Wireless Speaker Set

Wireless Speaker Set – The SVS Prime Wireless Speaker System represents a radical change in the world of audio because it defies the idea that smart wireless speakers cannot provide an immersive and immersive listening experience. Prime Wireless speakers deliver clear, accurate and expansive sound with great visual appeal and a crisp stereo image, marrying smart speaker control experience and future-proof connectivity. Finally, a wireless speaker system for the modern audiophile.

The right combination of intuitive control, continuous flexibility, forward-looking communication strategies and most importantly, clear descriptive language; The SVS Prime Wireless speaker System offers all the benefits of a smart wireless speaker with unmatched design and audio performance. Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, SiriusXM, Internet Radio and everything you love can be accessed and controlled from your smartphone or tablet for easy and seamless entertainment.

Wireless Speaker Set

Wireless Speaker Set

SVS offers true stereo separation from passive speakers, a powerful 200-watt internal amplifier, 192kHz/24-bit DAC and 192kHz/24-bit DAC. Wireless headphones aren’t just about background music, they’re sounds that beg you to turn them on.

Sonos Set With Five Wireless Speaker, Pro Ject T1 Turntable And 3.5mm Rca Cable

The magic happened when its silent design combined with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, front-end control switches, multi-room/multi-zone playback and advanced connectivity options that allow it to play with almost any device. Now, you can enjoy streaming services, internet radio, podcasts, audiobooks, and your favorite games and download them in pristine sound.

Wireless Speaker Set

The Prime Wireless speaker system provides a precise and reliable stereo image from two 2-channel active-passive speakers with solid, neutral sound, high volume and high power. Wireless “all-in-one” speakers that have stereo sound quality don’t do them justice because they don’t have the ability to reflect how instruments, sounds, and sounds sound from a specific location in space. With true stereo separation, Prime Wireless delivers an immersive experience, regardless of content or volume.

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The Command Class-D amplifier delivers 50-watts per driver for low-power and room-grade power and clarity, even at light volume.

Wireless Speaker Set

Amazon.com: Wall Mount Home Speaker System

It maintains complete fidelity to the source material so that music and audio sounds exactly as the artist or producer intended whether the user is streaming Spotify, watching Blu-Ray, listening to a podcast or something else.

Using a digital interface, SVS engineers can dial in the Prime Wireless Speaker System to achieve immersive sound not available from any other smart speaker. A powerful DSP engine function, the active digital crossover improves the performance of each driver by controlling the power delivery and frequency response in detail.

Wireless Speaker Set

DTS Play-Fi software control allows you to access streaming music and audio from any smartphone or tablet via WiFi and distribute it around your home.

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DTS Play-Fi software connects directly to Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, XM Radio, Tidal, iHeart Radio and all the top sources that play music and your playlist.

Wireless Speaker Set

6 settings for instant access via WiFi to your favorite channels, internet radio stations and streaming music without the need for a mobile phone or tablet.

Controlling music volume from any Alexa device on your WiFi network is as simple as “Alexa, play reggae in the living room” and you can adjust the volume, skip ahead, mute, pause and pause the music.

Wireless Speaker Set

Modern Wireless Speakers

Play different songs in different rooms or play the same song anywhere using your WiFi network and control everything from your mobile device.

The subwoofer output allows you to easily connect to your favorite SVS or other type of subwoofer for deep bass and a rich and immersive experience.

Wireless Speaker Set

The lightweight yet durable drivetrain delivers an airy and impressive sound with superb precision, impressive speed in shifts and powerful power output.

Dpi Ilive 2.1 Channel Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System

Home Theater HiFi System Prime Wireless Surround 2.1 Review “The frequency response is great and the image is stable. The dynamic range is very good. I have never heard any problems with the system even with complex objects. The sound is good. There is enough. .

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Wireless Speaker Set

Home Theater Monitor Names Prime Wireless Powered Speaker System “Best Powered Book Speaker” “If you want to listen to music wirelessly, chances are good that you need a Wi-Fi connection, and a lot of audio support. – local search and interaction with digital sound providers. ..

SVS Wireless Powered Speaker System Wins Hifi Trends “Product of the Year 2019” Award “We were really impressed this year with its insane value for money. You two smart bookshelf speakers, 200 watts of amplification, tons of receivers. inputs/outputs, . . .

