Wireless Ceiling Speaker System

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If you’re looking to install Bluetooth ceiling speakers in your home or living room, be sure to check out our top picks below.

Wireless Ceiling Speaker System

Wireless Ceiling Speaker System

In this review, we look at some of the best Bluetooth ceiling speakers that deliver crystal clear sound with good bass power for movies, music and surround sound. They are designed to be mounted on the ceiling and require minimal wiring. All of these ceiling speakers have built-in Bluetooth that allows them to play music directly from your smartphone or AV receiver, so you don’t need to run a lot of wires through the ceiling when installing these speakers.

Surround Sound Speaker Setup

Not sure what to choose? Our suppliers recommend the Pyle PDICBT652RD Bluetooth ceiling speakers for their high-quality sound and easy installation.

Wireless Ceiling Speaker System

The first Bluetooth ceiling speaker on this list is the Pyle PDICBT652RD 6.5-Inch Speakers. These are Pyle’s best Bluetooth ceiling speakers with built-in Bluetooth that allows you to stream music directly to these speakers without any additional wiring or receiver. They deliver really crisp stereo sound to any room in the house and can even be connected to home theater systems for surround sound.

The sound quality from the Pyle 6.5″ speakers is decent, with no crackling or distortion when the volume is turned all the way up. Vocal performance and dialogue sound crisp and very clear and you get a wide frequency response with these speakers.

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Wireless Ceiling Speaker System

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While these speakers don’t have deep rumbling bass, they do offer some decent bass tone and low-frequency response for bass-heavy genres.

We like that these Pyle speakers have a built-in circular dirt-repellent speaker grill. These are designed to fit existing flush mounted models in your home or workplace.

Wireless Ceiling Speaker System

The flush mount model is easy to install on a ceiling or wall with pre-cut speaker holes. Manufacturers also offer cut-size models and quick-connect spring-loaded speaker connectors with mounting clips for easy installation.

Pair Of Hifi Surround Sound Wireless Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker System New

You can easily activate Bluetooth audio via the integrated function switch and enjoy the possibility of streaming your audio from a Bluetooth device.

Wireless Ceiling Speaker System

The entire system consists of an active speaker, a passive speaker, a speaker connection cable and a built-in digital audio amplifier with an external power supply.

Additionally, these Bluetooth ceiling speakers have a screw terminal block speaker terminal that can be used to daisy chain multiple speakers for stereo system sound.

Wireless Ceiling Speaker System

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The verdict? The Pyle PDICBT652RD 6.5-inch speakers are the best Bluetooth ceiling speakers you can find. They have a flush mount design and easy installation. They also have built-in Bluetooth connectivity, so once installed you can stream music directly from your smartphone to these speakers.

The Pyle PDICBT87 is one of the best wireless Bluetooth ceiling speakers available. They produce 400 watts of massive sound, making them ideal for large living room and home theater applications. These wireless ceiling speakers have a nominal impedance of 8 ohms and an efficiency of 90 dB, with a wide frequency response of 50 Hz to 20 kHz.

Wireless Ceiling Speaker System

These ceiling speakers have built-in Bluetooth, which lets you play your favorite music from any Bluetooth device on your smartphone. This is great for creating soundscape or stereo sound in any room. The speakers also have a long wireless range of 40 feet, which is an added bonus.

Wifi Digital Amplifier Audio Pa Ceiling Speaker Wireless Microphone Karaoke Home Theatre Sound System

We like that the Pyle includes a circular dirt-repellent speaker grill that matches the flush mount models in your home for a clean look. The cut-out size of the ceiling speakers is 9.6″ (diameter) and 4.4″ (depth).

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Wireless Ceiling Speaker System

If you’re using these speakers in your home theater, they can also connect seamlessly to your AV receiver and provide clear support for rear or front speakers.

These speakers are compact and can be recessed into the ceiling, making them almost invisible to the eye. It has pre-cut speaker holes so you know which size to use.

Wireless Ceiling Speaker System

Sonos Architectural 6 1/2

Finally, the Pyle 400W speakers are relatively easy to install using a cut-out design and speaker connectors. It is also possible to chain these speakers together to create a significantly larger listening area in your living room.

