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What To Do If Your Sonos Is Not Connecting To The Home Wi-Fi Router?

Earlier, most of the speakers work on Bluetooth technology, but with the change in trends and systems, Sonos Speaker works over the wireless network configured at home. In case the Sonos is not connecting to the home Wi-Fi router, you can follow the number of simple fixes to ensure proper connectivity between the router and the Sonos.

Before getting into detailed troubleshooting, don’t forget to check the wi-fi network to which the device from which you are going to stream music is connected. It must be the same as that of your Sonos Speaker. If both the networks are different, you won’t be able to stream music. Connect the Sonos Speaker to the same Wi-Fi network and try playing the sound again.

If you don’t want to connect to the wi-fi at all, then the best method is using the Ethernet cable. Connect the cable to the router and to the Sonos Speaker. The wired network has the capacity to provide enough signal strength. This is indeed a quick fix to the problem.

What to do if the connection is not strong on your wi-fi router?

If you have placed the Sonos speaker at the farthest location from the router, then the Wi-Fi may not be capable enough to provide sufficient strength. In such cases, you need a Sonos boost.

When you connect the Sonos Boost to the router, all the devices in your house will continue to work as it is except the Sonos Speaker which are not connected directly to the network but will be redirected through Sonos Boost on dedicated Wi-Fi network. If more than one speaker is connected to the network at a time, then a daisy chain is created that passes the signal from one device to next and thus improves the signal quality.

My wireless network is not working

When you configure the Sonos Speaker at home, you will find the IP address automatically received on it from the router. However, there are some routers that prevent the Sonos from receiving the IP due to security concern. In such conditions, you need to configure the IP manually.

To get rid of this problem, add the Sonos Mac address to the router settings manually by login to the router page. The Mac address of the speakers is written just below the hardware along with the serial number. The method of adding the Mac address on the router may differ from company to company. So, you must check the details on the internet service provider page related to adding a new IP address in the list.

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