What’s The Best Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Wireless Bluetooth speakers have become ubiquitous, useful devices. Everyone has a vacuum, and the usage varies from person to person. Maybe you use speakers around the house or as shower speakers. Maybe you bring it with you to the park or the beach. Now there are people who carry portable speakers everywhere they go – sharing their music from a bike or bag with everyone nearby.

What’s The Best Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

What's The Best Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

I know many people who have an old Bluetooth speaker installed, and if the one you have is still working for you, there is no need to immediately upgrade to a new one. But Bluetooth speakers have an advantage

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It’s been good for years. Sound quality continues to improve, battery life reaches new records, and they are stronger and more durable than ever.

What's The Best Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

If you’re shopping around for a new speaker, start by looking at the size you want. For this book, I’m sticking to the Bluetooth portable speaker and leaving anything that isn’t possible to go. From there, you have to weigh other parameters like sound quality, ease of use, durability, and bonus features like phone performance. Some speakers allow you to connect two of them to create stereo, and many companies include a “party mode” that allows you to connect multiple speakers. If you really don’t care, you can get a small Bluetooth speaker for $25. But all the options here go a little too far in terms of style and style.

Bose’s SoundLink Flex is stronger and more durable than it looks. Photo by Chris Welch/The Verge

What's The Best Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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I don’t know what kind of technical wizardry goes into Bose’s Bluetooth speakers. All I know is going back to the SoundLink Mini II, it sounds great and clear

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– to my ears, at least – from all competitors in the same category. The $149 SoundLink Flex is Bose’s latest speaker, and it’s still going strong.

What's The Best Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Even though it only has a mono driver (unusual for Bluetooth speakers), the SoundLink Flex delivers a truly spacious sound with amazing bass. And most importantly, it is not dusty or dusty. Everything about this speaker is rich and clean. This is especially surprising when you consider that it only supports the basic SBC codec instead of the advanced AAC or LDAC. Also, this speaker sounds great.

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Bose’s new Bluetooth speaker, the SoundLink Flex, delivers incredible sound quality and impressive bass for its size – all in a compact design you can take anywhere.

What's The Best Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

You can expect up to 12 hours of battery life, and like most of the other reviews in this guide, the SoundLink Flex is rated IP67 for dust and water resistance. All are confident that it can withstand swimming and swimming. Whether you’re leveling the speaker or standing it straight, the Flex will automatically adjust the EQ to reflect the direction. And it works better than most with a phone that has a built-in microphone. Not everything about the SoundLink Flex is good: its buttons don’t feel easy to use on your own, and it’s surprising that Bose chose to go with Bluetooth 4.2 instead of a new version of the speaker. But if that’s my priority, it’s fair to say that the SoundLink Flex wins.

The UA Boom 3 has been rumored for years and Bluetooth has been rumored since its release. Photo by Vijiran Pavik/The Verge

What's The Best Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Obviously, it’s a bit of a surprise that I’m still writing about the UE Boom 3 in 2022. This speaker was released in 2018, and Ultimate Earn has been tracking it ever since. Maybe that says something about how the Bluetooth speaker market has stagnated, or maybe UE hasn’t come up with anything to beat the $149.99 Boom 3 in a meaningful way. Or maybe it’s just a testament to how good the Boom 3 is.

Few speakers in this genre have achieved as much popularity as the Ultimate Air Boom 3. With 360-degree sound, waterproof construction, and easy controls, it’s no wonder this Bluetooth speaker has lasted this long.

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What's The Best Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The company considers this to be the “best” cylindrical grip, the 360 ​​degree degree it featured with previous developments. And with a 15-hour battery life, a fully waterproof exterior that floats in the pool, and those big, unwieldy buttons, the UE Boom 3 still has it. A standout feature compared to the older model is the Magic Button, which allows you to instantly play a playlist by pressing and holding the top button. But the Boom 3’s staying power is its simplicity, solid construction, and impressive sound. Firing the drivers in all directions allows the sound to expand, although the Boom 3 may lack the definition and weight of some of its competitors. But as a tour, there’s a lot to like.

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It’s important to keep your expectations reasonable if you’re buying a Sonos speaker. The company’s flagship speakers often provide sound performance that sounds bigger and more spacious than you might expect, but not necessarily in small rooms. Don’t get me wrong: While it won’t fill a room with music, it can deliver clear, powerful sound if you’re sitting nearby or using it as a speaker.

What's The Best Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The Sonos Room is a small, lightweight Bluetooth speaker that pairs with popular home movies. It supports hands-free voice control with Alexa or Google Assistant.

Roam’s selling point is its smartness and speed with Sonos’ whole home audio system. At home, the room streams music over Wi-Fi, so it’s more reliable than Bluetooth. You can stream playback from across the room to your nearest Sonos without pressing a button, and it’s a cheap way to add a switch to your Sonos system — as long as your switch supports Bluetooth. You can easily pair it with other Sonos speakers for multi-room playback. If you want to use the Room as a smart speaker, take your choice between Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for free commands.

What's The Best Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Bose Portable Smart Speaker With Built In Wifi, Bluetooth, Google Assistant And Alexa Voice Control Triple Black 829393 1100

Sonos recently released a slightly cheaper Roam SL that does away with the built-in microphone. But unless you are absolutely against having a mic in your gadget, I would still avoid ROM SL. It only saves you $20 but misses out on a lot of important features like Trueplay audio quality, the aforementioned audio switching feature, and (obviously) full audio communication. For $99 or $129, I can definitely get it. But $159 is too much to ask for the Roam SL.

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If you’re looking for something more powerful, the JBL Charge 5 is better than the UE Boom in terms of both performance and sound reproduction. I’m not a JBL fan who puts too much emphasis on fast speakers; So much for taste. But if you don’t mind that aesthetic decision, the Charge 5 ticks a lot of boxes to make it work.

What's The Best Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

It’s a stampina champ with about 20 hours of continuous gameplay. Speaking of batteries, the unique trick offered by the Charge 5 is its ability to charge external devices: there is a USB-A port to charge your own phone or listen to your friend’s audio.

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The JBL Charge 5 is a powerful Bluetooth speaker with a battery life of up to 20 hours. It allows you to charge your phone through the USB-A port.

What's The Best Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

My main concern with the Charge 5 is the mono drivers, which tend to reduce stereo sound. When you’re dealing with a mono display, there may be parts of songs or certain instruments that don’t sound as good as they do in stereo. And since the Charge 5 doesn’t sound as crisp and detailed as Bose’s SoundLink Flex, it stands out here.

Sony’s SRS-XB43 gives you powerful stereo sound and deep bass. Plus, you get soft lighting to go along with the music. This speaker is more than capable of recording outdoor events – especially when you use its bass mode.

What's The Best Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Sony’s SRS-XB43 is a powerful Bluetooth speaker that handles both indoor and outdoor events. Powerful stereo drivers deliver sound with plenty of bass, and you also get exceptional clarity.

It also has an aux jack (rare here in China), so anyone can plug and play audio if you don’t want to deal with Bluetooth. But if you do, the XB43 also supports Sony’s LDAC codec, and like JBL’s Charge 5, there’s a USB-A jack on the back to plug into your device.

What's The Best Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

A headphone jack is a goner on most phones these days, and unfortunately the aux input is also missing from most Bluetooth audio. But this one gives you the best of everything. It weighs six and a half pounds, so this isn’t the speaker you’ll want

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