Wifi Radio Speaker

Wifi Radio Speaker – Perfect on its own or with a TV as a complete home entertainment solution, the R5 reflects our rich heritage with our awareness of changing technology in a system that is timeless and built to last. . The R5 is the perfect ‘all-in-one’ system for music and design enthusiasts, combining our knowledge of the past with our vision of the future. We know from feedback that many love the R7’s design and features, so with the R5 we’ve stripped our flagship model of everything but sound to create a system that’s simply a pioneer. now. The R5 is also multi-room ready and if you prefer, we can pair it with the MRx, R2 Mk3 and R7 Mk3 to provide great surround sound around your home.

Whether you want to stream wirelessly or connect a DVD player or TV, R5 has you covered. For live streaming, the R5’s aptX HD Bluetooth receiver delivers CD quality from compatible devices and with broadband connectivity you can access the world’s Internet radio stations and an unlimited music library on through services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer and Tidal. In addition, with analog and digital inputs, it is also easy to connect and enjoy other devices. The R5 in particular makes a great TV speaker.

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Wifi Radio Speaker

Wifi Radio Speaker

We pride ourselves on our outward appearance but with a self-confident heritage, we know that what’s underneath is what matters most! We are proud to say that we work on every aspect of product design, spending endless hours debating and evaluating to create what we believe is the best. For example, the R5 uses a high quality wireless power supply with A-B amplifier and active electronics and equalizer for fine control of the speaker unit. This technology is usually only available in special high-end devices.

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With its powerful sound, the R5 will fill your room with music, but with its ‘multi-room’ capability, it’s easy to connect wirelessly and sync with other models we’ve got online like MRx and R7 Mk3 to provide consistent sound wherever you are. around your desires. at home. Connectivity and compatibility with other components means you can customize the sound levels around your home to your liking, so whether you want to relax or party, with the R5 you can do it all. and many others.

The brand’s RotoDial controller offers a smooth control system that’s easy to use and like our flagship R7, the R5 also includes a matching remote that’s a true reflection of the main controller. With superior radio connectivity, the remote control does not need to be pointed during operation and placed on the table or sitting in your hand, the remote control is an ergonomic joy. An app called UNDOK is also available for iOS and Android devices. This allows full control of the R5 and is ideal for managing multiple setups and controls.

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2 year warranty. is an authorized Ruark Audio dealer. All Ruark Audio products purchased are guaranteed.

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