 Speaker Cable

The Eclipse 6 cable features unique flat design conductors made from Ohno Continuous Cast Copper Conductors (OCC) that have the same cross-sectional area as a conventional 10-gauge round conductor. Each conductor is insulated with polyethylene to minimize capacitance and dielectric absorption for clean high frequencies while maintaining fidelity.

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Wireworld Eclipse 6 Speaker Cable

With the unique invention of the Octo DNA Helix design, Wireworld has created a more efficient channel for electromagnetic energy that preserves finer details resulting in higher fidelity.

Wireworld Eclipse 6 Speaker Cable

From the drop-down menu above, select the required cable length, ‘amplifier end’ and ‘speaker end’ plug type and click the ‘Add to Basket’ button to add the item to your basket. Your cable will be manufactured by Future Shop or the manufacturer’s engineers and shipped as soon as it completes the specified baking process (if any) subject to Future Shop’s terms and conditions and stock availability.

Wireworld is a leading supplier of leading digital and analog cable technology for home audio and video, from HDMI and USB audio to the latest high-end interconnects and speaker cables. Wireworld earned its world-class reputation by manufacturing superior cables based on objective hands-on testing, innovative patented designs, premium materials and unmatched product quality.

Wireworld Eclipse 6 Speaker Cable

Wireworld Eclipse 6 [sold]

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Wireworld Eclipse 6 Speaker Cable

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Wireworld Eclipse 8 (ecs)

Please note, special orders for non-standard cable lengths or custom-made cables may be subject to longer delivery timescales. This may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Wireworld Eclipse 6 Speaker Cable

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