Wifi Home Stereo System

Wifi Home Stereo System – Upgrade your stereo and bring high-fidelity music streaming to your home. Connect B-Fi to any music system and the internet, directly from your favorite music service or music library using your phone, tablet or computer.

Upgrade your favorite audio gear and bring high-fidelity wireless music streaming to your home. Connect B-Fi to any music system and WiFi network of your favorite music players or music library using your phone, tablet or computer.

Wifi Home Stereo System

Wifi Home Stereo System

Download the companion app and connect to your home Wi-Fi network using your iOS or Android phone or tablet. Then instantly stream high quality music wirelessly from built-in music players or exit our app and play from another player or streaming service via Airplay.

Audioengine A1 Mr Multiroom Home Music System W/ Wifi

Stream your music library or access music services including Amazon Music, Spotify, TIDAL, Qobuz, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Napster and more using your iOS or Android phone. Or use AirPlay to stream from another music player or service so you’re not stuck with a product app

Add additional B-Fi streams to other music or home theater systems for extra sound, stereo pairing and multi-user capabilities. Control your music from anywhere in your home and play any song in any room (or every room). The B-Fi is easy to set up, simple to control and has digital and analog outputs for high quality audio. And no matter how you listen, B-Fi audio quality will always be best-in-class.

If B-Fi is used outside of the AudioEngine app, will the multiroom and stereo settings follow other music services and apps?

Yup. If your hotspot is listed as a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can use it as a hotspot.

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B-Fi enables lossless playback of CD-quality audio with zero compression. While you can stream CD-quality audio to B-Fi via DLNA, UPnP, or streaming apps like TIDAL and Qobuz, all audio is delivered at 16-bit 44.1kHz.

Yup. You can play music from your library, mobile device storage device, USB flash drive, external hard drives and NAS.

Any audio engine speaker system with a line-level input connection (RCA or 3.5mm) or digital optical input will work with B-Fi.

Wifi Home Stereo System

Any audio source can be used when using AirPlay via B-Fi(s), or audio streaming via DLNA/UPnP, or streaming services built into the AudioEngine Control app. The B-Fi(s) must first be configured in groups using the AudioEngine Control application.

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You can use these two systems separately with the respective apps and separately via Airplay. Sonos speakers cannot be integrated into a B-Fi system. The Audioengine Connect app can only recognize B-FI connected audio systems and the Sonos app does not recognize B-Fi wireless music streams. So there would be no way to put them together.

3 years warranty. authorized audio dealer. All audio products purchased are eligible for warranty. Ruark Audio believes that everyone deserves good design in their lives and the smart and stylish R3 system helps people enjoy life with less. It combines a sleek, sophisticated design with a fun, versatile form factor, complete with a loud sound that belies its height. It is also very flexible, allowing users to do more than is possible with this system.

The R3’s carefully considered proportions create a purposeful look, while the cantilevered legs frame the device so it looks straight up and ready to go. Driving the system is a high-fidelity two-channel A-B amplifier, and with our NS+ drivers and the latest digital sound processing techniques, we’ve fine-tuned the sound at every level, delivering a realistic soundstage beyond the R3’s compact dimensions. . Whatever your musical taste, the R3 is an excellent system to satisfy the needs of the most demanding listener.

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With such a huge selection of stations, radio is one of the best ways to enjoy music and chat, and its SmartRadio R3 tuner is designed to enjoy this media. DAB/DAB+ and FM tuners provide quick access to local and national broadcasts, but with an Internet tuner included, the R3 gives you access to stations and podcasts from around the world, including many listening services. Whatever your music taste or conversation, with the R3 you’ll quickly find your favorite new and old stations and stay connected while enjoying your favorite shows at home, even if you live abroad.

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Music streaming services are good, but one of the best ways to listen to CDs is for the best sound, and with its high-spec player, the R3 will make your CD collection even better. In addition to restoring vinyl records, here at Ruark we believe that playing CDs in the most tactile way you like is an experience not to be missed, and by buying physical music we believe we are supporting the music and artists we love. In addition to standard CDs, the R3 also plays self-made CDs encoded in popular formats such as WAV and MP3, and displays track and artist information when that data is on disc.

2 years warranty. Ruark Audio is an authorized dealer. All Ruark audio products purchased are eligible for warranty. As a standalone or complete TV home entertainment solution, the R5 incorporates our rich heritage of transformational technology into a timeless and enduring system. Combining our knowledge of the past with our vision for the future, the R5 is the ultimate all-in-one system for music and design enthusiasts. We know from the feedback that a lot of people love the design and features of the R7, so with the R5, we’ve scaled back our core model to create a pioneering system. The R5 is also multi-room ready and can be wirelessly connected to our MRx, R2 Mk3 and R7 Mk3 if you wish to deliver beautiful sound in your home.

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Whether you want to stream wirelessly or connect to a turntable or TV, the R5 has you covered. For live streaming, the R5’s aptX HD Bluetooth receiver delivers CD quality from compatible devices, and with a broadband connection, you can access internet radio stations from around the world and an unlimited music library from services like Spotify. , Amazon Music, Deezer and Tidal. Plus, it’s easy to connect and enjoy other devices with both analog and digital inputs. In particular, the R5 is a great sound system for TVs.

Wifi Home Stereo System

We’re proud of our visual design, but with our loyal heritage, we know it’s very important! We pride ourselves on working with every aspect of our product design, spending endless hours debating and evaluating to create the best we can. For example, the R5 uses a high-capacity linear power supply to precisely control Class A-B amplifiers and active electronics and equalizers. This technology is usually only found in high-end audio equipment.

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With the R5’s powerful sound, your room will be filled with music, but with its ‘multi-room’ capabilities, it’s easy to wirelessly connect and sync, delivering synced sound wherever you want, just like our internet-enabled MRx and R7 Mk3 . home Pairing and syncing with other units means you can customize your sound to your liking, so whether you’re chilling out or partying, the R5 lets you do it all.

Our trademark RotoDial is easy to use and like our flagship R7, the R5 also includes a direct remote that mirrors the main controller. Using a high radio connection, the remote doesn’t have to face work, sit at the table, or enjoy the ergonomic pleasure of the remote in your hand. We also have an app called UNDOK for iOS and Android devices. This allows full control over the R5 and is ideal for multi-room setup and control management.

2 years warranty. Ruark Audio is an authorized dealer. All Ruark audio products are covered by a warranty.

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