Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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The UE Mini Boom is the best value for those looking for a rugged Bluetooth speaker, repeatable entertainment with an emphasis on amazing audio performance, portability and user-friendly design.

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The saying “Never judge a book by itself” applies to more than just books. As for the Ultimate Ears (UE) Mini Boom: don’t judge this Bluetooth speaker by its size. If you do, you’ll have an affordable option that balances small looks with great sound at a fraction of the price of some larger tweeters.

Restored Ultimate Ears Ue Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker

At $99 (£79, AU$99), the ultimate tiny ear speaker confidently proves that size doesn’t always matter. Beware the competition, the UE Mini Boom is on a mission to usurp your speaker throne and is one of the best values ​​out there.

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This fist-sized Bluetooth speaker is just begging to be yours anytime, anywhere, and it does so with its solid, no-nonsense design that little ones will love.

The speaker is housed in a uniform rubber housing. Ultimate Ears equipped with orange flavor in the Mini Boom line. It’s a festive neon color that gives the speaker a smiley face. The Mini Boom also comes in black and the black you see above, in addition to the different variants of black, purple and green.

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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They’re not just about looks, but the rubber band acts as a fender, providing a good amount of protection against rocks, scratches and action.

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Built into the top of the speaker is a simple panel of buttons that provide a satisfying, tactile experience. From left to right, decrease the volume, we increase the Bluetooth pair and the volume on the offer box. Tucked away next to the panel is a discreet microphone for receiving phone calls with the push of a pairing button.

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Connecting via NFC is also possible by holding your device next to the top of the Mini Boom. All in all, this is a user-friendly design, so even Bluetooth novices should feel right at home.

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Moving around the Mini Boom, the front grill is splashed in white and made of unique diamond perforations. A bright blue LED will flash to indicate a successful Bluetooth connection. Otherwise, there’s not much to see here, but there are a few details on the back.

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Here you’ll find a switch, a micro-USB charging port and a 3.5mm input hanging on a small plastic island on the back of the metal grill. There is also a concave rear area that allows surprisingly deep bass to spread.

The speaker works out of the box, but the ultimate in-ears encourage you to use the aptly titled companion app (available for iOS and Android), Mini Boom to boost its capabilities. With it, you can manually cycle through the product, adjust the EQ settings, change the name of your speaker and even pair it with an additional Mini Boom for stereo sound. It doesn’t have to, but just adds the value filled in the box to this card.

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Ultimate Ears Boom

Tackling design with finesse, the UE Mini Boom shakes up the market with a very simple and elegant miniature Bluetooth speaker. But wouldn’t you know, even Mini Boom isn’t the strongest color.

When it comes to performance, the Mini Boom offers an incredible level of fidelity from its small form factor. What is more pleasing is that the sound of the delivery is heavy, which is almost imaginable for any size.

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Performance in the class, regardless of genre, is generally impressive through the powerful mini boom. Jazz sounds warm and hip-hop is deep. But not everything is clean. The latest Ears have clearly put more focus on deep bass and midrange.

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While he easily fills the speaker’s place, I have noted that he is threatened by greatness. Rock and pop fans will love the full sound that the Mini Boom can provide, but the lack of ultra-sharp delivery will leave you wanting more definition.

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Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Battery life is another strong point for the UE Mini Boom. Although short at four hours, I was able to squeeze the advertised 10 hours of action out of this booklet with various volumes.

Connection via Bluetooth and NFC is quick and easy, as it is meant to be. With the partner app, the Mini Boom can wirelessly connect to another Mini Boom to emulate music from two speakers placed within an impressive 50 feet. We had another one in the office so we had a chance to test the functionality. What’s cool is that it’s also possible to switch it in mono mode with the correct channels coming through each Mini Boom.

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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The UE Mini Boom strikes a particularly sweet chord as a versatile, portable, durable and lightweight Bluetooth companion.

What’s even better is that the sound and battery performance deliver surprisingly robust results, especially from such a small speaker.

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Although the sound effect is good throughout, the high notes in the sound signature do not deserve attention.

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The emphasis on bass and midrange will appeal to portable fans (or coughers), but the lack of brightness in the sound will be more apparent in subdued environments.

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

In the Bluetooth speaker market, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better value. Combining powerful sound, long battery life and a cool design, the UE Mini Boom makes a big statement for being so small.

Cameron is a writer at The Verge, reviews, deals coverage and news. He has written articles and blogs for The Verge, Photoshop Practice, Polygon, Eater and Al Bawaba. These days, it seems like a single day goes by without some company introducing a brand new Bluetooth speaker. They’re pretty much everywhere and like it or not, even guys like Ultimate Ears (UE) who usually stay at the top of the audio market sometimes come out to play.

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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A couple of weeks ago, Logitech/Ultimate Ears asked if I was interested in checking out a brand new Bluetooth speaker. While I don’t usually get too many Bluetooth speaker reviews as there are so many to check out, I was told that the new speakers were quite unique in that they had extra long battery life and could be scaled up to produce more; richer, and the little thing. While some of these physical claims seemed detracting, it made sense to me since I’ve had the most experiences with Ultimate Ears headphones in the past, and if there’s any company I felt could live up to these claims, it would be Ultimate Ears.

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As such, today we will review the Logitech UE MINI BOOM Bluetooth speaker. The first thing you’ll notice about the EU MINI BOOM is that these guys weren’t kidding when they said it was small. The device itself measures just 4.4″ wide, 2.2″ high and 2.4″ high, and weighs just 297g (~0.65lbs). The main part is just three iPhones stacked on top of each other.

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The UE MINI BOOM design is quite simple. There are no bells and whistles hanging around, no LEDs to light up, and no elaborate effort you have to do to get started. The single speaker unit is enclosed in an outer rubber dome. There’s an on/off switch to turn the device on, there’s a microUSB port to charge the device, and there’s an aux input to connect non-Bluetooth devices. Once you have the device, there are only three buttons to worry about on the device – volume up, volume down and Bluetooth pairing. Considering a Bluetooth pairing button is all you need to prepare new devices, there are really only two keys to worry about.

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The device can be paired with standard Bluetooth devices either via NFC or via standard mode. The Bluetooth module allows two devices to be connected at the same time and up to eight devices can be stored in the memory.

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The UE MINI BOOM is powered by two 1.5″ drivers, which considering the device’s 4.4″ width will be almost right next to each other. There’s also a port on the back of the cabinet that helps add ambience to the bottom end with a 3″ x 1.5″ passive radiator that should, in theory, help reduce port turbulence and compression movement.

The sound quality of the UE MINI BOOM is pretty much what you’d find in typical small speakers or things like portable radios. With two drivers so close together, there isn’t much room for sound separation, and it tends to lack depth, making everything sound a bit flat and two-dimensional. For casual listening, phone calls and podcasts, it’s not much, but it’s definitely not suitable for those looking for something to really enjoy all the nakedness of their music. It is simply the law

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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