Wireless Speaker For Hard Of Hearing

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If you sometimes struggle to hear sounds on your TV, Sony aims to save you from having to turn the TV up too loud or wear headphones.

Wireless Speaker For Hard Of Hearing

Wireless Speaker For Hard Of Hearing

If you can’t always hear your TV when others are listening, or you have to wear headphones, it can be isolating. Sony hopes to solve this problem by offering a personal speaker that can be close to you so you can enjoy TV with your family again. With the help of two volunteers, we saw the Sony Wireless Handy TV speaker.

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The Sony Wireless Handy TV Speaker (SRS-LSR100) costs £170 and is a small portable speaker with a handle that attaches to your TV sound system. This allows other people to listen to the TV at normal volume, but you have your own speaker to adjust the volume to your liking. There’s also a voice zoom function, so you can increase the volume of the speech to make it easier to understand what people are saying without turning up the volume too much.

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Wireless Speaker For Hard Of Hearing

You can take it with you around the house – it doesn’t have to be in the same room as the TV. So, for example, it’s an easy way to listen while cooking. The speaker is splash-resistant (IPX2), so you can rest assured that it will survive minor accidents.

It’s claimed to have 16 hours of battery life, so it should last all day, and when you’re not using it, you can dock it next to your TV and it’ll be ready when you need it. To start using the speaker, you need to connect the speaker dock to the TV with the cables provided, then enter some settings on the TV to make the speaker work with your brand of kit. Many TV brands are supported, including Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic and many more.

Wireless Speaker For Hard Of Hearing

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The speaker only works by projecting sound directly in front of it, so if you place it near your face and not near other people in the room, you’ll only hear sound from the speaker when it’s playing at medium volume.

The speaker has a large volume knob on top for easy access, and you can even use it as a TV remote. It has well-sized and clearly marked buttons for changing channels and controlling the TV, making it easier to use than a TV remote control.

Wireless Speaker For Hard Of Hearing

The speaker volume changes automatically, adjusting to the sound level in your environment. So if the grandkids are making noise upstairs or someone starts the vacuum cleaner, the speaker will turn up the volume to avoid hearing loss.

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We asked two volunteers to test the Sony Handy speaker with their TV at home. One volunteer had a slight hearing problem and sometimes had difficulty hearing the speech on TV, while the other volunteer was very hard of hearing and mostly watched TV with headphones.

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Wireless Speaker For Hard Of Hearing

The former noticed that the speaker made it much easier for them to hear the speech from the TV, while the others in the room did not notice when the speaker’s voice was directed away from them.

Find out about our second volunteer’s experience and what they both think about the sound of the Sony Handy speaker in our detailed review. This is an all too familiar situation for those who live with someone who has hearing loss. Too much TV volume can make it uncomfortable to watch a movie or TV with family members. When you try to turn down the volume, you get complaints that you can’t hear anything.

Wireless Speaker For Hard Of Hearing

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How often is the TV so loud that you can hear it in the next room or on the next floor? Is it difficult to concentrate on other activities? Can you hold a conversation when friends or family are around and the TV is too loud?

This can be frustrating for everyone involved. A person with hearing loss cannot listen to TV, listen to their family members or anything else. Hearing aids can go a long way, but they tend to produce louder background noise. However, there is a solution that satisfies both parties.

Wireless Speaker For Hard Of Hearing

Audio Fox’s wireless TV speaker system for the hearing impaired allows users to watch TV with their own personal sound. With tiny speakers that focus crystal-clear sound just inches from the ear, hard of hearing people can hear as loud as they want without disturbing those around them.

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The complete Audio Fox Wireless TV Speaker System includes everything below, including two high-quality speakers, a wireless transmitter and audio output connections for use with any TV. The transmitter box is small, not much bigger than a deck of cards. This means it can be easily hidden from view.

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Wireless Speaker For Hard Of Hearing

The speakers fit easily on a recliner, couch or sofa and are available in four different colors. The volume control and mute button are located directly on the speaker, meaning users can adjust the volume without getting up or reaching for the remote control.

There’s no need to turn up the volume because the speakers are so close together, so users can still hear the doorbell, have a conversation, or hear a call from another room. Want to listen in complete silence? The speakers have a headphone jack, the ideal way to completely block out any ambient noise and enjoy excellent sound quality.

Wireless Speaker For Hard Of Hearing

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Worried about battery life? don’t Both the headset and the transmitter are plugged into a wall outlet. The best part of all? Audio Fox wireless speakers and TV speakers or soundbar work separately. No matter how quiet the set – even with the sound off – the Audio Fox speakers are still pumping out sound.

This means that everyone can listen to the TV at the level they want without disturbing each other. No more arguing over the volume, no more asking to mute the TV to make a phone call, no more missing the doorbell.

Wireless Speaker For Hard Of Hearing

For more information about the system, visit our FAQ page or contact us directly. Ideal for three-generation households, Audio Fox wireless TV speakers reduce friction and allow everyone to enjoy the TV room again.

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