Wireless 5.1 Speaker System

Wireless 5.1 Speaker System – Accepts content up to 32GB SDHC cards and FAT-formatted USB drives (see technical specifications for details)

With 160 watts of peak power on tap, this 5.1 speaker system envelops your space in high-quality sound that sounds amazing. Enjoy true surround sound from any source – your TV, phone, computer, game console and more must be connected to the TV via RCA. You can play audio content directly from SD cards, USB devices or FM radio. The subwoofer’s 133.35mm driver pumps out bass you can feel, while the included remote control and extra-long rear cables make it easy to set up and use.

Wireless 5.1 Speaker System

Wireless 5.1 Speaker System

Surround yourself with sound from your favorite movies, music and games with a 5.1 speaker system that includes left, right and center channels, two rear satellites and a subwoofer.

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Enjoy powerful sound from all directions. The Z607 transforms your stereo music into room-surrounding sound that lets you get the most out of your sound.

Wireless 5.1 Speaker System

160 Watt Peak/80 Watt RMS System 133.35mm woofer driver fills your room with incredible sound. You get sparkling clear highs (up to 20 Khz) and deep, powerful bass (down to 50 Hz) with a speaker system built for audiophiles.

The powerful Z607 wide soundstage ensures that you and your guests always have the perfect place to hear everything.

Wireless 5.1 Speaker System

Buy Polk True Surround Iii 5.1 Channel Wireless Surround Sound System, Includes Sound Bar, L & R Rear Surrounds And 7” Subwoofer, Dolby Digital Decoding, Built In Bluetooth, Easy Setup, Black Online In

Extra long 6.2m rear satellite speaker cables allow for optimal placement in living rooms, play areas, offices, bedrooms – almost anywhere you want. Place them on desks, consoles and end tables, or simply mount them on the wall. Mounting brackets are not included.

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Computers, phones, tablets, TVs, Blu-ray/DVD players – listen to audio from almost any source. You can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth or via 3.5mm audio jack or RCA cable to listen to games, music, movies, everything. You can listen to audio from SD cards, USB devices or FM radio.

Wireless 5.1 Speaker System

Enjoy high-quality sound with minimal compression and the ease of use of Bluetooth 4.2. With Bluetooth 4.2 support, you get excellent wireless sound quality and a reliable connection that transfers data 2.5 times faster than Bluetooth 4.1. Stream wirelessly from connected devices up to 15 meters away (within line of sight).

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Control your sound from anywhere in the room (up to 10 meters) with the compact remote control. Play, pause and skip songs, control volume, select input, change radio station and more.

Wireless 5.1 Speaker System

The front panel of the subwoofer also has audio controls, with an LED showing the current source input and volume.

Feel the beat of music and the rumble of movies and games with a subwoofer that delivers deep bass throughout your space. A 5.25” woofer with 50 watts peak power / 25 watts RMS delivers powerful bass with additional low frequency extension thanks to the ported enclosure.

Wireless 5.1 Speaker System

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You’ll hear everything with an extra wide frequency range. The satellite speakers have a bass reflex design that provides bass extension through expertly tuned port tubes. The drivers deliver clarity and high-frequency audio detail that makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the sound – whether it’s a concert recording, a movie or your favorite game. This offer has expired! Follow us on Twitter for the latest deals and more. Sign up to our newsletter and get our best deals delivered to your inbox daily.

For a limited time, Woot has the JBL Bar 5.1-Channel Soundbar with True Wireless Surround Speakers and Subwoofer for $479.95 Prime with non-Prime members for $6 shipping. The same soundbar is currently $600 direct from JBL and $800 from Amazon, making this deal the cheapest option right now. This soundbar system will transform your movie watching experience with a true wireless 5.1 home theater system. You get two detachable battery-powered wireless surround speakers with 10 hours of battery life to complement the soundbar, and a 10-inch wireless subwoofer to add powerful bass. The soundbar has three HDMI inputs with a single HDMI output with ARC so you can connect all your devices through the bar. Bluetooth is supported here with JBL SoundShift so you can instantly switch between TV and phone audio sources. Scroll down for more.

