Wifi Speaker Google Assistant

Wifi Speaker Google Assistant – Whether you’re looking to improve your home Wi-Fi signal or trying to squeeze more performance out of your Google Stadia network, a mesh system like Nest Wifi is the way to go. We had a chance to spend a few weeks with the main Nest Wifi and a separate Nest Wifi signal with a built-in Google Assistant speaker to test what each brings to the table.

Like other routers, the Nest Wifi is a “set it and forget it” device. That’s why, I’ve devoted a large part of this review to the Nest Wifi setup.

Wifi Speaker Google Assistant

Wifi Speaker Google Assistant

Given how difficult it is to set up a mesh network for a non-technical person, Google’s first idea should be “easy to use.” At every step of the process, Nest Wifi delivers on that promise.

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This is most evident in the Nest Wifi package. Right inside the box are the two main parts of the Nest Wifi, the router and the signal. This allowed me to quickly see their size and decide where I wanted to place it.

Under these guidelines and two power adapters, which are easy to remove from the box while still in good condition, thanks to the included cable ties. Finally, the ethernet cable for connecting the main router to your modem is in a separate, easy-to-open cardboard box.

As someone who has unboxed and set up more than my fair share of routers while working in IT, the Nest Wifi was the easiest to unbox. I know a lot of people think that’s an understatement, but it seemed like a great experience to me.

As mentioned, the only wires in the Nest Wifi are the power supplies – one for each device – and one Ethernet cable. The lack of a second Ethernet cable to connect anything directly to the router is disappointing, but I imagine most homes have one cable lying around.

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Once you’ve connected the router to power and an internet connection, you’re ready to set up your network. Unlike Google’s previous generation of wireless networks, Google Wifi, you don’t need a separate app to set up or control Nest Wifi. Using the Google Home app, you can add a Nest Wifi router and signal to your home just like any other Chromecast or Assistant speaker.

Step by step, the Google Home app will guide you through setting up your new home network, mostly by scanning QR codes, choosing the right network name and password, and setting up Language Pairing.

Obviously, the most difficult step is deciding on the right name for your network and a secure password to match. Unlike most routers, Nest Wifi doesn’t offer presets for these, leaving you to your own devices. With the amount of damage an unsecured network can do, I’m surprised Google hasn’t thought more about this.

Wifi Speaker Google Assistant

Once you’re done with the setup, the Nest Wifi router will partially shut down in the background, just like any other router. Just connect your devices and get back online.

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On the networking side of things, the Nest Wifi has only two main advantages over other wireless systems like the Eero. The first is deep integration into Google’s ecosystem that enables small but sometimes useful things like quickly displaying a guest network password on a Google Assistant display like the Nest Hub.

Second—and for my use, most importantly—Nest Wifi offers a “Game Perfect Mode” for Google Stadia, the company’s game streaming service. With “Preferred Game” enabled, Nest Wifi will detect if a device has started streaming from Stadia, and will try to place that device on other devices. In other words, if you’re playing Stadia and a family member starts streaming Disney+, it won’t affect your game.

This type of adjustment can be done manually by using the QoS settings on other routers by someone who knows what they are doing, but, due to the many capabilities of Google Stadia, it is still difficult to configure these settings. Offering this as an easy on/off feature is a nice feature of Nest Wifi.

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In practice, I can say that between switching from one router to two Nest Wifi packs, and making Playtime Mode, the number of issues found has decreased. Google Stadia during my review. This is especially true when playing on my Pixel phone, which used to be my smallest Stadia device, which has a lot of disconnects.

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However, there’s no real way to prove that these benefits are the result of Selective Access Mode or a better Wi-Fi signal in my home.

The only negative thing I can say in this review about Nest Wifi as a router is that it is not futuristic. Last year, the first Wi-Fi 6-enabled devices entered people’s homes. CES 2020 introduced a number of new devices that support the growing Wi-Fi standard, including Chromebooks like the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook.

Apart from this, only Nest Wifi (which was known as 802.11ac) is compatible with Wi-Fi 5. Since the router is the core of your home network and something you don’t expect to replace often, it is unfortunate to buy a router that is inferior to the technology available. At the same time, in the near future, the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 will not be invisible to all but the most tech-savvy among us.

Wifi Speaker Google Assistant

What sets the Nest Wifi system apart is its versatility. The basic Nest Wifi is just a router, no different from the previous Google Wifi. However, now two Nest Wifi brands have become Google Assistant speakers – and good stuff!

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My first review after setting up and changing some sounds was the Nest Wifi signal sound

. Especially compared to the Google Home Day that used to live in my bedroom, the difference is night and day.

The drums and bass guitar come out bright and powerful in a way I never expected from such an instrument

Wi-Fi signal. I used the equalizer in the Google Home app to dial the bass back a bit. After this adjustment, the whole sound of the music came to life, with cymbals and high vocals sounding good.

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With Nest Wifi, Internet Routers Will Double As Google Assistant Smart Speakers

Otherwise, the Nest Wifi signal is the same as other Google Home/Nest products. Saying “Hey Google” will bring up Google Assistant. The only difference is that the Nest Wifi icon has a light circle around its base that lights up when the Assistant starts. The brightness of this lamp can be adjusted or turned off completely.

As our homes are filled with Wi-Fi enabled devices, the need for a mesh network is inevitable. Now, mesh Wi-Fi systems are expensive products that require a hefty price tag, and Nest Wifi is no different.

If Google Assistant is your home AI voice of choice, there are two solid alternatives to consider: 2017’s Google Wifi and the new Nest Wifi. Well, even though Nest Wifi was designed to replace and replace Google Wifi, both products are still available to buy now.

Wifi Speaker Google Assistant

What’s more difficult is that Google’s Wifi has the same features – a less powerful speaker – and a lower price tag. Now, you can buy three inches of Google Wifi for less than two inches of Nest Wifi. The old system is flawed

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The setup and work process is more complicated, if you want to use Google Wifi separately for certain tasks.

If you want to put a Google smart speaker where you put a Wi-Fi signal, it’s hard to justify Nest Wifi’s current prices. But on the flip side, Marie Kondo would be proud of Google’s ability to turn two different tools into one.

That said, overall, I was very happy with the Nest Wifi system during my review and would recommend it to network novices for its ease of setup and amazing audio quality.

Nest Wifi comes bundled with one (router) for $169, two (router + signal) $269, and three (router + two signals) $349, and are available from many popular retailers including B&H Photo, Amazon, Best Buy. , and the Google Store.

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