Wireless Speaker System Home

Wireless Speaker System Home – Audioengine A2+ premium speakers connect to your music in seconds from any app or device with high-quality stereo sound. The smallest Bluetooth home music system fits your desktop or small spaces.

The A2+ wireless computer speakers can be easily connected to your computer, tablet, phone or turntable. There are no network settings, passwords to enter, or buttons to push. It’s very easy to set up if you’re moving in time. Make your music fun, simple and great sounding.

Wireless Speaker System Home

Wireless Speaker System Home

Our versatile Bluetooth speakers. The A2+ wireless computer speakers work with all your apps, music and devices, so no matter how you listen, the A2+ has you covered. The smallest music system with wireless functionality. Tidal, Spotify, Pandora… all your favorite music and apps are instantly played.

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Don’t let their size fool you, as these tiny speakers pack more sound than you might expect. Clear, full and powerful sound for your computer and small rooms. The A2+ wireless computer speakers are built with standard Audioengine components: aramid fiber woofers, silk tweeters, Premium Bluetooth aptX and a power amplifier housed in precision-assembled, hand-crafted cabinets. Clear, full and powerful audio that fills almost any room.

Wireless Speaker System Home

Everyone knows the difference between a customized, small-batch product and the total disappointment of a mass-produced product. The A2+ is hand-engineered and purpose-built to exceed expectations in terms of price and performance. Bass is extracted from the A2+ by clever acoustic and electronic design without the use of any digital signal processing. To say the bass on the Audioengine 2+ is significant for its size would be an understatement, but you’d be biased.

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These small computer speakers make them a pass-through system for desktop and small room audio.

Wireless Speaker System Home

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Do I need to use the volume control on the front of the A2+ Wireless or can I adjust the system volume on my computer?

If the left speaker is within easy reach, you can of course use the visible button to adjust the volume. Otherwise, setting the A2+’s volume correctly and adjusting from the source is excellent. Every setting is different, so it will take some trial and error to find the setting you like, but 11 or 12 o’clock is a good place to start.

Wireless Speaker System Home

Yes you can. The A2+ wireless speakers use AC power to automatically switch between different voltages. The power cord is detachable, making it easy to change the AC plug to another type if you don’t want to use an adapter plug.

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The A2+ Wireless is an all-in-one system that requires no additional components other than your phone or computer. Simply place the speakers in the desired location and connect the power supply. Connect the built-in speaker wire from the powered left speaker to the passive right speaker. Then connect your music source with the cables provided – or connect wirelessly with Bluetooth-enabled source devices such as a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Wireless Speaker System Home

Isn’t it? Audio engine speakers and amplifiers work well and are designed together as a system, so we produce more sound than stereo receivers or an amplifier with higher pitch or power. Thanks to this configuration, we achieve great sound effects with a fraction of the energy required by other systems.

What if my source doesn’t support aptX? Can I use the A2+ Wireless and if so how does it sound?

Wireless Speaker System Home

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You can use the A2+ Wireless and it sounds great. AptX is a high-quality Bluetooth audio codec that works really well. In addition to aptX and the default SBC Bluetooth codecs, the A2+ Wireless supports other high-quality audio codecs, such as AAC for Apple iPhones and iPads, as well as Android devices that do not include aptX.

AC outlet next to A2+ Wireless to power a W3 or D2 wireless receiver.

Wireless Speaker System Home

If it’s on and solid, it means the A2+ Wireless is working and it’s now connected to a Bluetooth-enabled device.

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See Descriptions] Audioengine A5+ Wireless 5

If it is on and stays on, it means the A2+ Wireless is active but not currently connected to a device.

Wireless Speaker System Home

If it’s off (and the A2+ Wireless is on), it means Bluetooth is in standby mode and not connected to a device. But the A2+ Wireless is still visible to your device, so just connect it using your device and it will wake up automatically.

What speed and bit depth should I set my system to when using the A2+ Wireless USB input?

Wireless Speaker System Home

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The A2+ Wireless internal DAC handles 48K bitrate and 16bit depth. Your system defaults to these settings when you connect the A2+ Wireless. If you often use 44.1K files, you can set this as the default for your system. Most programmers like JRiver and Amarra always default to the correct bit level.

The A2+ Wireless works well with Bluetooth, but can also be used with wires, as well as with Turntables, CD players, or anything with standard analog audio connections such as RCA or 3.5mm stereo-mini. They also include a USB port for use with a Windows or Mac computer, as well as most smartphones and tablets with the appropriate USB adapter cable.

Wireless Speaker System Home

The sound quality of my computer’s headphone jack is not very good, but I want to connect my A2+ wireless speakers. What did i do?

Audioengine A2+ Plus Wireless Speaker Bluetooth

Headphone output on most computers sounds great with the A2+ Wireless. Some have poor audio quality, but if this is your computer, try connecting to your USB port via A2+ Wireless or connect wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Wireless Speaker System Home

In most cases, Yes! The overall range you can expect will vary depending on the device you’re using with the A2+ Wireless, as well as the type of wall construction you’re using to send it through. In our tests, most mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, have excellent range, some exceeding 100 feet in good conditions, even with a single wall. Laptops and desktops in our tests generally had less range, averaging around 70 feet in equally good conditions against a wall.

The A2+ Wireless has a USB digital-to-analog converter (DAC), but can I use a different DAC?

Wireless Speaker System Home

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While the DAC in the A2+ Wireless is better than what’s built into most computers, adding a 24-bit DAC like our D1 or D3 would be an advantage in audio quality.

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No additional software or drivers are required. The A2+ Wireless is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices with the A2DP profile for stereo audio streaming. This includes most smartphones, tablets and computers. For computers without Bluetooth support, you can easily add a USB Bluetooth adapter.

Wireless Speaker System Home

The same goes for the USB connection on the A2+, which uses the plug-and-play drivers provided by your computer’s OS. The A2+’s USB input is compatible with Windows and Mac computers, iPhones and iPads when using Apple’s USB 3 power adapter and fast wall charger, and should work with most Android smartphones and tablets.

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Some turntables don’t have a built-in preamp, so you’ll need to connect an external phono preamp between your turntable and the A2+ Wireless. However, most turntables (such as the Music Hall USB-1 or the Audio Technica AT-LP120) have a built-in preamp and include a rear “line” or “phono” switch. For Audioengine powered speakers, you’ll want to select “line”.

Wireless Speaker System Home

If the A2+ Wireless is paired and connected to my phone via Bluetooth, is there anything else I need to do to play music?

Once your A2+ Wireless is paired and connected via Bluetooth, any app (TIDAL, Music, Spotify, etc.) will automatically play your music via Bluetooth.

Wireless Speaker System Home

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If I watch a movie or music video, can my music be delayed by the A2+ Wireless?

Although overall latency can be affected by other external factors (including signal strength and even physical distance from the speakers), Bluetooth on the A2+ Wireless typically has a latency of around 30ms (milliseconds). for example, watching videos on Youtube and streaming audio to the A2+ Wireless without significant or noticeable lag between video and audio.

Wireless Speaker System Home

Can I connect multiple sources wirelessly to the A2+? Can I stream via Bluetooth and use the USB input at the same time?

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Yes, you can use multiple sources very well with the A2+ Wireless. The analog inputs on the A2+ Wireless always work. They play simultaneously with Bluetooth or USB input. However, Bluetooth and USB share the internal DAC, so you can only listen to one, and Bluetooth has priority. For example, if you’re using USB and start using Bluetooth, USB will mute and Bluetooth will switch to itself. Depending on your source, the speakers may switch automatically if you pause or disconnect Bluetooth

Wireless Speaker System Home

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