Waterproof Outdoor Speaker Box

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Nothing beats the thrill of listening to your favorite music tracks in your outdoor garden with friends or family guests. There are a wide variety of external speakers you can use that produce decent quality sound; but there are several outdoor speakers that produce quality sound and blend well with the surroundings so your guests won’t notice where the sound is coming from. Here are some of the best outdoor speakers/outdoor subwoofers that fit easily to enhance the look of your garden and energize the overall atmosphere of your home.

Waterproof Outdoor Speaker Box

Waterproof Outdoor Speaker Box

The Niles GS4 Discreet Garden Speakers are truly rugged, weatherproof outdoor speakers that deliver superb sound quality and are more suited to ‘stand alone’ stereo speakers than a subwoofer combo. The amazing thing about the Niles GS4 is that they produce incredible sound for their relatively small size of 9 X 5.5 X 10.8 inches and weight of 4 pounds. These hidden outdoor speakers blend in very well with the environment due to their custom color. The bass response of this outdoor speaker is also very good: it has a 4-inch mineral-filled polypropylene woofer that delivers deep, rich bass when placed near a corner. It also comes with a 1-inch Teteron tweeter with ultra-wide dispersion for maximum sound quality in outdoor environments. In terms of mounting, the pack comes with dual mounting options – you can mount it on a stake for use in the ground or use the wall bracket (included) to attach to any flat surface. The weather-resistant design and UV-resistant acoustic housing are definitely an added plus. This is truly a superior product. Niles certainly maintains its reputation as a great outdoor speaker manufacturer with the Niles GS4.

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The Bose Free Space 51 outdoor in-ground speakers are a versatile multi-directional outdoor sound system that camouflages very well in outdoor spaces. The great thing about these hidden outdoor speakers is that the surface color is designed to blend in with the vegetation. They provide excellent sound quality and (surprisingly) good stereo imaging that can be compared to high-end indoor speakers. These outdoor speakers feature a downward-firing 4-1/4 full-range driver that disperses sound across its radial design in a 360-degree pattern. This means that unlike most outdoor speakers, you don’t need to be in a specific location to hear quality sound. Their weather resistance is superior: its rugged design can withstand temperatures from -40 to +150 degrees Fahrenheit and passed the rigorous salt spray test 66% longer than required by the marine industry standard. They come with a base flange with mounting holes for installation. If you’re looking for a multi-purpose speaker without the need for additional subwoofers or satellite speakers, the Bose Free Space 51 does the job very well and blends smoothly into the natural garden vegetation.

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The Polk Audio Atrium Sat 30 Outdoor Speakers are (each) waterproof satellite speakers that are acoustically matched to other Atrium speakers, but sound great as stereo garden speakers even if you plan to pair them with an external subwoofer. These are high-quality speakers that play loud with minimal distortion: they come with a 3-1/2-inch midrange driver and a ¾-inch tweeter that does the job well. They’re also designed to blend into your landscape and be exposed to the elements year-round without affecting sound performance. The external speaker is also protected by a stainless steel grille, which is a nice touch. Overall, Polk did a good job designing the Sat 30 to fit outdoors, and its versatility allows it to be mounted on a deck or wall, or dropped from the ceiling if you prefer.

The Planter Speaker is a flower pot music system that contains two speakers and a Bluetooth receiver, allowing you to enjoy outdoor music by streaming it directly from any Bluetooth device. It’s a well-designed outdoor speaker that blends perfectly discreetly into your garden decor. You can even choose the type of plant to use with these speakers: they are compatible with any medium-sized plant including bromeliads, ornamental grasses, lilies and hydrangeas. It even includes drainage, which is key to combating water retention problems on rainy days. Its built-in speaker sits at the bottom of the bowl, ready to fill any outdoor space with music. The sound from these herbal outdoor speakers is very good. We were pleasantly surprised at how well it reproduced notes at high volumes without distortion, with a relatively good emphasis on the highs and mids. Note that the sound quality changes depending on what is in the tank. An empty pot will give you deep, reverberating bass that actually sounds pretty nice in a closed room. Fill the pot with moist soil (and a plant) and suddenly there’s more midrange and treble than before. Overall, the ION planter is a very well designed hidden outdoor speaker that is value for money in its price range.

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The Niles PS6SI PRO planter is an artistically crafted pot with MicroPerf aluminum grids that give it a natural and realistic look. It is a truly remarkable hidden outdoor speaker designed to house living plants. For an item that fits so well in a patio or garden, we were impressed with its audio performance. Keep in mind that in a large outdoor space, you probably won’t be using a speaker like this to create a concert stereo soundstage. Instead, the goal is to ensure that all listening positions will be able to hear the output of the left and right speakers. With multiple speaker plans, they can be configured so that in some areas you can hear left sound from one speaker and right sound from another. If you want to configure the planter to be single-channel only, you can do so, but this is not an ideal configuration for outdoor use.

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The Niles PS6SI planter sounds great. The downward-sweeping six-inch woofer produces tight, tight—but obviously not seismic—bass. Testing one of these indoors, we were really impressed with the sound quality which was truly amazing for something disguised as a pot. The Niles Planter is highly compatible with the Niles GSS10 in-ground subwoofers (see below). The setup works perfectly. Four plant-based speakers deliver rich, immersive sound that covers the entire outdoor entertainment space with incredible bass down to 25Hz.

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A cousin of the Niles PS6SI planter, the Terracotta Planter Box is a hidden outdoor speaker designed to blend invisibly with outdoor and indoor living plants. It features dual Teteron 1” liquid-cooled tweeters and 6.5” dual voice coil polypropylene woofers that deliver decent bass response outdoors. It also comes with a single-speaker stereo input or dual-speaker stereo mode, meaning you can place multiple terracottas anywhere to create a soundstage in your home outdoor environment. As with the Niles PS6SI planter, sound quality is excellent, although bass response could be poorer outdoors. Tested indoors, the Terracotta performed admirably with minimal distortion at high volumes.

The Niles GSS10 subwoofers work perfectly for their purpose: they offer clean, tight low-frequency sound that seems to come out of nowhere. They pair really well with the Niles Planter speakers, providing a sound field that covers the entire outdoor space, so the background music is evenly distributed and the bass is excellent. The unique thing about this subwoofer unit is that it is designed to be buried in the ground, leaving only the inlet pipe which can be completely painted. In outdoor spaces, especially on anything larger than a small porch, top-of-the-line speakers simply don’t move enough air to deliver truly full, deep-bass sound that sounds good over a large surface area. These subwoofers seem to achieve this purpose with relative ease – playing electric and rock music we could hear drums that sounded amazing and deep. Material Construction The Niles GSS10 is built like a tank – it’s made from industrial-strength PVC, the same type of material used in modern underground plumbing and irrigation systems. When properly installed, this hidden outdoor subwoofer unit will last for many years and provide a great audio experience in your outdoor garden.

Waterproof Outdoor Speaker Box

Weighing in at 16 pounds, the Polk Audio Atrium Sub10 pairs very well with the Polk Atrium Sat 30 outdoor speakers—the natural roll of the subwoofer and satellites are a perfect match. Although this subwoofer may be a little more expensive, it works great and really enhances the sound of the outdoor environment it’s in. The Atrium Sub10 speaker is beautifully designed to look like a plant stand or table on a pedestal; you can set a

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