Wireless Speaker Adapter Kits

Wireless Speaker Adapter Kits – The WSA-5RP provides premium sound quality for stereo audio applications operating in the 5.2G/5.8GHz band with a built-in 2 x 50W bass class D amplifier. Simply connect the transmitter module to the A/V processor and the receiver to the passive bookshelf/surround back speakers and powered/active subwoofer.

[Lossless audio and low interference] The latest wireless audio technology supports 5.2 and 5.8GHz dual-band selectable digital radio with advanced automatic selection of a total of 106 RF channels, prevents WiFi interference with 5G networks and provides virtually lossless sound and provides excellent quality. Transmission stability

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Wireless Speaker Adapter Kits

Wireless Speaker Adapter Kits

[Easy Connectivity with A/V Receiver System] comes with speaker line-level inputs and stereo RCA inputs that can receive full-band audio from any audio amplifier, A/V receiver or preamplifier.

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[Built-in High Efficiency Amplifier] 2 x 50W RMS @ 4ohm load Class D amplifier, can be connected directly to any passive bookshelf or surround back speakers.

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Wireless Speaker Adapter Kits

[Additional subwoofer connections] Provides additional subwoofer mono inputs and outputs for connection between the AV receiver and powered/active subwoofer speakers or subwoofer amplifiers

[Wide Transmission Range] – Up to 100 feet (30M) working distance between transmitter and receiver (line of sight) with 24-bit 48KHz full CD quality high resolution/uncompressed audio

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Wireless Speaker Adapter Kits

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