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Wireless 5.1 Speaker System

If you’re on a tight budget but still want to upgrade your moviegoing experience, be sure to check out the $200 Sony HT-S350 Soundbar Wireless Subwoofer. Unlike the JBL option above, you don’t get two additional wireless surround speakers, though you still get a wireless subwoofer. This 2.1 channel system has a total power of 320W which is even lower than the 510W in the JBL system above. HDMI ARC support is also supported for mobile devices with wireless Bluetooth connectivity for a one-cable setup. Overall, this is a pretty basic soundbar setup that will improve on your TV’s built-in speakers but you won’t have any surround sound capabilities.

Platin Monaco 5.1 Wireless Cinema Sound System Review

Visit our Home Theater Hub for the latest deals on other audio systems, TVs and more. We’re currently tracking a deal on the Jamo Compact 5.0 Home Theater System for a new low price of $279. Here you’ll find two bookshelf speakers, one center channel speaker, and two surround sound speakers with magnetic grills that can be attached for a minimalist look.

Wireless 5.1 Speaker System

JBL Bar 5.1-Channel Soundbar System Features: The JBL Bar 5.1 transforms from a soundbar into a true wireless 5.1 home theater system for an epic movie and music listening experience. With 10 hours of playtime, 510W total system power, a 10” wireless subwoofer, two detachable battery-powered wireless surround speakers with three HDMI inputs for connecting 4K devices and Bluetooth, your movies, music and video games will never sound more incredible.

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Wireless 5.1 Speaker System

How To Combine Stereo And Surround Sound In One Av System

Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool…but…you won’t be hiding a rope in this room anytime soon without a lot of work on your hands. Lower level … hard ceiling. So we suffered for three years with a 3.1 home theater after exploring all possible options to create at least a wireless surround 5.1 system. Not possible. From everything I’ve read, there isn’t an acceptable wireless speaker system available that can effectively run wireless surround.

I looked at the Denon Heos as if apparently my receiver is set up for it…but no. Nothing without spending thousands of dollars. At least nothing until we discovered the Platinum Monaco 5.1 Wireless Cinema Sound System with SoundSend Wireless Audio Transmitter. Today… every speaker is wireless, including our subwoofer. No speaker cables… period.

Wireless 5.1 Speaker System

Before we get into the details, let’s talk about that word on top of this image, the puck-shaped object in WiSA. It’s a Wireless Speaker and Audio Association brand and their bread and butter is establishing and maintaining standards for wireless speakers and audio devices. These standards speak for the streaming of eight channels of audio wirelessly. This audio is transmitted over 24 RF channels from previously reserved radar and weather channels between the 5.1-5.8 GHz bands, meaning no interference with your home Wi-Fi. The Monaco 5.1 system has no connection to your home Wi-Fi.

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The signal is sent to all speakers uncompressed and at up to 24-bit 48/96kHz which is twice the quality of CD and guaranteed to match all speakers with undetectable microsecond delay. Transmitter-to-speaker latency is 5.2ms which is 1/10th the latency of Bluetooth with a maximum wireless distance from SoundSend transmitter to speaker of 9 meters or 30 feet. In plain English, this means home theater voice-to-lip sync is off and there’s no delay when you change channels or turn your system on or off.

Wireless 5.1 Speaker System

That said, the WiSA Platin Monaco Home Cinema isn’t a multi-room or whole-home system like we see from Denon, Sonos and other companies, and it also doesn’t stream over Bluetooth, unless your TV has that feature. The Platinum Monaco 5.1 Wireless Cinema Sound System is WiSA certified. If you haven’t heard of WiSA, that’s to be expected as it’s not as established as BT or Wi-Fi. Members include some of the top members in the world

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