Wireless Speaker Ipod

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Earlier this week, Apple announced the HomePod, a new $350 speaker designed to work seamlessly with all your Apple devices and Apple Music content. But the HomePod doesn’t come out until December, which is a long wait.

Wireless Speaker Ipod

Wireless Speaker Ipod

Fortunately, we can cast our eyes back to the pivotal moment of 2006, when Apple released the iPod Hi-Fi, a $350 speaker designed to work with all your Apple devices and iTunes content. The Hi-Fi was a large white plastic behemoth with a 30-pin iPod dock built into the top for charging and playback. And while many considered it expensive for what it offers (a comment, by default, that would apply to the HomePod as well), I personally found it to be a great speaker with great sound.

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Apple stopped producing Hi-Fi in 2007, but you can still find a used one for around $100 to $150. Once you’ve got your hands on the best speaker 2006 had to offer, here’s what you need to do to fix it. work with your iPhone 2017:

Wireless Speaker Ipod

As my colleague Sam Byford noted, you can simply plug in any number of modern accessories like an Amazon Echo Dot, Google Chromecast Audio, or a Bluetooth adapter to add modern wireless power to your Hi-Fi.

Practical Method: Installation should take all of 10 seconds and is a foolproof way to use Hi-Fi today.

Wireless Speaker Ipod

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But you didn’t come to make it easy. You want to use Hi-Fi as Steve Jobs intended: with a docked Apple device charging while playing music on the spot, controlled by the square plastic Apple Remote from across the room! Sure, you could use the aux port and the 3.5mm lighting dongle, but this is a charging dock and, by God, we’re going to do it to charge something.

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The problem is, there are a few hurdles we need to overcome to put this together.

Wireless Speaker Ipod

(As a note, my Hi-Fi was stolen a few years ago so I couldn’t get to 100

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It works with current iPhones, but this method worked until 2013 with iPhone 5 and I don’t see why

Wireless Speaker Ipod

The first is the fact that Hi-Fi is really old, technically speaking. Not only does the speaker use Apple’s old 30-pin iPod charger, but it’s so old that the connector only supports Firewire charging, instead of the latest generations of iPods, which use the same portable adapter but use USB. Therefore, the first thing we need is an adapter, like this $14 Scosche, which allows you to use iPod and iPhone based on USB charging and older Firewire devices later. There are a ton of floating adapters out there, but since Hi-Fi is reminiscent of the era when Apple was pushing its Universal Dock system, I find the Scosche adapter works best, as both stand. , also, allows you to dock multiple Universal Dock adapters. (Scosche makes a white that matches the rest of the color scheme much better, but it’s been sold for years.)

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So, this brings us to compatibility with any 30-pin iOS device. But we’re not quite there yet, because Apple ditched that adapter in favor of the Lightning port in 2012. So we will need an Apple 30-pin to Lightning adapter, which costs (ridiculously) $29, we’ll connect to everything. ‘Scosche adapter.

Wireless Speaker Ipod

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This gives us a working Hi-Fi that can charge the iPhone and play music. But there is one last thing as, at this point, we have a bunch of long adapters piled on top of our Hi-Fi here, which is not a stable place to put an iPhone. So you’ll need something like the Flybridge, which is a $12 piece of plastic that fits Apple’s Universal Dock with a slot designed to fit a Lightning adapter to support your phone. Click that on the Scosche dock and you’re good to go!

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