Wireless Speaker System

Wireless Speaker System – Perfect for streaming audio to a remote speaker. All wireless speaker systems are the new G4 (fourth generation) from Sennheiser. Includes all necessary cables for XLR connection.

We believe our wireless speaker systems offer the highest quality, most versatile and most portable solution for streaming audio from one speaker (or mixer) to a remote speaker or speakers. Our systems don’t work just once. They don’t just work in a backyard YouTube video. They deliver solid professional performance every time you use them. No other option comes close.

Wireless Speaker System

Wireless Speaker System

Be sure to read our detailed blog on wireless speaker system technology and methods, where we compare many methods of wireless speaker systems, including the Alto Stealth Wireless System vs. Sennheiser, as well as using Shure, Audio-Technica, Phonic and in-ear monitoring (IEM) systems. There are significant differences from one system to another.

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Technical Pro Bluetooth Powered Speaker System With Wireless Microphone

1) We start with a quality product. Our Sennheiser systems are the same type of systems used by videographers and remote TV broadcasters. These are not $200 systems. Trust us when we tell you that cheap wireless systems that don’t work consistently, especially when distance and line of sight are an issue. This is a fact.

Wireless Speaker System

2) Our systems are fully battery powered. Have you ever tried mounting a table top wireless receiver on top of a speaker? It’s possible, but it seems like a science project. With our systems, no AC power is required; Although we have accessories available to provide AC if you want or need it.

3) Our systems are not digital. There is a lot of talk about digital wireless. But the best minds in the industry agree that digital systems require more power to transmit signal, have a short operating distance and live in a narrow and unpredictable frequency range. Many other electronic devices live in the wireless digital spectrum. From cordless phones to wireless DMX, wireless digital systems are vying for real estate.

Wireless Speaker System

Buy 7.4v 60w(peak) Portable Bluetooth Speakers With Double Subwoofer Heavy Bass, Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Speaker Support Fm Radio, Small Stereo Sound System For Home, Party, Outdoor Travel(with Light) Online In Nicaragua. B08mqmxc3k

4) We did our homework by researching and field testing our systems. We know what works and what doesn’t. And we provide everything you need to get started, including all the necessary cables and a full best practices/instructions document.

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Wireless Speaker System

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Ilive 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Speaker System With Subwoofer And Led Light Effects

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Wireless Speaker System

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Wireless Speaker System

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