Wireless Speaker Set

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SVS Wireless Powered Speaker System Receives HiFi Magazine’s “HiFi Choice” Award “It produces big, open sound that takes up a lot of space, lets music flow beautifully, and—with plenty of power from those four amps—easily . . .”

Popzara Prime Wireless Speaker System Reviews “Everything you want from a wireless speaker system that costs more, except here you don’t have to go for the premium price. More than that…

Wireless Speaker Set

Tech.Walla reviews the Prime Wireless Speaker System (Israel) “The superior design and excellent build quality make it a valuable product, even at a low price.

Wholesale Tws Pair Connection Metallic Mini Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (silver)

Connect (Germany) Prime Wireless System Reviews “It’s a speaker, the deep and accurate bass from such a small bag is unmatched. The attack and cleanliness of the small cabinets also affected…

Wireless Speaker Set

HiFi Trends Prime Wireless Speaker System Reviews “These speakers sound so big that for a minute I thought I had tower speakers. The images were solid, the sound was great, the bass was rich, they had everything…

Geekbecois (Canada) Reviews Prime Wireless speaker System “It dramatically changes the volume of the sound, thus providing true realism. Prime Wireless can also be used as a very effective computer speaker, providing high performance. provides high. Excellent performance, a…

Wireless Speaker Set

Befree Sound Powered Wireless Speaker System (pair) Red 91595513m

NextGenHomeTheatre Reviews of Premier Wireless Speaker System “Strong sound presence at any level. The Prime Wireless speakers offer clear frequencies and great music. With good communication, clear sound and easy to use, I recommend it for beginners…

Residence Systems Reviews Prime Wireless speaker System “My son, these speakers were a pleasure to listen to, they beat any speaker response. The tweeters are fast, open and airy and give a lot of information. It has…

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Wireless Speaker Set

Stereoplay (Germany) Review of Prime Wireless speaker System “The attack and clarity of the small boxes satisfied me as well as their high resolution. With speakers, deep and accurate bass from such a small case…

Svs Prime Wireless Prime Wireless Speaker Pair

Overclock Reviews Prime Wireless Speaker System “The sound quality is better than any PC system alone, yet it’s easy to set up. The highs are clear, the mids are pronounced and the bass is…

Wireless Speaker Set

HomeTheatreReview Prime Wireless speaker System Reviews “Great sound and amazing dispersion. The clarity of their presentation allows you to get into the street and mix music…

Soundstage Prime Wireless Speaker System Reviews “Large and deep sound is presented. The power was excellent – not only the unwavering attack of the nylon strings, but the way the damage reflects the greatness of the equipment, …

Wireless Speaker Set

Sereonic Wireless Dual Tv Speaker Set

Reviews of On-Smarthome (France) Prime Wireless Speaker System “They may be small, but they have a great presence in width and depth. The treble is detailed and the bass is impressive for such a small speaker. It is well managed at voltages high …

Home Theater Forum Reviews Prime Wireless speaker System and SoundBase “I don’t know of any other competitive speaker system that can offer multiple input and output options, sound quality and sound quality, flexibility of installation over wired Ethernet, …

Wireless Speaker Set

Master Switch Prime Wireless Speaker System Review “The sound was loud and impressive, as it filled the entire room even at low volume.

Amazon.com: Wireless Portable Pa Speaker System

Prime Wireless Speaker System Receives Choice Award Sound & Vision “It’s a speaker in design technology and sound personality. It will stand out with a natural timbre combined with openness and clarity in the middle and upper frequencies. The length was beautiful …

Wireless Speaker Set

Telegraph (UK) Reviews Prime Wireless speaker System “SVS has applied the latest wireless communication technology to speakers who want more than what is offered by entry-level models. Designed for the real world, they…

Reference Home Theater Reviews Prime Wireless speaker System “The picture is much bigger than these small speakers and they are very clear and natural to start. For $ 600 you get a lot. Large sound stage, great picture, good design and …

Wireless Speaker Set

Toshiba Portable Wireless Speaker System W/extra Bass & Party Lights

Prime Wireless Wireless AVForums Award-Winning “A sleek, stylish speaker that should look as at home in an auditorium full of antique furniture as it does on modern equipment.

Prime Wireless Wins AVS Forum’s Top Pick Award for 2018 “Their 3D imaging capabilities are unmatched, you’ll find yourself appreciating well-produced music. They deliver solid sound that lets you listen

Wireless Speaker Set

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