Wireless Speaker System With Subwoofer

Wireless Speaker System With Subwoofer – The SVS Prime wireless speaker system represents a seismic shift in the audio world as it debunks the notion that smart wireless speakers can’t deliver an exciting and immersive listening experience. Prime Wireless active speakers deliver clear, precise and rich sound with breathtaking dynamic impact and convincing stereo imaging and combine this experience with intelligent speaker control and future-proof connectivity. Finally, a wireless speaker system for the modern audiophile.

The perfect combination of intelligent controls, endless versatility, future-proof connectivity options, and most importantly, immersive, reference-quality sound; The SVS Prime Wireless Speaker System offers all the benefits of a powerful wireless smart speaker with uncompromising design and acoustic performance. Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, SiriusXM, internet radio and all your favorite streaming content can be accessed and controlled from a smartphone or mobile device for a simple and seamless entertainment experience.

Wireless Speaker System With Subwoofer

Wireless Speaker System With Subwoofer

SVS achieves reference-quality sound by equipping the main wireless speaker system with true stereo separation from a pair of active-passive speakers, a powerful 200-watt internal four-way amplifier, a sophisticated 192kHz/24-bit DAC and a brilliantly tuned digital speaker crossover . Wireless audio isn’t just for background music anymore, it’s the sound quality that prompts you to turn it on.

Hd6 Wireless Speaker System

Magic happens when this uncompromising acoustic design is combined with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, simple front-panel presets, multi-room/multi-zone playback, and advanced connectivity options that make it possible to play with almost any device. Now you can enjoy streaming services, internet radio, podcasts, audiobooks and all your favorite playlists and downloads in audiophile sound quality.

Wireless Speaker System With Subwoofer

The Prime Wireless Speaker System presents a precise and convincing stereo image from a true 2-channel active-passive speaker pair with clear dynamics, neutral sound, a large soundstage and powerful dynamics. Compact “all-in-one” wireless speakers with virtual stereo output don’t do the music justice, as they are unable to provide an accurate representation of where instruments, voices and sound effects are heard coming from a specific location in the room come from space. With true stereo isolation, Prime Wireless delivers a more immersive experience regardless of content or volume.

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Command Class-D amplifiers deliver 50 watts to each driver for effortless power and dynamic impact that enlivens the room with insightful clarity, even at reference volume.

Wireless Speaker System With Subwoofer

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Preserves complete fidelity to the source material, so music and all audio content sounds exactly as the artist or producer intended, whether the user is streaming from Spotify, watching Blu-Ray, listening to a podcast, or anything else.

Using an active digital crossover, SVS engineers can fine-tune the Prime Wireless Speaker System to deliver stunning sound quality unmatched by any other smart speaker. A very powerful DSP engine feature, the active digital crossover maximizes the performance of each driver by controlling power delivery and frequency response with absolute precision.

Wireless Speaker System With Subwoofer

With the DTS Play-Fi app control, you can access music streaming services and audio content from any smartphone or tablet via WiFi and distribute it throughout the house.

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The DTS Play-Fi app connects directly to Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, XM Radio, Tidal, iHeart Radio and all top music streaming sources and your personal playlists.

Wireless Speaker System With Subwoofer

6 custom presets for instant access to your favorite playlists, internet radio stations and streaming music services over WiFi without the need for a phone or tablet.

Voice control of music from any Alexa device on your WiFi network is as simple as “Alexa, play reggae in the living room” and you can adjust volume, fast-forward tracks, mute, pause and stop the music.

Wireless Speaker System With Subwoofer

Dazone Dual 10

Play different music in different rooms or play the same music everywhere over your WiFi network and control it all from your handheld device.

The subwoofer output allows easy connection to your favorite SVS or other subwoofer brands for deeper bass and a more exciting and immersive experience.

Wireless Speaker System With Subwoofer

The lightweight yet stiff driver material delivers an airy, open sound with pinpoint accuracy, sharp speed in transients, and energizing dynamic performance.

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Testing the Prime Wireless Surround 2.1 System HiFi home cinema “The frequency response is wide and the image is stable. The dynamic range is excellent. I’ve never heard of the system being taxed even with some hard stuff. The sound is perfect. enough…

Wireless Speaker System With Subwoofer

Main Wireless Powered Speaker System Home Theater Review Name “Best Powered Bookshelf Speaker” “If you’re interested in wireless music streaming, you’re probably looking for a good Wi-Fi connection, as well as possibly multi-zone audio support and digital voice assistant compatibility …

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SVS Prime Wireless Powered Speaker System Receives Hifi Award “Product of the Year 2019” “It impressed us the most this year for its amazing value for money. You get two bookshelf speakers with a glossy finish, 200 watts of gain, a ton of input/output,…

