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Wireless Speaker Options – The Sony SRS-RA3000 offers an exemplary experience in 360 Reality Audio technology. It supports Bluetooth, 3.5mm, Chromecast and is moisture-proof.

Sony’s 360 Reality Audio (RA) technology was announced in 2019. This seems to be exactly what Creative Super X-Fi wants for the listening experience. While Creative SXFI simulates an immersive listening experience as if you were listening with real speakers, 360RA attempts to create a more immersive listening experience by mapping sound sources such as vocals, choruses and instruments with positional and placement information. . spherical space. Therefore, the audio source must contain this information for compatible 360RA speakers and headphones to decode and play it.

Wireless Speaker Options

Wireless Speaker Options

To get the RA3000 up and running, you’ll need to install the Sony Sound Center smartphone app and go through the settings, specifically to connect the speaker to your home Wi-Fi. In the app you can also adjust EQ, deep audio enhancement, auto volume, Bluetooth codec, power saving options.

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There are thousands of songs that already support 360RA. I checked their content on Deezer and TIDAL and it seems that TIDAL has more 360RA songs. In headphones and earphones like the WF-1000XM4, it’s easy to understand the entertainment experience. In the SRS-RA3000 speakers, the image is more holographic than the surroundings because there is only one unit. Sony has several other multi-channel solutions such as the HT-A9, which I believe will produce a more convincing sound.

Wireless Speaker Options

However, you can hear the difference when you switch to 360RA mode (only works for non-360RA content). With the RA3000, what I get is more of a front sound image. The sound level is higher, more open, clearer, the beats have more space, while the vocals are deeper, less forward. Because the sound source has more space and creates a wider effect, some instruments are less visible. Listening to Olga Sheps album “Sati” (360RA on TIDAL), I felt like I was sitting in a concert hall listening to a live performance on stage. For non-360RA content, like the Eagles “Hotel California” live, I get a similar live spatial effect.

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The RA3000 has automatic sound calibration that detects room acoustics and optimizes audio projection. I think it lacks the warmth that resonates in the room and makes the sound quieter. Brighter instruments are projected farther from the speakers, while basses don’t have the same resonant projection. When Immersive Audio Enhancement is disabled (only available for non-360RA content), the speakers sound more neutral, the midrange is fuller, but the sound seems to come directly from the speakers. In this mode, the RA3000 sounds like a normal single point speaker output.

Wireless Speaker Options

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The RA3000 supports multiple connectivity options – Bluetooth, 3.5mm Line-in and Chromecast Wi-Fi. Once you’re ready with your favorite voice assistant, like Google Home, you can simply command to control playback, sound and other hands-free activities. The speaker is also moisture resistant, so you can place it in the kitchen or bathroom, although the RA3000 is great for these small spaces. Although it is relatively light, it is still limited by the need for a wall socket for its power.

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The SRS-RA3000 is Sony’s cheapest speaker with Reality Audio 360. After experiencing the 360RA in headphones, I felt that the RA3000 offered a more modest sample of a home-filling surround sound experience. It definitely creates more of a live space performance atmosphere than a cozy jam room. Personally, I’d like to enjoy 360RA in headphones like the WF-1000XM4.

Wireless Speaker Options

To enjoy 360RA, you must subscribe to TIDAL, Deezer or Nugs.net. You can get a promo code from Music.com to enjoy a free trial. TIDAL requires you to be a new registrant, while Deezer accepts existing mail without a paid subscription.

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