Ultimate Ears Speaker Boom 3

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With new features and a revamped design, this stylish and fun speaker is a great choice, but not a great buy.

Ultimate Ears Speaker Boom 3

Ultimate Ears Speaker Boom 3

These third-generation Ultimate Ears Boom speakers sit somewhere in the middle. The Boom 3 isn’t quite the success of previous iterations (and the new Megaboom 3), but it’s smarter and neater than all of them

Ultimate Ears’ Boom 3 Speaker Is At Its Lowest Ever Price For Prime Day

If there is another Bluetooth speaker that combines style and ruggedness with such confidence, we have yet to see it. Ultimate Ears has perfected the super-cylindrical, super-tight design of the Boom 3.

Ultimate Ears Speaker Boom 3

The IP67 rating means that it is dust and waterproof (up to 1m in water for 30 minutes), and the high density fabric has been reworked to make it quite indestructible, no matter how extreme the environment.

It’s a powerful piece of kit, yet it’s compact and light enough to slip into your bag when you’re camping or traveling. And it floats – so you can roll next to you in the pool as you blast out the tunes.

Ultimate Ears Speaker Boom 3

Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Portable

The design looks more sophisticated than ever. The long strip that houses the trademark volume buttons has been moved to the back of the speaker, giving the Boom 3 a cleaner look and allowing 360-degree sound to spread more freely.

We like the shimmery shine of the new two-tone fabric cover. Boom 3 is available in six colors: Night (black), Sunset (red), Laguna (blue) and Ultraviolet (purple), and two exclusive finishes Apple Denim (deep blue) and Cloud (light blue).

Ultimate Ears Speaker Boom 3

The top panel is slimmer and has a new multi-functional ‘Magic Button’ which, along with the power and Bluetooth pairing buttons, is easier to press than before.

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The charging port is now under the waterproof door on the back of the speaker (rather than at the bottom, which makes it very complicated if you have cables attached), meaning it can stand up quickly now that it’s charging. Like its previous iteration, the Boom 3 will last 15 hours on a single charge.

Ultimate Ears Speaker Boom 3

Ultimate Ears also has a few new tricks up its sleeve. Tapping the Magic Button lets you pause, play and skip tracks, and playlists imported from music streaming services with a quick dial. The playlist feature is currently limited to Apple Music on iOS devices and Deezer Premium on Androids, but Ultimate Ears expects to add more streaming services soon.

You can add and queue your favorite playlists from these streaming services in the modified Boom app, long press the top button to play and move to the next playlist. It may sound like a gimmick, but it’s amazing how quickly this cool feature will get used. Beat multiple swipes to find the right playlist in your music app.

Ultimate Ears Speaker Boom 3

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The cool new Boom app lets you link two Boom 3s together for stereo sound. Or, if you want even bigger sound, you can daisychain more than 150 Boom and Megaboom speakers (current and previous generations) for one party.

And last but not least, the Bluetooth range for the Boom 3 has been increased to 45 meters, from 30m before.

Ultimate Ears Speaker Boom 3

With all these changes, we are confused that Ultimate Ears has not improved the sound quality. The company says the performance of Boom 3 has not changed from the impressive performance of Boom 2. We love Boom 2, but competitors have come together and standards have risen in the three years since we reviewed it.

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We started streaming from Apple Music and were amazed at how noisy and loud this little speaker was. We’re barely halfway up the volume level and the Boom 3 is pumping out sound filling the room with energy and punch.

Ultimate Ears Speaker Boom 3

Boom 3 has the same dynamic character as its predecessor, with pop and grungy rock songs that are rich in detail, confident and fun. The timing is right, and the track is free as well as the amount of driving and good attitude. Boom 3 works hard to get to the heart of the song and is an overall enjoyable listen.

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But where the plummy bass of the big brother Megaboom 3 balances the tonal balance and gives a little more attention to the lower midrange, the leaner character of the Boom 3 sounds too heavy. It never becomes uncomfortable or bright, but could do with more richness and solidity to make it easier to listen to.

Ultimate Ears Speaker Boom 3

Logitech Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Bluetooth Speaker

Fast and tight, but we want them to have more depth and texture. And while the sound is delivered clearly, there is no touch of natural heat.

With the new Megaboom 3 offers more satisfying, full sound for an extra £ 40, it is an easy recommendation over the Boom 3. The features are identical, and there is not much between them in size. There’s also a fleet of competing Audio Pro speakers that are a clear step up in performance, though none match the Boom 3’s durable, all-weather design.

Ultimate Ears Speaker Boom 3

The Boom 3 is a fun speaker with an ultra-portable design and loud, bright sound that will appeal to a lot of people, but Ultimate Ears seems to be resting on its laurels while its competitors are panting. I hope the next generation can get it right.

Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Review: A Superb Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Ultimate Ears Speaker Boom 3

The best line of Bluetooth speakers is getting an upgrade. The Boom 3 has excellent sound quality. Megaboom 3 gets more bass mojo. The battery life of both models is still exemplary. Waterproof – and they swim too. Multiple speakers can sync for multiroom audio or stereo playback. Both versions ask for a price drop.

The new design makes the volume buttons more difficult to adjust. The Magic Buttons at the top are useful for controlling playback, but there’s no help starting playlists outside of Apple Music and Deezer Premium. The fabric wrap is like the shiny shirt your hard-wearing friend wears to the singlet bar.

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Ultimate Ears Speaker Boom 3

Save On The Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker At $130 (reg. $150)

If you’re a consumer electronics brand, what do you do when your best-selling product — best-selling and critical from the start — is five years old? You buy him a new suit, of course.

Ultimate Ears has updated its two cylindrical Bluetooth speakers. The Boom 3 and Megaboom 3 have a new look, slightly updated capabilities, and lower prices. The Boom 3 is $150, which is a $30 price drop from the $180 Boom 3. The Megaboom 3 is $200, a whole $50 cheaper than the original Megaboom (yes, it’s only the second Megaboom, but UE named it the Megaboom 3. still. everything matches- appropriate). The two speakers will be sailing in September to the United States, Asia, and a lucky part of Europe.

Ultimate Ears Speaker Boom 3

The new Booms take some design cues from last year’s Blast and Megablast, a pair of UE Wi-Fi enabled speakers that come with Amazon Alexa on board. The new Booms share the squared-off corners of the Blasts, and compatibility with the Power Up charging dock accessory that debuted alongside the Blast line. Since the coupler for Power Up is under the Booms, the USB charging port has been moved from the bottom of the speaker to the side, where it sits next to the rubber feet of the speaker. This is a big help for Boom owners without a charging dock, as they can now connect a microUSB cable to charge the speaker while standing. Of course, with the old Boom, one could flip the speaker up and charge it and leave the cable sticking up. If it bothers you, well, the problem is solved (and so is getting help).

Ultimate Ears Studio Lets You Customize Your Own Colorful Ue Boom 3 Speaker

One of my favorite things about the previous UE Booms was a pair of large, sleek buttons mounted on a rubber band that ran the length of the speaker. With this new design, the rubber strip is gone. The buttons are still there, but attached directly to the body of the speaker, where they sit with a cloth wrap. So, the button is no longer subtle. You can still reach the volume up button with wet hands when you want to increase the intensity of Hendrix’s shower time, but the large plus and minus-shaped controls are not easy for the fingers in the new design, and they are not.

Ultimate Ears Speaker Boom 3

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