Wireless Speaker System With Subwoofer

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SVS Prime Wireless Speaker System receives HiFi Choice Magazine’s “Recommended” award “It produces a wide, open sound that retains plenty of space, lets melodies flow gracefully and – with plenty of power from these four amplifiers – effortlessly…

Popzara reviews Prime Wireless Speaker System “Exactly what you want from a tethered speaker system that costs more money, except you don’t have to jump at a higher price point. From the very first…

Wireless Speaker System With Subwoofer

Tech.Walla Reviews Prime Wireless Speaker Systems (Israel) “The great design and excellent build quality make them feel like premium products despite the low price. If you’re deciding between this type of speaker and a soundbar,…

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Connect (Germany) Review of the Ultimate Wireless Speaker System “With passive speakers, deep and accurate bass from such a small package is unimaginable. The stroke and the cleanliness of the compact case are also impressive…

Wireless Speaker System With Subwoofer

HiFi Trends Reviews Prime Wireless Speaker System “These speakers play so big, for a minute I thought I had a pair of floorstanding speakers. The imaging is rock solid, the soundstage is wide, the bass is heavy, all in…

Geekbecois (Canada) reviews the ultimate wireless speaker system “Great replacement for a soundbar while providing superior space. The Prime Wireless can also be used very effectively as a speaker for computers, offering quality near-field performance. Wonderful performance,…

Wireless Speaker System With Subwoofer

Svs Prime Wireless Powered Speaker System

NextGenHomeTheater tests wireless home speaker system “Powerful sound presence in every phase. Prime Wireless speakers deliver clear high frequencies and great musicality. With full connectivity, impressive sound quality and easy-to-use apps, I recommend the Prime…

Home Systems reviews the ultimate wireless speaker system “Anatorially, these speakers are amazing to listen to, outperforming any single speaker solution. The tweeter is fast, open and airy, delivering a wide range of detail. To have…

Wireless Speaker System With Subwoofer

Stereoplay (Germany) tests Prime Wireless Speaker System “Attack and cleanliness of the mini speakers are just as convincing as their high resolution. With passive speakers, the deep and precise bass comes from the small housing…

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Overclock reviews the ultimate wireless speaker system “The sound quality is head and shoulders above any PC-only solution, while being just as easy to set up. The ceiling is clear, the mids are pronounced and the bass is…

Wireless Speaker System With Subwoofer

HomeTheaterReview Test reports Wireless home speaker system “Balanced tonality and very wide dispersion. The clarity of her performance really allows you to dive into the briar patch and unravel the tangle of musical notes… This…

Soundstage Reviews The Ultimate Wireless Speaker System “Presented on a wide and deep soundstage. The dynamics are really impressive – not only the muted attack characteristics of the nylon strings, but also the way the decay emphasizes the large instrument,…

Wireless Speaker System With Subwoofer

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On-Smarthome (France) reviews the ultimate wireless speaker system “They may be small, but they have a big presence in breadth and depth. The treble is detailed and the bass is impressive for such a small speaker. Well controlled at high volume…

Home Theater Forum Reviews Home Wireless Speaker System and SoundBase “I don’t know of any other competing product that can compete with the sheer number of input and output options, clean and powerful sound dynamics, setup flexibility via wired Ethernet,…

Wireless Speaker System With Subwoofer

Main Switch tests wireless main speaker system “The soundstage is wide and inviting, even at low volumes it feels like it fills the entire room. The level of punch and power is surprising and clear, tight,…

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Prime Wireless Speaker System receives the Sound & Vision Top Choice Award “An audiophile statement in both design philosophy and sonic personality. It will impress with its natural timbre complemented by exceptional openness and clarity in the mid and high frequency ranges. Treble are beautiful…

Wireless Speaker System With Subwoofer

The Telegraph (UK) Review Premier Wireless Speaker System “SVS uses the latest in wireless connectivity technology in a speaker for those who want more than what the hordes of entry-level models offer. Engineered for the real world, it’s…

Home Theater Reference reviews the Premier Wireless Speaker System “The picture is much bigger than with this small speaker and it’s clear and natural to boot. For $600 you get a lot.

Wireless Speaker System With Subwoofer

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Prime Wireless Receives AVForum’s Recommended Award “A well-proportioned and classically handsome speaker that should look just as good in a living room full of antique furniture as it does in a stylish, modern equipment pad. He delivers…

Prime Wireless Receives 2018 AVS Forum Top Picks Award “Your ability for 3D images is amazing, you’ll find you appreciate well-produced music. They deliver clear sound that lets you hear

Wireless Speaker System With Subwoofer

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