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What should you know about the Sonos Home Music Streaming System?

If you’re a fan of Sonos, then you should definitely know about the brilliantly-designed Sonos Home Music Streaming System. Let’s discuss the same in this post.

You might already know that Sonos is an incredibly-designed multi-room wireless music listening system that’s capable of streaming digital music from that of the various online streaming services and also from different music libraries on the computers that have been connected to a home network. Furthermore, some of the Sonos products are also able to access music through a physical connection like from an iPod, CD player, or various other sources and can also stream the same to other brilliantly-designed Sonos devices within your home. Owing to Sonos, you can easily create various “zones” all around your household if you want to listen to music. Moreover, a zone can either be a single “player” or it can also be a segment of your home. Alternatively, it can be any sort of amalgamation of different players in your home. Actually, a “zone” will be created while you would be selecting one or multiple players for playing the same music simultaneously. However, if you own multiple Sonos players, it’s possible to group all of them or select any of the combinations of the players for making a zone right in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, outdoors, etc. Else, you can also start playing the same music within every single zone simultaneously.

How does the Sonos System Stream Music?

Actually, Sonos gets the music whatever it streams via your home network as well as the Internet. That means a Sonos player needs to be connected to the home network router. In case Sonos easily gets connected to the wireless or wired home network like other media streamers, it will be great. However, the Sonos system works in a different manner, as the concept of Sonos lies in the fact that the users can have an entire home system that performs together instead of only streaming to a single device.

How to create a Sonos Network?

Do you want to create a whole-home music system by making use of a Sonos network? Just start with a minimum one Sonos device that’s connected to the specific home broadband router for accessing streaming music sources. The particular connected device then makes a distinct Sonos network- on which every single Sonos device that you can add- is able to communicate with one another and also with the Sonos app. Furthermore, an incredibly-designed Sonos device can easily get connected to a home network router by making use of Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. Irrespective of the device you select, the first Sonos player that had been connected will become the gateway for each of the other players for receiving music. You should remember that the Sonos network is a compact system. Moreover, Sonos products are only suitable for the Sonos network. That means it’s not possible to make use of Sonos for streaming music to Bluetooth speakers. Furthermore, it’s also not possible to stream music right from a smartphone by making use of Bluetooth to Sonos players. Many ways are available through which it’s possible to integrate Airplay with Sonos. But, the addition of an Apple TV or AirPort Express device is necessary.

How to set up the Sonos System?

If you want to configure the Sonos system or prefer to add players, you can make use of the Sonos Controller app that’s available for both Android and iOS. Just follow the simple steps below:

First, plug in the brilliantly-designed Sonos Player or Speaker. Next, you need to download the Sonos application to the respective tablet, phone, or computer, which has been connected to the home Wi-Fi network.

It’s time to opening the Sonos application followed by choosing “Setup New System.” And then you’d get the options like Standard setup and Boost setup. Choose Standard. Nonetheless, sometimes (based on the situations) a Boost setup is also needed.

Just keep on following all the additional prompts along with pressing an amalgamation of buttons on the specific Sonos device.

Congrats! With the application and minimum one Sonos player, you can easily set up the network.

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