Whole Home Wireless Speakers

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Wireless audio and video solutions provider, Libre Wireless Technologies has announced that RIVA Festival and RIVA Stadium wireless audio speakers will re-launch in version 2.0 which now includes all the latest design features offered in the services Amazon Alexa Built-in for a specific purpose. on Amazon’s new Multiroom Music Feature (“MRM”). RIVA launched an Amazon “voice-enabled” speaker in 2018, which worked with Libre Wireless and replaced all previous speaker models launched by RIVA Audio until 2017.

Whole Home Wireless Speakers

Whole Home Wireless Speakers

Wireless audio and video solutions provider, Libre Wireless Technologies has announced that RIVA Festival and RIVA Stadium wireless audio speakers will re-launch in version 2.0 which now includes all the latest design features offered in the services Amazon Alexa Built-in for a specific purpose. on Amazon’s new Multiroom Music Feature (“MRM”). RIVA launched Amazon audio-enabled speakers in 2018, which worked with Libre Wireless and replaced all previous speaker models launched by RIVA Audio until 2017.

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Both speakers now include advanced Amazon Alexa features and are based on RIVA’s original Trillium technology, a proprietary sound design that provides a 300-degree sound field without excessive compression to allow for enhanced music content reproduction capabilities. This combination of high quality sound and volume control provides users with unmatched natural sound as well as a comfortable listening experience.

With Amazon MRM, users can stream music to a single speaker, or combine speakers in groups to listen and control music throughout your home. With MRM, music streaming works seamlessly with Amazon-branded Echo speakers as well as other MRM-certified third-party audio speakers. You can use simple voice commands to control all music experiences in your home as well as listen to news, control smart devices in your home, activate tens of thousands of skills and more.

The RIVA Voice Series, launched in 2018, now offers seamless wireless connectivity and advanced multimedia streaming with MRM and Amazon Comms and Messaging experiences using the Libre LibreSync technology platform for Voice Services Alexa. Libre’s extensible system integrates components into leading ecosystems, providing superior audio performance and feature customization based on the city’s proven and mature LibreSync SDK.

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“The collaboration between Amazon AVS, Libre and RIVA has resulted in one of the most versatile multi-room speaker systems available on the market in 2020,” said Rikki Farr, CEO of RIVA Audio. set up with the ease of a BLE app, listeners then have full access to award-winning audio through all channels; This is a big step forward in terms of sound quality and ease of use at a very affordable price. “

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Jordan Watters, CEO of Libre Wireless Technologies, said: “We are delighted to be a technology partner with RIVA to deliver what we believe to be the most exciting loudspeaker products on the market. “Libre’s expertise in audio performance using our state-of-the-art software top and audio verification labs has resulted in some of the most impressive products in the category – both in terms of music quality and audio component performance.”

RIVA Concert and RIVA Stadium loudspeakers are expected to go on sale in the retail market in August 2020, having previously been released in the US, UK and German markets. Software updates for original versions released in 2018 have not yet been specified by RIVA. Like it or not, major electronics manufacturers are removing the 3.5mm jack from some popular devices, from phones to computers. While it’s hard for many of us to say goodbye to this beloved space-age technology, the death of the headphone jack isn’t an ominous sign of the dark ages of audio. . While we wondered about the 3.5mm hole in our hearts (and the lack of one in our phones), audio manufacturers invented home audio technology. at home, transforming wireless audio from a lossless technology used only for quick convenience into a viable means of “Big Hearing.” This guide will cover the latest in wireless home audio technology (portable speakers are largely outside the scope of this section) and some of the best devices and systems for enjoying great wireless sound. long anywhere in your home.

Wireless audio isn’t a new technology at all – it dates back to the 19th century if you want to count the number of radio inventions – but recent technological advances have made it more important than ever. Using modern Wi-Fi technology, you can stream audio wirelessly through speakers in any room in your home without sacrificing sound fidelity. Smartphone apps put home audio control at your fingertips, connecting with your favorite music systems and other audio sources so you can listen to your entire home with just one touch. The voice assistant can play your favorite songs with a simple voice command and play it on all compatible wireless speakers in your home.

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Whole Home Wireless Speakers

Multi-room audio is handled via Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth. Wi-Fi offers several advantages over Bluetooth: for one, you cannot play the same song throughout your house and create groups of speakers connected with current Bluetooth technology. With Wi-Fi, as long as you have a strong enough network, you can stream music to multiple rooms in your home, or even play different songs in each room. What’s even better for audiophiles is the increased reliability of Wi-Fi compared to Bluetooth; even with the latest improvements to Bluetooth connectivity, it still compresses audio files, greatly affecting the range of your music, while Wi-Fi is capable of delivering fidelity that matches wired audio.

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The focus on multi-room sound has led manufacturers to pay more attention to the design aspects of their devices, squeezing big sound into small speakers – however, you may not want these. A large tower speaker in his kitchen or bathroom. You can find wireless speakers in all shapes and sizes to fit any room in your home, from small disc-shaped speakers that blend in with your decor to floorstanding speakers. great for your home theater. Best of all, these wireless speakers are easy to use, often running through an app or even through the mobile device’s operating system.

Google may have stopped offering their wonderful Chromecast Audio hardware, but Chromecast has expanded over the past few years to become more than just a device. Today, Chromecast is a technology, officially called “Chromecast Built-in,” that allows you to stream music via Wi-Fi from your mobile device to compatible speakers. Whenever you want to stream audio to your Chromecast built-in speakers, just press the “Cast” button in the apps running on your computer or mobile device and you’ll be immersed in music in minutes. Alternatively, you can set up Chromecast’s built-in speakers for multi-room audio throughout the family via the Google Home app. Yes, this also means that Google Home speakers and many third-party speakers with Google Assistant can be included in your multi-room sound pool. After connecting your Chromecast built-in speaker to the Google Home app, you can use the Google Assistant to play music on any connected speaker, either through the app or via a voice command, to any Assistant speaker. Google on Wi- Fi Network. Unfortunately, stereo pairing is not supported via Chromecast built-in, except for the Google Home Max speaker (details below).

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Google Home Max: Google offers many variations of their Google Home smart speaker with Google Assistant, but the best bet for anyone who wants loud, high-quality sound is the Google Home Max. Powered by a hard shell, custom tweeter and two 4.5-inch woofers, the Max delivers loud and clear sound. Naturally, it wouldn’t be a Google product if it weren’t for a bit of smart software, and that’s where Smart Voice technology comes in. Smart Audio uses machine learning to quickly adjust the equalizer settings in Max to match the sounds of your room. The Max also integrates the volume control of the remote, which means it can hear your commands even while listening to loud music. Speaking of voice commands, Google Home Max handles the essential functions of any good Google Assistant speaker, such as smart device control and music playback (including dedicated multi-room audio groups hosted by Google Assistant). settings in the Google Home app). Add an auxiliary input to connect your turntable or stereo, plus the option to pair the stereo with two Home Max, and you have an auxiliary speaker worthy of its own hi-fi system. .

Polk MagniFi Mini: For a soundbar with built-in Chromecast, it’s hard to beat the Polk MagniFi Mini. Don’t let its small size fool you; The MagniFi Mini has twice as many drivers as most other soundbars, delivering cinematic sound that fills the room. Better yet, Polk’s Sound Correction technology automatically boosts volume and clarity, so you won’t miss important cues in your favorite movies. Of course, MagniFi Mini

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