Wireless Powered Speakers

Wireless Powered Speakers – AudioEngine A2+ premium powered speakers with high-fidelity stereo sound connect to your music in seconds from any app or device. The best bluetooth mini home music system perfect for your desktop or small spaces.

The A2+ Wireless Computer Speaker is easy to connect to your computer, tablet, phone or turntable. There is no network setup, passwords to enter, or buttons to push. They’re so easy to set up that you’ll be up and running in no time. Keep your music fun, easy and efficient.

Wireless Powered Speakers

Wireless Powered Speakers

Our most versatile wireless Bluetooth speaker. The A2+ wireless computer speaker works with all your apps, music and devices, so no matter how you listen, the A2+ has you covered. The real mini music system with wireless that gets the job done. Tidal, Spotify, Pandora… All your favorite music and apps play instantly.

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Don’t let their size fool you because these tiny speakers pack a lot more sound than you might expect. Clear, full and powerful audio perfect for your computer and small rooms. The A2+ wireless computer speaker is built with custom AudioEngine components: aramid fiber woofers, silk tweeters, premium Bluetooth aptX, and a built-in power amp encased in a precision-tuned, hand-crafted cabinet. Clear, full and powerful audio that fills almost any room.

Everyone knows the difference between custom-made, small-batch products and the general failure of mass-produced products. The A2+ is designed and built by hand with the goal of exceeding expectations for both price and performance. The bass is teased from the A2+ with some clever acoustic and electrical design without any digital signal processing. To say that the bass on the AudioEngine 2+ is good enough for their size might be an understatement, but you be the judge.

These small computer speakers really pack a punch, making them the go-to system for desktop setups and small room audio.

Should I use the volume controls on the front of the A2+ Wireless or can I adjust from the system volume on my computer?

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If the left speaker is in an easily accessible location, you can definitely use the physical knob to set the volume. Otherwise, it’s best to set A2+ to a good value and adjust from the source. Every setup is different, so it will take some experimentation to find the settings you like, but around 11 or 12 o’clock is a good start.

Yes you can The A2+ wireless speakers use a switching power supply, so they will automatically convert to different voltages. The power cable is also detachable so it’s easier to replace the AC plug with a different type if you don’t want to use an adapter plug.

The A2+ Wireless is an all-in-one system that requires no additional components other than your phone or computer. Simply place the speakers where you want them and connect the power supply. Connect the included speaker wire from the powered left speaker to the right passive speaker. Then connect your music source using the cable provided – or go wireless to any Bluetooth-enabled source device, such as a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Wireless Powered Speakers

Not needed. AudioEngine speakers and amplifiers are very efficient, and designed together as a system, so we get a higher volume output than stereo receivers or amplifiers that may have higher wattage or power numbers. Thanks to this tuning, we get a big sound output with a fraction of the power required for other systems.

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What if my source doesn’t support aptX? Can I still use the A2+ Wireless and if so, what will it look like?

You can still use the A2+ Wireless and it will sound great. AptX is a high quality Bluetooth audio codec that works great. In addition to aptX, and the default Bluetooth codec SBC, the A2+ Wireless supports other high-quality audio codecs, such as AAC for use with Apple iPhones and iPads, as well as Android devices that are not included the aptX.

Yes, the A2+ Wireless has an AC wall outlet that you need to power the W3 or D2 wireless receiver.

If it’s on and solid, it means the A2+ Wireless is on, and currently connected to a Bluetooth-enabled device.

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If it’s on and flashing, it means the A2+ wireless is on but not currently connected to a device.

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If it’s off (and A2+ wireless is on), it means Bluetooth is on standby and not connected to a device. However, your device can still detect the A2+ Wireless, so just connect with your device and it will activate automatically.

What bit rate and bit depth should I set my system to when using the USB input of the A2+ Wireless?

Wireless Powered Speakers

The A2+ Wireless Internal DAC handles up to 48K transfer rate and up to 16K bit-depth. Your system will normally default to these settings when you connect the A2+ Wireless. If you primarily use the 44.1K file, you can set it as the default on your system. Many system players like JRiver and Amarra will automatically default to the appropriate bit rate.

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The A2+ works great via wireless Bluetooth, but they can also be used wired, with more traditional source devices like turntables, CD players, or anything with a standard analog audio connection like RCA or 3.5mm Stereo-Mini . These include USB ports for use with Windows or Mac computers, as well as many smartphones and tablets with the correct USB adapter cable.

My computer’s headphone jack sound quality isn’t great, but I want to connect my A2+ wireless speakers. What will I do?

Headphone output will sound great on many computers with the A2+ Wireless. Some have poor audio quality, so if this is the case for your computer, try connecting to the A2+ wirelessly from a USB port, or wirelessly via Bluetooth.

In most cases, yes! The overall range you can expect will vary depending on things like the device you’re using the A2+ Wireless with, as well as the type of construction used on the walls. In our testing, most mobile devices like smartphones and tablets will have the best range, some of which can exceed 100 feet in good conditions, even through walls. The laptops and desktop computers in our testing generally had poor overall range on the same wall, with an average range of about 70 feet in equally good conditions.

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The A2+ Wireless has a built-in USB digital-to-analog converter (DAC), but can I use a different DAC?

While the DAC in the A2+ Wireless is better than the ones built into most computers, adding a 24-bit DAC, such as our D1 or D3, would still be an advantage for audio quality.

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No additional software or drivers are required. The A2+ Wireless is compatible with any device that supports Bluetooth, and the A2DP profile for streaming stereo audio. This includes most smartphones, tablets and computers. For computers that don’t have Bluetooth support out of the box, you can simply add a USB Bluetooth adapter.

Wireless Powered Speakers

The same is true for the USB connection on the A2+, which uses plug-and-play drivers provided by your computer’s OS. The A2+ USB input is compatible with Windows and Mac computers, iPhones and iPads, and should also work with most Android smartphones and tablets when using Apple’s Lightning USB 3 adapter with a fast wall charger.

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Some turntables do not have a built-in preamp and as a result, you will need to add an external phono preamp between your turntable and the A2+ Wireless. However, many turntables (such as the Music Hall USB-1 or Audio Technica AT-LP120) have a built-in preamp and include a switch for “line” or “phono”. For AudioEngine powered speakers you want to select “Line”.

If the A2+ Wireless is hooked up and connected to my phone via Bluetooth, do I need to do anything to play music?

When your A2+ is wirelessly paired and connected via Bluetooth, any app (TIDAL, Music, Spotify, etc.) will automatically play your music via Bluetooth.

Will my music be interrupted through the A2+ Wireless if I’m watching a movie or music video?

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Although overall latency can be affected by several external factors (not limited to signal strength, and even physical distance from the speaker), Bluetooth on the A2+ Wireless typically has around 30ms (milliseconds). ), so you should be able to watch video from Youtube, for example, and stream audio on the A2+ wireless without any significant or noticeable lag between video and audio.

Can I connect multiple sources to the A2+ Wireless? Can I stream via bluetooth and use USB input at the same time?

Yes, you can use multiple resources with the A2+ Wireless. The analog inputs on the A2+ Wireless are always active. They will work the same way as a Bluetooth or USB input. However, Bluetooth and USB share an internal DAC, so you can only listen to each other, and Bluetooth will take priority. For example, if you are using USB, and start using Bluetooth, USB will be muted and Bluetooth will take over. Depending on your source, if you pause or disconnect from Bluetooth, the speakers may turn on automatically.

Wireless Powered Speakers

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