Usb Powered Bluetooth Speaker

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If you need a speaker with more music playback options than Bluetooth connectivity, or a device that can charge your phone or tablet in an emergency, you’ve come to the right place. Our list of the 5 best portable Bluetooth speakers with USB ports in 2021 offers 5 models that do more than just a simple Bluetooth experience.

Usb Powered Bluetooth Speaker

Usb Powered Bluetooth Speaker

We know that we live in a wireless age and Bluetooth is a part of our lives. We use it to stream music from our phones, tablets, computers, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices all the time. We use Bluetooth speakers to stream podcasts or answer important calls hands-free. Easy, right? It saves space, frees you from cable clutter, and gives you more freedom to move around. But what happens when your phone’s battery dies and you can no longer play music on it?

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If you’re out, camping, etc., and your phone runs out of battery, the first thing you need to do is find a way to charge it. If there are no wall sockets or power banks nearby, Bluetooth speakers are very useful. They usually have very powerful batteries that can be used to charge other devices such as phones. And one that requires a USB port.

In addition to charging power, the port can sometimes be used to connect a USB flash drive and play music directly from it. Their storage capacity is amazing and you can play music on them for hours without getting bored. At the same time, your phone’s battery will not run out quickly.

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We checked a few interesting devices to make a list of the 5 best portable Bluetooth speakers with USB ports in 2021 and wrote the following reviews. After a thorough evaluation, we have selected five speakers that meet all or at least the most important requirements: attractive design, solid construction, good battery life, good sound reproduction and the presence of at least one USB Type-A port for charging other devices. or playing stored music. Take a few minutes and check out our reviews – you might find something you really like.

There are many amazing speakers on the market, but we believe that the JBL Charge 4 deserves the first position on our list of the 5 best portable Bluetooth speakers with USB ports in 2021. It’s not cheap, but it’s not outrageously expensive either. The speaker is available in many attractive colors, has a very long battery life and excellent sound reproduction. Best of all, this speaker is completely waterproof, making it a great companion for various outdoor parties, gatherings, etc.

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The JBL Charge 4 comes in a cylindrical shape with two passive radiators on each side, top control buttons and an IPX7 rated waterproof case. At the bottom, there are five LED lights to monitor the battery status and ports (USB-C, USB-A and AUX ports) protected by a waterproof cover.

While it’s not the smallest (8.6×3.7×3.6 inches) or the lightest (34 ounces), the speaker is very portable and perfectly adequate for most daily indoor and outdoor activities. Even if you want to go hiking or hiking, it can easily be thrown into a bag and reach 20 hours of use. Thanks to such a powerful battery and the included USB type A port, you can use the speaker to charge your phone or any other gadget.

The speaker is easy to use, plug and play. It supports Bluetooth 4.2, which enables a stable connection within a range of 30 feet. Plus, it supports the new JBL Connect+ app, which lets you wirelessly connect up to 100 JBL speakers.

Usb Powered Bluetooth Speaker

Finally, the JBL Charge 4 looks great. Of course, it offers very powerful bass and is recommended for use in large rooms and outdoors. This is how to get the most out of this speaker.

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Sansai Multifunction Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker/clock/radio Aux/usb Input

Truth be told, there isn’t much difference between this model and its predecessor, the JBL Charge 3. The design and sound quality remain the same with a slight improvement in the battery life department.

The speaker doesn’t have a built-in microphone, so don’t count on answering important phone calls using it.

If you don’t want to pay more than $100 for a JBL speaker, there are always cheaper options that offer satisfactory quality and more features. Axess SPBT1031BL is one of them. It’s a well-designed cylindrical speaker that offers great sound quality, reliable Bluetooth connectivity, and multiple ways to play music. Most importantly, it comes at a very reasonable price.

Axess SPBT1031 comes in several colors: Black, Blue, Grey, Red and Yellow. It has a sporty look and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It has two 2-inch woofers and one 3-inch subwoofer. On the other side, you will notice control buttons (on/off, play/pause, forward/back and mode buttons) as well as USB Type-A, AUX input, micro USB charging port and SD slot. card slot.

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The speaker is very small (11.5×6.3×6.7 inches) and weighs 3 pounds, making it very compact. Apart from the compact design, this speaker has a solid plastic construction and rubberized ends to improve stability and protection. Although it has small feet on the ground and can be placed anywhere, it comes with a strap attached to it and can be worn over the shoulder or hung somewhere.

Axess SPBT1031 supports Bluetooth connection and provides a stable connection within a distance of 30 feet without interference. If it is used in a home with many walls and other obstacles, you can reach 15 feet.

Surprisingly, this speaker provides a very pleasant and specific sound. Of course, it does not use a passive radiator, but a real speaker, which helps to hear a rich and powerful bass that does not leave the mids and voices.

Usb Powered Bluetooth Speaker

Unfortunately, using a subwoofer instead of a passive radiator has its problems. More importantly, it negatively affects battery life. It can provide up to 6 hours of playback time, but it decreases with the use of a subwoofer. For example, if most songs are bass-heavy, the battery life drops to only 5 or 4 hours per charge.

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Inch Long Soundbar Wooden Bluetooth Speaker Usb Powered Enhanced Bass

The minute you lay eyes on the W-King D8 Mini, you’ll realize it’s built to last. Rugged design, water resistance, Bluetooth, NFC, multiple backup options for music playback – all this for less than $50. Also, it sounds great and allows you to enjoy its sound for hours.

The W-King D8 Mini comes in an all black color and has a kind of rugged design. It is made of durable plastic and is rated IPX 6, which means the device is completely waterproof. On top, you’ll find a strap that lets you carry it over your shoulder or hang it somewhere, along with basic controls (play/pause, volume controls, on/off), a built-in microphone, and a headset. LED indicator lights. On the back, you’ll find a waterproof flap that protects the USB Type-A port, USB Type-C port, microSD card slot, and AUX input. Below, there are sticky feet that increase the stability of the device.

The speaker uses two 15W drivers and 2 passive radiators to deliver great sound. Also, there is Bluetooth 5.0 with stable connection and good signal range. The battery is very strong with a play time of 24 hours (when listening to music at medium volumes). Recharging takes 3 hours.

Besides all the aforementioned features, quick pairing and matching and great ease of use, the D8 mini speaker delivers amazingly good sound reproduction. The lows, mids and highs are all balanced and sound great with different types of music. The speaker can be paired with another D8 Mini, creating a truly immersive stereo experience, especially when used indoors. In addition, it has a built-in equalizer that allows you to fine-tune its sound signature to your liking.

Sonicgear Blue Cube Bluetooth Portable Speakers With Fm Radio, Usb Powered

Despite the built-in equalizer, we wouldn’t recommend this speaker for those looking for a bass-heavy device. If you’re looking for the kind of bass that beats everything, you’ll have to keep looking – this isn’t the speaker for you.

The next product on our list of the 5 best Portable Bluetooth Speakers with USB ports in 2021 is perfect for anyone looking for a portable party speaker. It is small (14×6.3×8.3 inches), compact and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The speaker is sold at a reasonable price, has an interesting design, decent battery life and many useful features.

The Tenmia Bluetooth Speaker is a compact device that comes in black. Because of its colorful lights, its design is very interesting

Usb Powered Bluetooth Speaker

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