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What are the Best Sonos Speakers?

Are you a great fan of Sonos? Then, it’s the correct place you’ve been landed on. This post is dedicated to the discussion of the best Sonos speakers. So keep on reading.

When it comes to home audio, you should always consider brilliantly-designed Sonos speakers. Whether you’ve opted for a single speaker for your beautiful living room or more than one speaker, you can easily configure a whole 5.1 surround sound system within your living room. It completely depends on you. Let’s find out the best product line-ups of Sonos and then you can choose one of them for your home.

Sonos One

Every user can be benefitted from the Sonos One device. If you’re new to this brand, you should initiate your journey with the brilliantly-designed Sonos One. However, if you’re already an owner of a number of Sonos speakers, you can still opt for Sonos One. It’s not a very much expensive device rather its price is almost the same as some of the top-notch Bluetooth speakers. This incredible device has come with built-in Amazon Alexa. Moreover, the Sonos One device is featured with a number of features whatever you search for within a smart speaker, such as the great connectivity, sleek design as well as decent microphones for receiving your voice.

Sonos Playbase

Are you looking for building or adding to the home theater experience? Then, you can choose to buy Sonos Playbase. Actually, it works incredibly whether you’re looking for a stand-alone, single solution to the specific TV audio or in the form of a huge surround setup. Moreover, the Sonos Playbase device can work with various other Sonos devices whether you have them at present or have plans to have the same in the future.

Sonos Beam

The incredibly-designed Sonos Beam device is capable of adding Alexa to the living room. Actually, the latest addition in the Sonos family is the brilliant Sonos Beam. It’s a smart soundbar that has been designed for the TV. However, you can’t place the TV on it as opposed to the Playbase. But, being compact, small size, you can accommodate it with the TV without many difficulties. Don’t have sufficient room available? Also, you can mount the same to your wall. Being the latest product in the family, Sonos Beam has come with complete Amazon Alexa capability. That means music controlling will be possible like the Sonos One device. Also, you can ask questions about it.

Sonos Connect

Do you have a number of home speakers already? Are you a newcomer in the world of Sonos?  You can purchase the Sonos Connect device. Actually, the Sonos Connect device is not a speaker- rather it has more similarity with an adapter through which you can make a connection to your former speakers to the specific Sonos network followed by streaming music over Wi-Fi. And thus it’s possible to convert the already-present setup into the starting of a custom Sonos ecosystem.

Sonos Play:1

Do you want to save some of your investment while purchasing a connected speaker? Then, you can opt for the Sonos Play:1 device. It’s the most budget-friendly device of Sonos. However, it has come with a lot of features and functionalities. It’s almost of the same size likewise the Sonos One speaker that means you’ll be having a very similar sound quality. However, the voice assistant features are not available here. As you might know, Amazon has already been included into their latest speakers but the Play:1 device had been released prior to that.


Maybe the main reason for the Sonos being synonymous with brilliant home audio is due to their brilliance of designing their ecosystem with the passage of time. Actually, their each and every product is capable of working together smoothly. Moreover, you also have entire control over each and everything through the brilliant free application. Maybe you want to play various songs on various speakers, prefer to watch a movie, play a podcast all around the house, etc, Sonos has already covered everything. Sonos performs a great job by ensuring that all of their incredible products are maintained updated for multiple years. You can also control all of the speakers through an application, as each and every product can connect to each of them wirelessly through the respective home Wi-Fi.

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