The verdict? If you’re looking for a more powerful wireless Bluetooth speaker option, check out the Pyle PDICBT87 400W Speakers. These ceiling speakers are supplied in a package consisting of an active speaker, a passive speaker, a speaker connection cable and a built-in digital amplifier with an external power supply. Wireless Bluetooth can be activated via an integrated function switch and connected to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth wireless streaming.

Wireless Ceiling Speaker System

The Pyle PDICBT552RD are ceiling mounted Bluetooth speakers with a total sound power of 150 watts. Each ceiling speaker has a powerful polymer tweeter that provides full and rich sound reproduction with wide sound dispersion.

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The sound performance of the Pyle 5.25″ speakers is quite reasonable, with nice highs, crystal clear mids and a good soundstage. We found that you need to use a custom EQ to get the best sound from these speakers as they lack bass. Box

Wireless Ceiling Speaker System

In terms of volume, these speakers are really loud and don’t distort at high volumes, which is a good thing. Song and movie dialogues sound crisp and clear through these speakers.

These Bluetooth ceiling speakers come with a controller for wireless music streaming and also act as a digital amplifier for sound processing. This allows you to mount speakers on any ceiling or room and stream music directly from your smartphone.

Wireless Ceiling Speaker System

In Wall & In Ceiling

These Pyle speakers are made from durable and eco-friendly ABS material and also feature a cutout design for easy installation. Additionally, they feature quick-release spring-loaded speaker connectors and a cut-to-size design for easy installation.

We love that these ceiling speakers are ideal for custom installations and can be used as part of a home theater system. The wireless range of the speaker is about 30 feet.

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Wireless Ceiling Speaker System

Pyle 5.25-inch speakers are flush-mounted into ceilings and walls, making them almost invisible to the eye. They also blend nicely with modern home decor and speaker systems.

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However, the only downside to these speakers is that they run on Bluetooth version 4.0, which is a bit outdated.

Wireless Ceiling Speaker System

The verdict? The Pyle 5.25-inch PDICBT552RD speakers are a cost-effective way to add wireless music to your living room or home. They are some of the best Bluetooth in-ceiling speakers that can be installed flush into the ceiling or wall, blending into the ceiling. These speakers also have Bluetooth integrated, so you can stream music directly from your smartphone to these speakers.

The Lith Audio 6.5 Inch Bluetooth Speakers are the best Bluetooth ceiling speakers you can find. These speakers integrate an amplifier, Bluetooth receiver and high quality speakers to deliver crystal clear sound with great depth and soundscape. If sound reproduction is particularly important, we recommend trying these speakers.

Wireless Ceiling Speaker System

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These Bluetooth ceiling speakers are equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 with a connection range of 30 meters. It also has a built-in amplifier and Bluetooth, completely eliminating the need for an AV receiver. All you have to do is plug the speaker into an outlet or lighting circuit and you’re basically good to go.

What’s more, we love how easy these speakers are to install—they have a frameless protective metal grill that attaches to the speakers magnetically. They also work with the Google Home Mini and Echo dot, which is definitely an added bonus.

Wireless Ceiling Speaker System

For wireless connectivity, the Lith Audio Bluetooth ceiling speakers use a low-latency aptX chipset for high-quality music transmission. It also provides an output for an additional passive slave speaker, so you can expand the entire setup to two ceiling speakers via Bluetooth wireless.

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This bluetooth ceiling speaker is made of high quality materials. The tweeter is made of a 9.75-inch titanium core, while the entire speaker is equipped with a digital Class D amplifier. They have an RMS power of 50 watts and an impedance of 8 ohms, producing enough volume for medium to large living rooms.

Wireless Ceiling Speaker System

The verdict? Lithe Audio 6.5″ speakers are the best Bluetooth ceiling speakers that are easy to install and sound great. They use the latest version of Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX to improve sound quality. The whole package also comes with a power supply, cut-out Template and instruction manual for easy installation.

The Pyle PDICBT286 8” 4 Speaker System is a Bluetooth ceiling speaker system for large room and home theater applications. The speaker system consists of 4 2-way ceiling speakers with a peak power of 250 watts. These speakers have built-in Bluetooth for easy wireless setup and music delivery

Wireless Ceiling Speaker System

Monoprice Aria Ceiling Speaker 8 Inch Subwoofer With Dual Voice Coil (each)

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