Wifi Audio Wireless Speaker Server

Wifi Audio Wireless Speaker Server – With this package, you can turn your commercial or residential speaker system into a high-performance wireless system for perfect remote access. Using the Hi-Fi capabilities of the SRT4, you can connect up to 4 zones to each zone in the MX880 to control all 4 zones individually or even as a group in the OSD Player application.

The MX880 is an incredibly powerful 4-zone 8-channel digital amplifier for commercial and residential audio systems that require reliable multi-zone power. A slim, 2U rack-mountable and cool-running multi-room amplifier, the MX880 features eight channels of 80 watts each into 4 ohms / 50 watts into 8 ohms, and can be configured as a main amplifier for distribution systems of sound such as for background music, panning and multi-zone sound or as an amplifier for 5.1 or 7.2 home theater surround sound systems.

Wifi Audio Wireless Speaker Server

Wifi Audio Wireless Speaker Server

SRT4 4-Zone Wi-Fi Smart Multimedia Audio Streaming Server The SRT4 is a 4-Zone Multimedia Audio Streaming Server that supports commercial and residential customers who want to wirelessly play audio and control audio in homes, restaurants, offices, gyms or retail spaces. .without breaking the bank. This feature-rich wireless streaming preamplifier connects and delivers 24-bit audiophile-quality sound from your music library, Spotify, Napster, iTunes or iHeartRadio, and can be used with Alexa to play other music sources or Internet radio – all with easy control. with the free OSD Play app for smartphones or tablets. NERO LINK XD is a unique wireless streaming receiver module that brings pre-Wi-Fi audio devices into the wireless world while maintaining the high-end sound quality you know and love. If you’re still stuck with older amplifiers and receivers, struggling to trade that rich audiophile-level quality for cheap but convenient Bluetooth speakers or plug and play adapters, NERO LINK XD is the solution you never knew existed. .

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With NERO LINK XD, you can experience true hi-fi sound at an affordable price and give new life to two-channel systems, tower speakers and receivers that cost a pretty penny back in the day. NERO LINK XD includes a 3.5mm RCA cable adapter and USB charger that can be plugged into your old-school amplifier or receiver, then paired with your smartphone or tablet via OSD Audio’s free Player app . Once paired, the NERO LINK XD sends a Wi-Fi signal to the amplifier/receiver and allows you to stream Spotify, In-tune radio and i-Heart Radio, and control your music from your phone or tablet. With NERO LINK XD, you can stream your favorite tunes around the house, garage or basement with a real high-quality receiver or amplifier, and listen to music without the distraction of commercials or static. A standalone device that only requires a Wi-Fi network, NERO LINK XD also connects with NERO STREAM XD for high-end multi-room audio at a price anyone can afford.

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Wifi Audio Wireless Speaker Server

Whole House Audio Connect one to six NERO LINK XDs to an OSD Audio multichannel amplifier and enjoy whole house audio controlled via smartphone or tablet. Through OSD Player, you can play all or NERO LINK XD with its own source, or group any combination. There is also an external source input to NERO for additional options.

Yes, but first you need to configure NERO Link with the OSD Player app, which you can find in the app store. After NERO Link syncs with your Wi-Fi network, you need to reconnect your device to your home Wi-Fi network. Then open Apple Airplay, select the source you want to stream from there, and NERO Link should appear in the list. Please feel free to contact OSD Audio Customer Service to guide you through the process. This feature increases the number of sources available for NERO Streaming devices.

Wifi Audio Wireless Speaker Server

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This product may expose you to chemicals, including (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), which is known by the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, visit www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Hi Ray: It works with APPLE AIRPLAY but not with APPLE AIRPLAY 2 multizone control. Neither NERO-Link nor NERO Stream XD nor SRT1 nor SRT4 support APPLE AIRPLAY 2 TimL/

Wifi Audio Wireless Speaker Server

Mike • 17/12/2019, 14:17:43 Can multiple mirrors work together and play the same songs at the same time as the Sonos? And can you separate them to play different songs in different areas?

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Hello Mike! You can add all devices in OSD Audio. It is possible to rename all devices. You can then group any number of devices in the app or play individually. Just join the NERO Links you want to play together. Our current streaming options are Spotify, My Music, iHeartRadio, TuneIn Radio, Tidal and Napster. We also added the ability to add Alexa. We also include an 8-channel / 4-zone amplifier and a 16-channel / 8-zone amplifier, each with dual bus inputs, so you can add one to four or eight zones depending on the amplifier you choose. A 12-channel/6-zone amplifier is also available. You’ll also have the option to add our NERO XD Streaming Integrated Amplifier to the mix. Good question TL/5511

Wifi Audio Wireless Speaker Server

Hi Jared! Our OSD Audio Play app has been available for about a month. Our current streaming options are Spotify, My Music, iHeartRadio, TuneIn Radio, Tidal and Napster. We added the ability to add Alexa. No Apple Airplay yet. Others have asked about AirPlay, stay connected. TL/5515

Donovan McKinney • 2019-12-17, 14:17:43 I have several systems around the house. Can I stream to more than one or two at a time = the same content to multiple receivers?

Wifi Audio Wireless Speaker Server

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Hi Donavan! As long as you have RCA stereo line or Aux line inputs, you should be able to add links to each and then control them individually or create as many groups as you want. TL/5516

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