Wifi Stereo System

Wifi Stereo System – Ruark Audio believes that everyone deserves good design in their lives and the sleek, elegant R3 series helps people enjoy life a little more. It combines a bold, high-end design with a funky sporty look, topped off with a powerful sound that belies its size. It is also very flexible, allowing users to do more than they thought possible with such a system.

The R3 figures have been carefully considered to create a purposeful look, while the sculpted legs that fit the upper body give the impression that it looks ready for work. The system drives a high-hostile two-channel Class AB and with our NS+ drivers and our latest digital sound processing system, we’ve optimized the sound at all levels to deliver a real sound level that extends beyond the compact length.R3. Whatever your musical tastes, the R3 is an outstanding all-rounder that will satisfy the needs of even the most discerning listener.

Wifi Stereo System

Wifi Stereo System

With such a selection of stations, the radio remains one of the best ways to enjoy music and chat and with the SmartRadio tuner, the R3 is designed to maximize the enjoyment of this system. DAB/DAB+ and an FM tuner provide quick access to local and national broadcasts but with internet included, the R3 gives you access to stations and podcasts from around the world, including many other listening services. Whatever your interest in music or talk, with R3 you will quickly find new and old stations you will love and if you live in another country you can stay connected by still enjoying your favorite programs from home.

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The music streaming service is great, but for the best sound, CDs are still one of the best ways to listen and with its high definition player, the R3 will make your CD collection the best it can be. In addition to vinyl restoration, here at Ruark we believe that playing something like a CD is an experience that should not be lost in time and by buying physical music we support music and people who paint what we love. In addition to standard CDs, the R3 also plays CDs created using popular formats such as WAV and MP3, and also displays the music and technical information when this data is on the disc.

2 year warranty. is a licensed manufacturer of Ruark Audio. All Ruark Audio products purchased are eligible for warranty. Upgrade your stereo and bring high-quality music streaming into your home. Connect B-Fi to any music system and internet to stream from your favorite music service or directly from your music library using your phone, tablet or computer.

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Upgrade your favorite audio equipment and bring seamless wireless music streaming into your home. Connect B-Fi to any music system and your Wi-Fi network to stream from your favorite music or library using your phone, tablet or computer.

Download our accompanying app and connect to your home Wi-Fi network using your iOS or Android phone or tablet. Then quickly stream high-quality music from included musicians or leave our app and play from any other player or streaming service via Airplay.

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Access your music library or use our in-app music services, including Amazon Music, Spotify, TIDAL, Qobuz, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Napster and more, using your iOS or Android phone. Or use AirPlay to stream from a music player or other service without using a single stock app

Add B-Fi to other music systems or home theater systems for multi-room audio, stereo pairing and multi-user capabilities. Manage your music anywhere in your home and play any song in any room (or any room). B-Fi is easy to set up, easy to control and has digital and analogue inputs for high-resolution audio. And no matter how you listen, B-Fi’s sound quality will always be class-leading.

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If B-Fi is used outside of the Audioengine app, will the multi-room and stereo setup work with other music apps?

Wifi Stereo System

Yes. If your hotspot is listed as an option in the Wi-Fi network, you can use it as an access point.

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B-Fi supports CD-quality playback, without compression. Although you can play higher-quality audio than CDs on B-Fi via DLNA, UPnP or advanced streaming apps like TIDAL and Qobuz, all audio is transmitted in 16-bit 44.1kHz. .

Yes. You can play music from your library, portable storage devices, USB sticks and portable hard drives on the NAS.

All Audioengine powered speaker systems with standard input (RCA or 3.5mm) or digital optical input work with B-Fi.

Any source can be used for multi-room playback from your B-Fi(s) when using AirPlay, or when streaming audio via DLNA/UPnP, or using an Integrated Streaming service in Audioengine’s control software. The B-Fi(s) should first be configured as a device using the Audioengine control software.

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You can use these two systems separately, with their apps, and separately via Airplay. However, Sonos speakers cannot be integrated into the B-Fi system. The Audioengine Connect app can recognize B-FI connected audio systems, the Sonos app does not recognize B-Fi wireless music. Therefore, there will be no way to connect them.

3 year warranty. is an authorized Audioengine dealer. All Audioengine products purchased are eligible for warranty.

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