Wirecutter Best Portable Speaker

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Wirecutter Best Portable Speaker

Wirecutter Best Portable Speaker

Portable Bluetooth speakers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and prices, so it’s impossible to say that one model is perfect for everyone. But we think the UE Wonderboom 2 has the best chance of pleasing your ears without breaking the bank. This speaker has a full, clear sound and a compact design. It’s waterproof and dustproof, and built to survive even the most adventurous of vacations.

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UE Wonderboom 2 is as euphonious as Ariana Grande, but as fierce as Lara Croft. In our blind tests, our panelists chose this Bluetooth speaker as the best-sounding model under $100, with very clear voice reproduction and a decent amount of bass for its size. It’s rated IP67 and is one of the most durable Bluetooth speakers we’ve tested, able to survive a 5ft drop and 1m submersion, but since it floats, it probably won’t ever be submerged that deep. The only downside to the Wonderboom 2 is its battery life, which is decent but not impressive at eight hours. We like the Wonderboom’s nice, compact design, although its almost spherical shape makes it a bit more difficult to fit into a suitcase pocket or laptop bag.

If you want a portable Bluetooth speaker that’s durable enough to take the sound of a good little stereo system just about anywhere, the JBL Xtreme 2 is a great choice. Three out of four of our listeners thought the Xtreme 2 was the best-sounding speaker we tested, thanks to its rich bass, high maximum volume and clean, clear sound. It’s IPX7 certified, meaning it can withstand submersion in up to 1 meter of water, and has a handy, sturdy carrying strap. The Xtreme 2 also claimed 19 hours of battery life. However, it is much bigger and more expensive than the UE Wonderboom 2.

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If you need something a little louder and fuller than the UE Wonderboom 2, but more portable and affordable than the JBL Xtreme 2, the Sony SRS-XB32 strikes a nice middle ground. It’s twice the size of the Wonderboom 2, sounds a bit louder and packs a lot more bass. It’s also durable, with an IP67 waterproof/dustproof rating. In our battery test, it automatically lowered its volume after about six hours of fairly loud use, but then played for another five hours or more. It also has adjustable multi-color lights and flashing lights that we don’t like, but someone has to like these things or the manufacturers wouldn’t have included them.

If you want a good portable Bluetooth speaker for the bare minimum, the Tribit XSound Go is a great option. Of course, its sound is clearer and louder than almost all cheap Bluetooth speakers. The XSound Go is also small enough to fit in a laptop bag or an already packed suitcase, and lasts for 10.5 hours on a charge. It’s also IPX7 rated, which means it’s waterproof enough to survive a half-hour submersion in 1 meter of water, and it has speakerphone functionality.

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The EcoXGear EcoBoulder+ portable Bluetooth speaker is a completely different kind of speaker than our other options: it turns up the volume for pool parties, picnics, and events. While it can be explosive, it can also be relaxed – not only with natural, natural sounds, but also with bottle openers and cup holders. At 29 pounds and the size of a rolling suitcase, the EcoBoulder+ isn’t something you’ll take on business trips, but its retractable handle and wheels make it easy to tote around. It also has an AM/FM radio and a long battery life – 24 hours in our test.

I have been reviewing audio equipment professionally since 1990. I have written reviews for magazines and websites including Sound & Vision, Home Theater Review, LifeWire, and Home Theater. I’ve done more blind tests of audio products than probably any other journalist, and I’ve tested about 350 wireless speakers to date. Since 2008, I’ve brought portable Bluetooth speakers on about 100 trips, from bike tours to ocean cruises to week-long fairs.

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For our final audition, I sat on the panel with Wirecutter frontman, writer Lauren Dragan, and two musicians I play with frequently in Los Angeles: woodwind player Dan Gondo and drummer Sammy Velick, both in their 30s. Dan and Sammy have extensive experience in music production and production. And they both have some Bluetooth speakers and have been heard a lot more in my house where I use them to demo jazz tunes for musicians during jam sessions.

Wirecutter Best Portable Speaker

Anyone who owns a smartphone or tablet would be happy to have a portable Bluetooth speaker that can enhance their listening experience on the go. Bluetooth is available in all smartphones and tablets today, as well as most laptops, so you don’t need any additional equipment. Unlike smart speakers and Wi-Fi speakers, Bluetooth speakers don’t need a network connection or a special app – everything you play on your phone will play through the speaker.

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Portable Bluetooth speakers have a rechargeable battery and are often waterproof or splashproof, so you can easily take them around the house or take them to the park or beach. We find that they make hotel rooms feel like home.

The best of these speakers offer good enough sound quality for casual music, podcasts, and Internet radio. Although Bluetooth degrades the sound quality a bit, you’re unlikely to hear the effects on such low-quality speakers. If you are concerned about this, take an online blind test on my website and see what you think.

If sound quality and volume are your top priorities and you don’t plan on taking the speaker out of the house, you may want to check out the larger and more powerful speakers listed in our other desktop speaker guides:

For truly faithful sound, we recommend a decent set of bookshelf speakers and a stereo receiver, or one of our best computer speaker guides. You get a cleaner sound, much better stereo imaging and usually a much deeper bass response. If the system does not have a built-in Bluetooth interface, you can add a Bluetooth adapter.

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Voice control, popularized by the Amazon Echo and Google Home, is uncommon in portable Bluetooth speakers, as nearly all voice control technology requires a Wi-Fi connection to function. Some Bluetooth speakers offer a button that activates your phone’s voice control technology (such as Google Assistant), but since you can access these features directly from your phone, this isn’t much of a benefit.

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I believe there are thousands of models of Bluetooth speakers available today, many of which are sold under unknown brand names and sometimes only through Amazon. With new ones appearing every week it would be impossible to find and listen to them all. However, we’ve heard the top models and are always looking for promising new models to try.

After considering all the criteria, we evaluated 35 new models for the final update, 1More, Anker, Audioengine, Doss, EarFun, Heyday, Harman Kardon, JBL, Kew Labs, LG, House of Marley, Marshall, LG, House of Marley, Marshall and including the latest versions of 1More. Monoprice, Sony, Tribit, Tronsmart, UE, VicTsing and Vifa. That brings us to about 270 Bluetooth speakers we’ve tested since this guide was first published.

Wirecutter Best Portable Speaker

Our top picks from left to right: EcoXGear EcoBoulder+, Sony SRS-XB32, Tribit XSound Go, UE Wonderboom 2 and JBL Xtreme 2. Photo: Rozette Rago

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As has become my usual practice when updating this guide, I started giving all the new models a long listen, connected them via Bluetooth via a Samsung Galaxy S9 phone and played the same four test tracks: pop, heavy metal, hip-hop. and jazz I compared the speakers not only to each other, but also to some of our previous picks.

I measured the maximum output of each speaker at a distance of 1 meter using an NTi Minilyzer audio analyzer and a calibrated NTi MiniSPL test microphone. For this round of testing, I made a change from my previous testing method because I found that my previous methods did not accurately reflect the maximum volume level of the speakers I was testing. I believe this is due to the increasing sophistication of internal limiters that protect the speakers and minimize distortion. So instead of simply playing pink noise and recording the maximum decibel level on the sound analyzer, I used the analyzer’s Leq mode, which measured the average maximum level while playing a very loud recording of ZZ Top’s “Chartreuse.” Sometimes the result was slightly higher than previous tests, sometimes slightly lower, but I think this approach will give a result that better reflects what you will hear in everyday use.

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