Wireless Speaker For Computer

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Wireless Speaker For Computer

Wireless Speaker For Computer

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Audioengine A5+ Wireless Speakers

Logitech’s $80 Bluetooth keyboard speaker looks good for the price and brings wireless control that’s perfect for a clean workspace.

Wireless Speaker For Computer

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Logitech is a household name when it comes to affordable computer speakers. My first speakers back in college were Logitech and since then I’ve had three different speakers from that brand.

Wireless Speaker For Computer

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Logitech’s affordable speakers are known for balancing solid sound quality with an affordable price, and they ride that line better than many of their competitors. The Z407 Bluetooth computer speakers seem to be another example of this heritage, with both wired and Bluetooth support, adjustable left and right monitors, and a subwoofer.

But are they good? Is it worth paying $80 for the system or should you save up and get something more expensive? We spent some time with the Logitech Z407 speaker to find out.

Wireless Speaker For Computer

Logitech hasn’t strayed too far from its design and realism choices over the years, but there have been attempts to improve. The face of each speaker is smooth and free of reflective accents, and the shape is more “freeform” than other Logitech models like the Z313. The speakers are attractive, if not easy to ignore.

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In addition, Logitech offers only one color: an unattractive dark gray. That is, the result of the same style and creative color choice is a speaker that blends well with most environments.

Wireless Speaker For Computer

The biggest change from some of Logitech’s older speakers is the move from a wired control dial — usually attached directly to the speaker or via a cable — to a wireless one. This wireless headset serves as the nerve center of the device by providing Bluetooth connectivity, volume control, pause/play and forward/rewind functions.

It is also the only place where you can switch between Bluetooth and wired modes, which can be done from the button on the bottom of the disc. More below.

Wireless Speaker For Computer

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Z407 is not serious. Every viewer feels almost feather-light in the hand and in the bass section, and despite its size, it’s surprising how easy it is to pick up. Very light weight is usually a red flag for audio equipment, but that’s not the case with the Z407 speakers.

A final design note, the left and right displays can be arranged in one of two ways. They are tablet shaped, and you can choose to orient them horizontally or vertically. They come with a detachable stand that easily folds into place and holds the two preferred positions. I find both work well, but personally I prefer the compact look of the “tall” orientation.

Wireless Speaker For Computer

Setting up the Logitech Z407 speakers is painless. In the box, you’ll find a wireless controller, left and right speakers with attached colored cables, a subwoofer, a power cable, and a 3.5mm male-to-male headphone cable. You can also connect it using a micro USB cable, but that’s not included.

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After plugging the subwoofer into the wall, installing the left and right speakers into the appropriate sockets on the back of the subwoofer, insert the remaining AAA batteries into the wireless charger and tap the Bluetooth connection button. The system will beep to indicate that it is searching for a compatible Bluetooth partner, and you can select the device from the Bluetooth menu on your computer or smartphone.

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Wireless Speaker For Computer

When connected, the volume can be controlled by turning it to the left or right. The top rotates a full 360 degrees and the bottom stays securely on your desk thanks to the rubber pad. When you test the wheel, it gives you feedback with a light click – almost like “wheels of fortune” if the wheel is made of plastic. It’s almost silent, but you can clearly feel the movement. Lowering the center of the puck pauses or plays music, double tapping skips forward, triple tapping skips back. These are pretty standard controls, but they work great.

Press and hold the top button for two seconds to control the bass level. Then it changes from the volume control to the bass level, and then you can turn it up or down. You have to hold it for another two seconds to return to the volume control. This is not a particularly fast process, and there is no visual indication of how fast the bus is slowing down. Instead, the speaker will play louder when you hit the highest or lowest bass setting. It’s not the best user experience, but it gets the job done.

Wireless Speaker For Computer

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To switch between Bluetooth and wired connection, you must use the two buttons located at the bottom of the control dial. Hit both the Bluetooth button or the AUX button at the same time and it will switch the source quickly. When in Bluetooth mode, you must have a wireless button to activate the connection. In the case of cables, you can use the Puck to access all the controls available in Bluetooth mode, but cut the Puck completely and the speakers will work properly.

There’s no way to tell the speakers to switch to a wired connection if the battery dies in your pocket, but that’s only if you have to. Still, it’s good that Logitech didn’t make the wireless puck an integral part of the system.

Wireless Speaker For Computer

It should be noted that the only way to connect two headphones to the system is through the AUX port through the subwoofer. Some people appreciate the integrated phone port on the front of the speakers, and Logitech’s wired models give you the perfect connection for control. When you switch to a wireless pocket, that port is now locked. If that’s important to you, you may want to look elsewhere.

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Logitech makes a point to emphasize the speakers’ maximum power of 80 watts, which is 50 watts higher than the Z313 or 40 watts higher than the Z333. Wattage is similar to sound, but it is not a good indicator of sound quality.

Wireless Speaker For Computer

I tested the speakers using a mix of Spotify and Tidal to find out how they handled low, medium, and high volumes from various sources using wired and Bluetooth connections. I also listen to music with low bass boost.

They lack support for aptX (only the SBC codec for Bluetooth), so listening to music from a high-quality source such as Tidal Mastertracks via a cable connection is slightly better, but there is no noticeable change in quality. Connected via Bluetooth to an Android smartphone, iPhone or MacBook Pro. Spotify fans are unlikely to hear any difference in connectivity options.

Wireless Speaker For Computer

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I want to address the bass first, because this area has a huge impact on how you perceive the audio. The good news is, the speakers are capable of delivering some pretty good bass. The downside is that hard bass is only available at the risk of being overridden by your other channels.

When the bass is on the lowest setting, the music sounds less spacey. It’s not quite the same as studio monitors that feature low bass, but it does so in a reasonable way. With the Z407 speakers, turning the bass all the way down means creating more warmth to act as the backbone of the midrange.

Wireless Speaker For Computer

Also, when watching movies or listening to certain songs, the only way I can get the powerful, full sound I desire is to turn the bass all the way up. I try to give the speakers a little lower, but that punch is always the first thing to go. So, while you get balanced bass at 50% power, you lose the desired boom.

Audioengine Hd4 Wireless Speaker System (black)

At low volume, the speakers are weak. Tuned for bass, the speakers don’t do a good job of balancing the lows and highs. The highs are especially impressive, so playing background music while I’m working turns into a truly immersive experience. with bass

Wireless Speaker For Computer

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